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  1. There is one with audio but it's not recording the game. It's literally my girlfriend and I talking about private things. VOIP has nothing to do with it but if it's a requirement then I withdraw my evidence.
  2. Adding footage to this report. https://streamable.com/d3q5o
  3. Tons of property available now! I have been looking also but was finally able to snag one. Just drive around and you'll find one. Good luck!
  4. Hope to see you around!
  5. Thanks for the kind words! I have had a great time RPing through our drama y’all are some of the best RP I’ve had so far. - Jim
  6. I love that property but unfortunately I my budget is a little to small for it.
  7. Looking to finally buy my first house/apt. Text me @ 2788997 with what you have. Email me @ MrHibbs#[email protected] Thank you!
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