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  1. Haha I like Hector Martinez face, pretty hilarious. Good luck, I hope to see factions like these become official instead of the standard gang-based.
  2. +1, found these packs from a user on RageMP forums. Would definitely add variation to character creation.
  3. It's funny gangs expect us to roleplay more and follow server rules when you are the ones setting the roleplay bar too low and breaking rules often. The way it is right now is totally fine. Cops are supposed to be OP and they are OP as of now. That's how it should remain or else we would have gangs running the streets and taking law into their own hands. We are representing America, not Columbia.
  4. No need to increase salary, After the new hunger and thirst update, prices of food and water could be lowered.
  5. I like the idea of increasing prison time but in my opinion 8-hrs is way too much. Prison jobs such as serving food, cleaning floors (move from a checkpoint to another), gardening etc would be great. Right now there is no prison RP at all. Unless we increase prison rp, idling for such a long time inside prison is a waste.
  6. We had few hilarious interactions at bank. 😂 I'm the guy in yellow top btw.
  7. I enjoyed watching your powerpoint slideshow!
  8. One of the best updates - Nerfing gangs will lead to less criminals which will pave way for more Civilian RP.

  9. Sorry, I'm going with -1. If you check my Discord chats, I've always criticized Management for not laying down any rules to curb rampant criminal activity. This update does exactly that - Curb down gang activity to a great extent. Now, Civilians can breathe a sigh of relief. Props to Management, well done. Thanks for listening to us.
  10. I wish they could add more payment options. I love to donate but can't use paypal. 😥
  11. I have hanged out with these people and gotta say I loved it. They are pretty chill, love racing up in their cars and are cool with most of the other factions. I intended to join them but they are hard to approach or find. Goodluck, This is one gang I would love to see become official.
  12. NoobDude


    Zetas are one of the most useless gangs on this server. Atleast the Irish and Clowns don't behave like rogues. I have a feeling Zetas paid their way to become an official faction because their roleplay is of so low quality and atrocious. Hopefully some gang teaches them a lesson.
  13. I really like the fact that your gang is standing up against 3 big gangs. I've argued in another thread about why the alliance between 3 biggest gangs is bad for the community. Therefore its good to see Saints going up against them. It's a David vs Goliath battle. Hopefully more smaller gangs join your side to take on them. You have my vouch!
  14. There are multiple NCZ around the city but why do people mostly hang out at bank? Because 99% only hang out there to collect paychecks. Tequila Inn has everything OP mentioned (Gambling, Clothing store, Parking etc) but only few of them hang out there, why do you think so? How is the pier NCZ going to be any different than Tequila Inn NCZ?
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