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  1. -1 opening inventory and switching radios works just fine. Don't then we should have two radio ear pieces in. ha.
  2. Hello, after the past weekend and everything is back up and running well (Thank you very much staff and NBDY) ever since then when in game and i try to hit "P" to pick up my bag that is full of fish so I can't do "O" for carry its just toggles the Phone Chat. I've tried resetting keybinds and everything nothing seems to work. Its nice to have cause i can load 100vol of fish in the bag then "Carry" it to drop off. Thanks for checking post!
  3. -1 I don't really care about the topic due to me living in the US and still enjoying my time spent on Eclipse no matter the host location. I don't get crazy high pings and its playable for me. What I don't understand is claiming these "Statistics" you have which is a map that you, yourself colored in? Also just cause its English doesn't mean it should be hosted out of US. If I'm understanding that correctly, Correct me if wrong. English came from Britain so it should be hosted there right? Just cause they put EN/EU in title and ask for fluent English as a rule (Due to English being a more popular language) doesn't mean it should be hosted out of US. Who knows maybe things boom and someone starts a US server and partners with Eclipse. You never know.
  4. Just curious by a chance did you push the event out due to mass earthquakes? I would still love to see more/attend more car meets!
  5. Yes I highly agree with this. Its nothing to go sit in a jail and watch a youtube video until time ticks down.
  6. Not something that needs to be focused on right away but I do feel that a lot of the clothes in game are the same. For instance how many biker leather or jean jackets there is. The main thing is the gangs that claim colors/outfits. I feel that I'm forced to wear short shorts and a nipple less shirt in order to not get robbed or targeted Ha! Anyways like I said its not super important but would be nice to see some new clothes put in and some of the current ones taken out. There is a tons of camo stuff in clothing stores. Maybe replace some of those with other goodies?
  7. +1 I just make a habit of turning cruise control off and back on while moving. Seems as if your car is at a stand still it doesn't register the cruise. I would say just to make cruise control a toggle with a Key assigned to it. That way while we are driving we press (Lets say L) L and it locks the speed in place and would not exceed past that unless you hit L to turn off cruise control.
  8. doesn't work period which is a huge bummer cause some of us have contract deals with other companies that require you showing badge.
  9. +1 But I would for sure put a noise limit on it. Also not do it through VOIP. A lot of people use headset mics and it would be ear killer to listen to music blasting everywhere you go.
  10. +1 I feel the cop system is decent but there are a lot of cops that try to abuse there powers. I run into it daily and have to basically train them myself to do there jobs. RP is suppose to mimic IRL therefore we don't make up our own laws so that way we get our little way. Also with the store situation try getting a hostage and see if the cops RP it. Cause if you got a hostage they shouldn't come in gun blazing. Should be more focused on saving the hostages life then proceed with a car chase. Don't fire unless fired at.
  11. I'll make an appearance!
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