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Luke kuperus

List of Suggestions for Mechanics

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Hello person reading this post

This isn’t really a server suggestion but more of a Suggestion for Bayview and of course indirectly LSC too.
I have gotten a few things to suggest for the Mechanic job that would greatly improve it.
These are suggestions i have taken from my Employees and myself
I hope this is something people like. 
If you have anything you would like to add feel free to pust it in the comments and maybe we add it to the list.


Adding a ‘’Third’’ mechoffer (/mechoffer 3)
Right now we have /mechoffer 2 For repairs
/mechoffer 0 For mods and /mechoffer 1 for engine repairs. (Which has no use)
/mechoffer 3 Would be for towing vehicles to Gas stations
This could also be for flipping vehicles.
Right now we can drive 5 Miles to flip or tow someone and not be able to charge them anything. we create no revenue with actually towing vehicles.




Adding a fast response/Small Roadside repair vehicle.
Currently we have a lot of really large vehicles.
Using these vehicles for things like roadside engine fixes on motorcycles makes no sense.
So we would like to suggest a vehicle for this purpose
The vehicle we suggest is the Dinka Thrust we could store a small amount of tools in the saddle compartment and it is not too sporty. We think this would be the perfect bike for a mechanic doing small roadside repairs





 3. Fixing the fence on the east side of Bayview
Currently there is a reinforced wall almost everywhere around Bayview.
Except here:



The walls around Bayview are there to prevent people from Ramming through them.
You would think this wouldn’t be needed in this spot because of the concrete ledge but sadly it is.
So, this is what we have seen people doing:

People climb over the fence and lockpick cars. After that they use a bigger car they have themselves or they got from lockpicking (as some people own a Sandking) to ram against the ledge. Sometime the vehicle they use to ram against this ledge is already high enough to ram the fences themselves, otherwise the vehicle bumps up and will touch the fence. People do this repeatedly till they have created the ramp. If they didn’t succeed doing this, they go into the office to reload the map.

People mostly do this at times not many people are online.
This topic clearly outlines what we want.


4. Adding a Sedan. (Oracle)
We currently have a small fleet of very large vehicles.
We would like to have some kind of sedan like for example a Oracle.
This is the car we think is perfect for this task.

We would like to have access to a vehicle like this for Management Purposes.
Hr purposes, Even PR could use a vehicle like this. (More Formal duties in a sense)
This vehicle would be locked off from the people that have no use for it so it would not get used for the things it is not intended for.
This i think would make more sense than driving a Tow Truck or Utility truck around while doing Administrative tasks that require a Employee to be At let's say PD For Record checks on applicants.
(Picture included of the vehicle we would like for this purpose)


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Oracle gta 5

5. Replacing some of the Utility trucks with Other vehicles.
We currently have 4 Utility trucks where 3 of them are basically exactly the same.
The things they come equipped with make no sense for a mechanic company

Here is an example of what we currently have:  COk7d4_2iM3Gi3JEsIwhNu96eeEygwZ-8WwslmI-BiXBPOsHHCLMLS1MV6fGuiYIHHIfsnqY-wG-hX_Qq1ImatgILfTA8BH59KgWAXdhQ3o7gTmzSihMW9f3EV_-5ywcKrYB7gsy

This is something we never use it and it makes no sense driving this we have no use for a lift like that. if it could be replaced with a van like for example.
These 2 Vehicles would be way better than the current Utillitrucks we use.




7. Adding a command to take off the included hat
A lot of people hate the hat that comes with the uniform so i suggest to add a command that PD also has to remove the hat instead of /phat make it /mhat for mechanics.
It is pretty annoying having to ask a fellow employee to hit you everytime you want the hat to be off. 


6.  Cleaning up the Area behind bayview.
This is obviously not a priority but it would be really nice to have this area tidied up a little bit.

This is not something that is greatly needed but it would just be a + if the stuff in the middle wasn’t there.


7 The Flatbed 
We would just be tickled if one day the Flatbed would be working again. 
We do realise this is not a Server thing but something that should be working when 0.4 Rage gets released. 
This is just a reminder that this used to be and will always be the best way to transport a vehicle

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Gta 5 Flatbed

8 Updated /mechanic
Now, people can use the command /mechanic to "call" for a mechanic. It's similar to what taxi used to have back in the day, just a command. Quite a while ago DCC got a phone number you will have to call for a taxi. This was somehting I was happy to see as it makes more sense.

What I was thinking about for mechanics:
Pull phone out and call 4444
- When phone gets answered you get the options to ask for: Towtruck or Roadside. Basically, the option to get a towtruck or requesting a truck for a roadside repair.
- After saying what you want you can give a description of the situation you are in.

When the call is ended mechanics should get (just like DCC got) a message in the chat with the option the caller requested, mechanic request ID (to respond to) and the description the person left.

This way when someone is asking for a roadside repair it makes more sense having the parts and tools brought with you that are needed and will prevent people "abusing" the command.

Another thing I would like to see added:
A small cooldown for doing those requests!
A lot of people like to spam our requests by doing /mechanic [message], walk out of the area and simply do /mechanic again. This is very annoying as it's simply possible people are not able to help out for multiple reasons.


9 Cargobob
This suggestion is a little bit out there and i am not even sure the hook works on rage but it is worth a shot.
It doesn’t happen that often but there are situations when a player gets their vehicle stuck in a place where it is impossible for a Tow Truck to come.
In this case it might be useful to have a cargobob to the highest trained mechanics in either of the Company’s.
Here is a list of requirements for a mechanic who would be able to Pilot this vehicle.

1: Be at least a Senior Mechanic or above
2: Be trained by either PD or MD
3: Have 2 Other mechanics available that are also trained in this field
4: Have a hook operator with him in the Aircraft
5: Have a Co-Pilot available.
6: Have at least done 5 Missions as a Co-Pilot or Hook operator before taking the pilot role.
In the case that the mechanics available do not have these qualifications the Mech Request can not be taken.
If they do decide to go against these requirements punishment/Demotion will be given.


This is what the process would look like
A senior Mechanic or above applies for a Extra role as a hook operator.
The hook operator needs no training from PD Or MD But does require to take a course inside of the Company.
This course would consist of Proper RP for a hook operator
The hook operator would first have to be out of the Aircraft/Dropped off near the vehicle.
Before being able to do the Rp.
(/me places the bag of gear on the ground
/me Takes out the slings and puts them under and around the Vehicle.
/me powers on the Hook module.
/me Unlocks the hook from the Storage compartment.
/me lowers the hook with the controller box.
/me grabs the hook
/me Puts the hook in the loop of the sling system attached to the car.)
This is a simple way of doing the Rp which could be expanded on if accepted.
After a Hook Operator has done at least 5 Airliftings as a Operator they can apply to become a Co-Pilot.
A Co-Pilot would just be there to ensure that everything goes well and take over if needed (DCING of pilot)
Before taking the role of Co-Pilot would have been required to take training with PD or MD and internally learning how to use the Cargobob properly.
After having done 5 Airliftings as a Co-Pilot the Co-Pilot Can apply to become a Pilot
The people would only be allowed to become a Pilot if they can show they have High skill of piloting the Aircraft.
Before starting the Aircraft up the Crew would have to Rp a walkaround to ensure the Aircraft is in flying condition.
The pilot or Co-Pilot would also need to RP starting the aircraft up
(/me turns on the main battery
/me Turns on the starter Generator
/me Turns on The fire warning switch
/me turns on the Emergency warning systems
/me turns on the Fuel systems
/me Primes the engines
/me Sets the throttle to Idle
/me closes the doors
/me Lets the Turbines get to take-off RPM)
Having the Crew now how to RP easy stuff like this would greatly improve immersion.
This could even be expanded on further.


Location for a marker/Spawn area:

As you can see this area is only a short drive from the Bayview Lot.
This suggestion is not something i expect to be implemented any time soon but it is worth putting it on the list.

10 Adding GPS's to the Vehicles

Easy enough
We would also like to have GPS Installed in our vehicles like all the other factions do.


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Perhaps instead of a motorcycle is could be a coupe or sports car "support vehicle". You generally see one following packs of super cars around in real life. Also provides the concept of Having some spare parts inside where in a motorcycle that gets limited much quicker.


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On #1: Adding mechoffer 3

It would be helpful to have a server-side check against the frequent Non-RP interactions roadside mechanics have: Arrive on scene, see flipped car, RP the hook (even though you can't hook onto a flipped car), ram the car to flip it, customer hops in (usually because desync means only 1 person can see the car upright), customer drives off (with car still RPly hooked to the tow), now PM the driver and inform them its a non-rp, hope they come back to continue, then you can do a roadside repair and charge them. 

Essentially, towing a car damages it, so roadside repairs as a way to make money is fine. However, the lack of a mechoffer 3 means non-RP evasion and trying to get free flips happen too often. 

On #3: A chink in otherwise impervious armor

LSC doesn't have a problem as large as this fence issue, but the lack of a gate on the staircase means people can easily lockpick bikes from the upstairs employee parking, drive them down the stairs and speed off. 

The vehicle suggestions all seem very good, especially eliminating the useless utility trucks. Choppers are probably a stretch, but brainstorming solutions to the problem of stuck cars (to avoid needing admins) is a great move!


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50 minutes ago, NikolaiStalingrad said:

Small additions if I may:

  • The ability to somehow someway tow a motorcycle, or deal with larger vehicles like a Phantom, or Mule


  • No helicopters. It's a mechanic shop people. 



Otherwise, great ideas!

You can tow phantoms and mules already lol just a pain to hook sometimes 

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12 hours ago, NikolaiStalingrad said:

Right, but a flat-bed should be able to strap the frame in, right? Guess we just have to wait for that.

A flatbed would be able to transport every vehicle that fits on the bed, Boats, Bikes, Cars etc. 
Fixing of the flatbeds would also i would think mean that the boatshop gets filled with vehicles again. 

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