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  1. Just wanna stress the fact that I would have never done this had I known about the AFK script being disabled in IC prison. This does not excuse my actions but I also wanna stress that no scripts or programming or programs or bots were used to do this just a water bottle and was banned by the time I got back from my shower.
  2. Thank you for filling me in it is much appreciated. I guess I risked water all over my keyboard for nil (lol). It was my first time ever in prison so forgive me - I totally know for next time but hope to never see those DOC walls again. -Vito
  3. Sorry for putting you guys in such a position and I understand why you did what you did. So from what you are saying I am understanding that you can AFK in prison as per the rules legally. But won't you get kicked if you do AFK for a like 5-10 minutes either way?
  4. I have started to review the rules of the server and RP to avoid such a problem occurring ever again. I really am sorry and did not anticipate a permanent ban at all. I did not mean to abuse the salary system or anything like that. I had already done more then an hour in prison and an hour getting arrested and processed in DOC - I have learned my lesson iccly not to manufacture drugs as being jailed is totally not worth it but that is no excuse for me avoiding the afk script in my last portion of IC prison. I have used the following 2 links to brush up on the rules of eclipse RP specifically: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Pc9H1sLAuEsA7Q98RDjB6OTWbMRdk-Ql/view
  5. Account name: Vito_Vanucci Character name(s): Vito Vanucci and Michael Leone Admin who issued punishment: Albert Date of punishment: 3/14/2019 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: AFK Macro in IC prison Your explanation of what happened: I was jailed for 120 minutes ICCly for drug possession and manufacturing. I did a little over an hour of my time and there was noone else in IC prison (DOC or Prisoners) for thirty minutes or so. I had to smoke and shower in real life so I put a water bottle on my movement keys and let it run around to avoid the AFK script. The friends I got arrested with all got out of prison way before me somehow and I honestly got tired of running around an empty DOC but wanted to play with my friends who were getting off work irl, before Spring break ends. Albert found me running in place when he answered a report I had opened. I obviously look stupid having an AFK report and auto running my character with a water bottle. The truth is I did not know you could be permanently banned for this and forgot I had a report up because it had been hours since I placed the report. I thought I had a dimension/desync error so I was asking for help with that since DOC was so empty, I was just beyond bored I couldn't take it. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I have been waiting to find a server like the ones I used to play on SAMP which are also English speaking for years. I have been on this server nonstop for the last week and don't know what game I'll go to now. This server is one of a kind really. I was not totally privy to the rules and subsequent punishment and did not actually use a script or any program to alter my game - and never will. I just honestly wanted to shower, eat, and smoke and start playing again after my IC prison was over which I served over an hours worth faithfully. Also I had been RPing with the police for an hour prior to my arrest, equating to 3 or 4 hours of detainment/prison time ICcly. I think I should be unbanned because I am truly sorry and don't intend to break the rules knowingly ever if I am unbanned. This was my first time in prison and have not been OOC prisoned. Every minute or two my UI goes away and it seems like the AFK script would start and I figured I would never finish my last hour tonight (3/14) if I had to do stuff irl. I offer a source of RP for the server and speak greatly about it to many people and will continue to do so. This was an honest mistake and 100% won't happen again. I have no evidence to provide, Albert answered my report that I forgot about while I was auto-running with a water bottle on my keyboard to finish up the last 30 mins or so of my 2 hour IC prison sentence. In total I had already put in 3 hours or so of RP with the police and haven't been able to play the game for hours resulting in me being bored and trying to get through IC prison while getting some stuff done IRL. Post any evidence or further details: N/A - Albert caught me in the act as he responded to my report and I am truly sorry and embarrassed. No evidence is needed and I have learned from this. A brush up on the rules is in order because I did not expect a perma ban when I did this and would have never tried if I had known as such.
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