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  1. Trade you a maxed Tampa Drift 2/2 turbo with some cash if you like!
  2. No Thanks. its 335k stock. This ones fully maxed.
  3. Selling my maxed Tampa Drift 2/2 Turbo 375k ! email or call if interested! Email: NoTown#[email protected] Phone; 2514742
  4. Well made guide! Keep up the strong work! Hopefully here soon we get more content!
  5. NoTown

    Buying 1g!

    Looking to get myself a 1G place. Just seeing whats out there. Feel free to contact me! Phone: 2514742 Email: NoTown#[email protected]
  6. NoTown


    im interested in this. Phone#: 2514742 Email: NoTown#[email protected]
  7. +1 This is a good idea. I feel it would slow down the robbing at the mines. Hunting is clearly broken so i wouldn't even bother with that until fixed. +1 This is another good idea. If you had to "buy" your own truck in order to do deliveries. Maybe even make the stocks lower that store owners can buy that way they sell out faster and more order will come in quicker.
  8. +1 barricade would be the cars lined up or something. thats straight a brick wall...
  9. +1 even with the crates. Just to be able to load the crates into the trunk,van or whatever you are using.
  10. +1 I would say this would help a lot. For instance i have been to prison and had my knife and gun on me while locked up. Yeah officer failed his job but at the same time if the command was short and simple i feel it would be done used better.
  11. -1 Don't have to reach if you just rebind the key to something else. For instance i use a mouse buttons for "N" and "M" which works perfect for me.
  12. +1 Would be nice to be able to have a command to flip over the cars. Seems a little more professional for the job. Maybe make it where the towhook on a towtruck has to be connected then you do /flippcar or something and it will flip it.
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