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  1. The rules changed after i came back from my 10 day ban, i didn't know until later when a friend told me to re read the new rules on rhe forum. If the rules are changed & you log back into the game without fully knowing every little detail that has been changed you are not going to have as many players as you do now. I am pretty sure most others can agree with me on this even people in rival gangs & other groups. That is why i did not respond properly to their RP success attempts. Another thing that bothers me in this real life simulator is the lack of realistic roleplay, when your on the ground dying from a gunshot wound you are not going to have a discussion about whether or not the robbers can have access to your pockets. What your team is trying to do has tremendous potential but right now in the current state you have 3 major gangs breaking rules on purpose & on accident. What is bound to happen is 1 gang having so much control over the server that it's no longer going to be fun to play & all you will end up having is 1 group of people doing all the things there is to do, what will happen is they will get bored from having everything with no fear of retaliation from new players & your numbers will drop. It may take a good while for that to happen but is that what you want?
  2. The best part is this video topic has had over 100 viewers & only 2 people are complaining.
  3. I stole both cars using lockpicks so how is this video proof of non proper roleplay, it is meant to be used to show the Zeta gang that the Saints can get even without breaking rules. If any rules have been broken how come the Admins have not deemed it as such they have had enough time to do so. I cannot see them deciding to put me up for a rule breaking appeal now... if they do doesn't this show favoritism to certain people?
  4. I did properly roleplay my actions i made it as a car destruction video as if i was filming my own episode of Jackass.
  5. How would this count as DM no player's were run over with the vehicles, would it have been any different if i decided to take the vehicles on a joyride bashing them by bad driving along the roads intentionally hitting barriers on the sides until the vehicles stopped running? I role played the scenario as a Jackass tv show.
  6. I sure did enjoy some quality time with these luxury vehicles.
  7. After my game bugged out at the end of the previous video i re-logged back in to attempt to speak to an Admin with no luck. I had a real life issue to attend to. Reason for leaving after relogging was to eat dinner with family because real life situations are more important than waiting for long amounts of time for an Admin to respond for an in game consequence.
  8. Player(s) being reported: Moderator Fa1N, ID #'s 117, 261, 142, 128, 144, 119 Date of interaction reported: 4/9/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1554844705 Your characters name: Jamal Turner Other player(s) involved: ID #'s 117, 261, 142, 128, 144, 119 Specific rule(s) broken: Metagaming, Powergaming, Unproper RP, DM DM - "Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player or their property without a proper roleplay reason" How did the players break the rule?: Was held at gun point multiple times for not roleplaying giving them a radio frequency & a radio that i never had on me in the first place, they also forced a radio on my person while i was ziptied. I had to walk around to get rid of afk warning, I told them of this yet i was still threatened. Evidence of rule breach: I was held hostage in the market behind the bank by a group of Zeta gang members forced to RP to give them a radio frequency that i did not have i didn't even have a radio on my person or in my inventory. After a bit of failed attempts they called in an Admin to rectify the situation in the Zeta's favor. This did not work however because they replayed the entire scenario with the Admin right there and the Admin allowed it. So after that Admin left they escorted me outside into a car & took me to the Observatory where they then called in Moderator Fa1N. They re-attempted the entire scenario all over again & when i would not give in to they're demands they started telling me i was breaking fear RP even though i was properly roleplaying the situation I did use /ooc instead of /b the moderator witnessed all of this going on because he or she dissapears & reappears at different times commenting on different parts of the situation. I was also RP shot by a player while ziptied in the knees which i did not give consent to. I just came back from a 10 day ban I was not trying to get myself banned again for not properly roleplaying https://youtu.be/nIk9D5WR7wI
  9. Why would i intentionally break rp rules after just coming back from a 10 day ban...serioulsy i am not that type of player that just breaks rules just because. I want to get my VIP status back but i'm not going to put money into this server if i am just going to get banned because i couldn't focus on 3 different people having a conversation.
  10. Anywhere along the coast is just fine, even someplace near the southern part of the map near the apartments with the boat docks.
  11. My video isn't as great. This will be fixed in the future. This is my entire video the Admin part starts at around 7:27, The player roleplay part starts at around 17:50 as i explained above i the previous post 3 different people were talking & it was confusing as to who was talking to who, even in OOC chat towards me at around 19:41 you can see player 29 just talking to someone about RP i really did not know who he was talking to since 3 people were in conversation also around 20:23 player 81 talks in another language isn't that against the rules just being fair here what does Kurwa debil nahuj even mean? If they would like the full refund of the $3,000 that i got for the chop i am willing to pay them I can meet them at the Bank in Los Santos in the city sometime. If you notice my Youtube icon in the upper left it is an icon for a kid named Brand in honour of his fight against cancer, it was a swedish hate symbol for only about 1 year that did not last, look up #Brandswolves on Facebook if you don't believe me. I only bring that up to avoid potential unwanted attention because i know racist or racism is not allowed it is also on this forum as my avatar picture at the bottom saying For Brand.
  12. I will submit my video it shows the same thing that happened, I honestly did not see the question to search my body after i had been shot. In the beginning i have always used that spot in the back to chop vehicles even when it was super busy. Nobody ever complained before but an Admin did show up & ask me to move from that spot which i did, i have the entire video showing that i replied to the current Admins demands. I was so caught up with trying to reply fast enough with those who were in the process of robbing me to try & negotiate a fair deal to avoid any theft from me i really did not see the question until it was too late. I just came back from a week long ban i was just trying to make a quick buck i wasn't looking to break any rules on purpose.
  13. Today we begin with the best known method of making fast money... (Grand Theft Auto) stealing vehicles and chopping them for a fast dollar, drawbacks include rival gang menace, random thefts by non gang members, and lastly some not all new players that haven't really read over the rules & usually killing you for no reason. Chopping the 8 minutes you'll never get back waiting for (imaginary) mechanics to dismantle your new stolen ride. 1. Keep that engine running nothing is more effective than running away from potential chopshop thieves before your boxed in only having to comply with they're demands with guns pointing at you -you do have the option to run only if your not in an open view vehicle, vehicles where windows are not there-. 1a. If you suspect you are about to be boxed in run away get away as far as possible find a nice hidden location on a dirt road off the main streets & use whatever weapon you have to destroy that vehicles engine & blow out the tires. Most drivers in the game can't drive for crap let alone on 4 blown out tires with a damaged engine that will probably die before they get it back to the chopshop. 2. When your chop is just about done have an escape route planned even in open areas drivers have a hard time catching up to you as you're jumping over small fences boulders & smaller objects that will certainly ruin the threat chasing you due to them just giving it the gas speeding towards your direct location paying no mind to the obstacles in his/her way. This concludes our tips for a day.
  14. I would think it wouldn't be against the rules if you waited 5 minutes at least, if I'm breaking into a car that has clearly been hidden, it should be anything goes but if its running at a gas station or on the road in driving lanes, then i would avoid it. If they are found before the restart happens i cannot see an Admin doing that to you.
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