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  1. Hello, I am id 10 accused in this situation. And yes voice worked but in the heat of the moment I was only focused on getting away from the guy coming at me with the bike and thought he was the one making the demands to me and when I started driving I ran him over and was surprised that he was somehow able to shoot me and thought it was desync (while I now know it was someone behind me). I was not aware at all that there was someone behind me aiming at me with a pump as you will be able to see in my POV, I am sorry for this but it wasn't intentional at all and would I have known someone was aiming at me close range while on my bike/not on my bike I would not have tried to run and complied according to FearRP. my pov: https://plays.tv/video/5cbbb3092aaad0f1c6/ow //edit: I also had a similar situation earlier where I complied because I was aware someone was aiming at me, if that helps my case in anyway I'm down to send that footage to the staff member handling this case.
  2. Sure I can tell you what is going to happen: You'll have to wait for an administrator to check your application and approve or deny it. Hope I could help 🙂
  3. -1, at the current state of the server I don't think there is need for criminals to have anything more that makes them "stronger". If anything maybe cops should not be able to grab armor from their vehicle but instead only from their HQ to make it more realistic and maybe fair?
  4. Yeah not sure what you are complaining about, I am fairly new and I mainly go making drugs by myself, of course I have to pay attention to people coming who might try and rob me, but I make more than 5k in a short period of time. edit: Plus honestly on this server there is no risk to making drugs besides getting robbed by other criminals, like its basically impossible to be caught by law enforcement so I don't see any reason for the people who go cooking with 6++ people, who have virtually nothing to worry about, to make more money.
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