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Front Yard Ballas

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The Ballas have been around for more than 25 years. They're one of Los Santos' many gangs that arose in the 1970's dope trade. With many attempts and struggles to work their way to the top, they’ve always crept down back in the darkness. One day Leon Black and Tyrone Bell moved into the city with a Ballas past from their origin city wanting to continue to wear the purple color. One day meeting up with Adriana Costa and sharing their intentions the group realized that Ballas are ready to come back. With Adriana’s and Stephnie’s past with Ballas in Los Santos and Leon’s and Tyrone's experience from other cities, they all decided to use their knowledge to create the Front Yard Ballas. With a clean sheet, they will be able to create a new meaning for Ballas in Los Santos.

Ballas was wiped in the current state of the city. Spread thin two separate Balla sets came together and attempted to reform Ballas to its former glory. With Grove Street Families laid claim to Grove the 4 set leaders hat met up. Grove, arrogant about their position never could have imagined the formation of FYB. Tyrone, Leon, Adriana and Stephania all met at a discrete location. An agreement was struck and Front Yard Ballas was born. The city was about to witness the resurgence of the greatest street gang. 

FYB started recruiting new blood and they planned attacks on Grove Street Families. The first attack was successful and saw several leading figured of the family dead. The family crumbled after and it was not much of a fight. Ballas, the victors and new tenants at the Grove Street. Word had spread Los Santos. Ballas Back. Ballas sought out other like-minded individuals and the Balla boys grew stronger. 

With the resurgence of Ballas, it had drawn in a lot of attention. Amongst those were a group of criminal organisations that went by "The Council" which had consisted of the Irish Mob, Los Zetas and The Clowns. They had requested a gang meetup with the head ballas. Ballas accepted and an agreement was struck, Ballas would stay natural with the council while assisting them in their endeavours. A few months passed and Ballas was in full swing. Racketeering, drug trafficking, selling on the streets as well as making friends along the way. 

A new system was rumoured and a civil war broke out between the council. The Irish Mob had declared war on The Clowns. Supposed to be a 1v1, Irish broke the agreement and Wanted became involved. Due to this, Los Zetas stepped in and assisted The Clowns. Ballas, had decided not to pick sides as this war had nothing to do with them. The Clowns has told Ballas we owe them 500,000 dollars every month. This was unacceptable and Ballas declared war on The Clowns. 

It did not last long and the clowns disbanded, The war ended with Wanted pulling out and Irish reforming into the now Rooks. Tyrone had friends in Irish who flew out of town or switched over to The Rooks. Tyrone, contacting his old Irish friends set up a deal with The Rooks with a new gang who had come into town. Seaweed. Ballas, became close friends and formed an alliance with seaweed. Ballas, Rooks and Seaweed agreed we would help each other if in-need. 

With the new state of criminal activity in the city, a new council was formed. Zetas and Triads who would grow to become close friends. Ballas disconnected from the council while it rebuilt itself thrived for years to come. There was an incident with the Police and Grove had become heavily suppressed by police brutality. The leaders of Ballas imprisoned with lack-lustre evidence saw Ballas go into the shadows. 

Ballas watched by as their close friends Seaweed were pummelled into the ground by the new council. There was nothing that could have been done. Tyrone, Leon, Adriana and Stephania finished their long sentence. The state of the city had changed entirely. The rise of new gangs such as Novo Los Aztecas, West Coast Assassins, Misfits, The Vory Mafia and The Russian Mafia had risen. Ballas had no standings with these gangs so they reached out. 

Ballas struck a friendship with Novo Los Aztecas and Misfits. A friendship that would prove to be something truly unique. Ballas agreed on naturality with WCA and had agreed to help in the fight against the Russians. NLA had invited Ballas to hunt Vory with them, Ballas accepted to help their new found best friends. Unknowingly Ballas had just entered into a bloody war that would see the killings of many of their dear friends and blood. Vory had called in their friends, WCA who Ballas had agreed naturality with. Ballas, NLA and Misfits confused as to why they had entered did not question. 

A bloody war took place over several months and word was given to Tyrone by the council that if we stayed in the war, the council was going to hit all of us. Tyrone sought peace with WCA after this news and they had struck an agreement. Ballas, pulled out and there was tension as to why Ballas did this with NLA and Misfits. It had damaged their friendship which would be a wound for a long time. Ballas and Misfits had a small rivalry after this but ultimately was squashed. 

Misfits exited the war and it was NLA v WCA & Vory. The council declared war on Vory and it became NLA v WCA for the most part. It was a bloody war for both of them in which we respected. Ballas, secretly had full support of NLA and voiced their support for them. After several months of war the council intervened and said it was time to end the war between them. A big meetup with all the gangs was called and it ended up being a lecture for NLA and WCA. 

Their war ended and Ballas voiced their congratulations to NLA. Shortly after a new tax was introduced. The "Drug Tax" which only saw a few months. Ballas struggling with police constantly arresting them for clear racial discrimination struggled. The law was clamping down hard on them and Ballas voiced their opinion to the council. What was supposed to be an informative meeting turned into a bloody war between Ballas and Zetas. It was short and Zetas did not consider it a war. After this, the council scrapped taxes altogether and started hitting everyone but NLA and WCA. 

Ballas had made contact with Misfits and Rooks and talked about this. Ballas, wanted to win back the approval of the council and tries to remain natural in a time where it does not seem possible. Ballas, rebuilding from its war with Zetas is looking to grow bigger than it ever has before. Become a power house within the city to be reckoned with. 




Currently, the Front Yard Ballas is attempting to hold its grasp on Grove Street as it's headquarters. By being able too they are recruiting new blood and selling dope and racketeering as well as chopping cars to gain more money to purchase heavy guns to also re-sell and arm themselves. With their main enemy Grove Street Families being dormant as the foundation of Front Yard Ballas happens it is not as hard to hold grasp of the street. Though as it is not 25 years ago other criminal organizations may rise to contest Front Yard Ballas’ hold.


Ballas has held its grasp onto Grove Street. Surviving multiple huge wars, Ballas has proven to be a force that will not be relinquished. Ballas is currently a small group of hood rats with dreams of going big. They are in the process of refurbishing an old warehouse which will be turned into a facility in which Ballas would hang out and do illegal activities. Ballas mass-racketeers and partakes in major drug trafficking while dodging law enforcement.



‣ Keep hold of Grove Street.

‣ Eliminate all Grove Street Family sets.

‣ Obtain a known name.

‣ Sell heavy weaponry to allied organizations and gangs.

‣ Continue successful drug trafficking to Los Santos.

‣ Continue mass-chop shop extortion racket.

‣ Hold good relations with like-minded organizations & gangs.

‣ Recruit multiple cycles of new blood.

‣ Obtain contacts to be able to import heavy weaponry.

‣ Take control of Headquarters near Grove Street.

‣ Train members to raise the threshold on criminal roleplay.

‣ Become one of the biggest factions in Los Santos while keeping quality roleplay.



‣ Respect our members like family.

‣ Life-dedication & loyalty to the gang

‣ Respect others that are not in the criminal game.

‣ Respect to our allies and homies.

‣ Professional and Honorable to all, even enemies.






















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‣ WCA vs FYB


































































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It was a rainy night, but a good one posted up at Grove Street Tyrone Bell, Leon Bell, and Adriana Costa speak about our first foundation of rules and regulations for our new blood. These new blood will be trained and will be taught to lead as they are the first people to rep our colors and grow the gang. Teaching them the ways and giving them information about where they get their own weaponry. The Ballas have a lot of expectation from these new blood as they will be the determining factor to this new gang. This is a shark eat shark world, and we need to make sure our new blood understands that and is ready. 





It was a beautiful day in Los Santos and Adriana thought it was a good idea to host a party at Grove for our foundation, many people showed up Ballas, Zetas, and Grove Street Families now we all know where this is going. We were chilling and having a good time until the Cops showed up and people started to leave. After chilling dancing to nice beats and drinking. A fistfight broke out between Ballas and Grove Street Families. The Grove street gangster knocked out and injured a Ballas which caused another to pull out a gun, things went downhill fast after that. Many were injured and killed in the shoot out. Overall everyone had a good time.






Whilst everyone in Los Santos was mining because of its High Demand, the Ballas struck another deal. With a long but very productive conversation Ballas struct a deal with two gangs. All three gangs posted up at Grove Street as it is a usual hang-out destination for Ballas and is the place they consider their Headquarters. The deal that was made is very productive for all three gangs and will push all of its members further in different ways. Everyday Ballas completes new goals of theirs and will keep pushing till Ballas obtains what they want.




It was a quiet night and Ballas was hanging out just driving around, Stephanie in the front seat driving making multiple driving mistakes the group got mad because Stephanie almost killed them and locked her up in the trunk. Then drove off into the distance on some really shady roads. After finding a nice place the Ballas put some tents down for the night to relax and just have a good time, whilst thanking the gods that they're not dead due to Stephanie's horrible driving skills.





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Hey, good looks on the Ballas I hope you guys stay around, but I think the ranks are maybe a little lackluster. I think having the leader called "Leader" is kinda boring and not Ballas like, you could think of making the Leader called O.G. and change rank 5 to like Hood Boss or Corner Boss, or leave OG as rank 5 and make the "Leader" called W.O.G (Wise Original Gangster) and then you could play around with recruit and make it Lil baller or wannabe baller  etc. I think that'd fit the Ballas rank titles better than the little generic and not "gangster" like ranks of "recruit", "leader" etc.

Wish you guys good luck!

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On 5/9/2019 at 1:19 AM, MrUntouchable215 said:

This shit is hard bro. Did you guys make the track on the video as well?

No, we didn't make the track for the rap song, It would be cool if we did though. 

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1 hour ago, DrizzyDre said:

Reminds me of something I did years ago in SAMP, Good luck with this. I like what I see, look forward to more screenshots.

Ballas is a generic gang in SA-MP communities along with Grove. Pretty much everyones first gang is either of these.

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