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  1. So you admit I had fearRP and you failed to exhibit fear for your life and used OOC in an egregious manner, thank you. I reached out to you privately because I can see you need to return to the quiz and thought you may want to avoid punishment. My gun was out, you don't have fearRP on anyone and want to report someone for this rule when you don't understand it yourself? You had two armed guys on you with guns drawn before yours was, how are you really arguing this? When you are typing you are considered to still have fearRP advantage which I thought you would respect - prompting me to "/b really" and "/b im recording" - in hopes you would respect the fearRP aspect and your voip issue. After I finished typing "HANDS BOY" I turned towards you to continue (you had no gun drawn yet after I turned back towards you after swiveling so my friend heard my voip). Usually gun is considered to be aimed while I am typing - I was really surprised you just would not fear for your life. Aiming + Typing time = a lot of time under fearRP in which you did not talk or type, you just sat there afk? This is a joke of a report to be honest and you are reaching beyond measure. Here is my point of view which does differ from yours. Why do you try to talk to me during this debacle when you say voip doesn't work? I have to type and you get to voip even though my voip was clearly working? I had the jump on you and had armed backup watching you from above - he jumped down and had his gun to you subsequently but you still aren't scared... who are you superman? My backup jumps down and has you at gunpoint as well once you began the unholstering animation (lol); you knew drawing that gun would lead to your death no matter what - BUT YOU DON'T CARE, WHAT'S FEAR RP LOL. You knew ignoring me and acting like you were AFK while gun was to your face would lead to shots fired - you have exhibited UNDENIABLE PROOF of FAILURE TO FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE - as such, I request punishment with regards to this infraction. Furthermore, I request that this player's history be looked into as I feel this is not the first situation where he has tried to bend the rules in an unrealistic fashion (all the while trying to get people banned an incite forum wars because of OOC hate). The reporting party claims he wants roleplay and not gunplay, but he takes every action step to promote forum wars, non-realistic behavior, and james-bond-like scenarios which only end in shots. You aren't splinter cell, you need to fear for your life and start acting realistic. In response to eating: You say I ate during an "active situation". I did not eat until after you were dead and everything was over - aka inactive? Turned out that guy running towards us was unarmed and went upstairs without bothering anyone - therefore once you died the situation ended (please get over the fact that you pulled a gun on a hardened criminal and got dropped like a random criminal 😕 ). Am I supposed to sit around and wait a specific amount of time after killing you before I can eat a burger? You are just reaching; I hope the reviewing admin checks your history and report archive to get a better understanding for how you operate. You claim you are all about roleplay not gunplay...? Then why do you sit still completely ignoring a gun to your face and demands being made in your face? ICly you were nonRP by ignoring everything and not responding - resorting to OOC; no use of /me or /do to RP anything. Roleplay was not your intent here and it was not your intent in the plethora of reports you have filed. I ask that the admin team look further into this person and either send him back to the quiz or invoke a permanent ban for having zero interest in roleplay and little-or-skewed understanding of the rules. It is obvious this man knows the rules because he has a ton of player reports on the forums. What is more, player reports force this man to read and cite the rule he is accusing people of, but still doesn't understand the basics? With that being said, "HighTV" knows the rules and chooses to bend them to his will while trying to take matters OOC. Moreover, "HighTV" seems to waste admin and player time quite often because he did not do his part by READING AND UNDERSTANDING THE RULES. I would hereby ask that the admin team send this man back to the quiz so that he may understand the rules before barraging people with forum complaints. Next time I would advise the reporting party to stay IC and roleplay before gunplay next time - he only exhibited his interest in gunplay in this clip as far as I can see. Apologies on Dmitri's behalf for lieing to the admin team and wasting everyone's time with this report. You ignored RP and basically acted like you were AFK until you thought you could engage in gunplay over roleplay because that's all you do (your gang's leader was banned for inciting mass DM which you were involved in - you have no interest in roleplay, fear roleplay, or anything BESIDES GUNPLAY - this is not counterstrike). This entire situation is based on delaying, avoidance roleplay, non-rp (acting afk or oblivious ICly and going OOC while a gun is in his face and demands are being made - with armed backup present). I only ate because the situation was over in my eyes, he was dead, other guy was unarmed, unaffiliated, and not involved. Nonetheless, eating doesn't heal or help anyway so it is a moot point. Why didn't this guy just /voicereset 1-3 and continue RP instead of trying to take advanage with the aim of forcing gunplay (unlike he claims)? There were too many avenues for Dmitri to deal with this RPply. . Overall it is hard to type to one guy and talk to others, I voip to my friend to chase that random person and go to type more demands to dmitri because it seemed like he really didn't understand what I was saying or doing and he takes this chance to pull his to engage in gunplay - which he ridicules...? It seems he is just faking and delaying so he can find something to report and waste y'alls time (check lengthy and seemingly pointless report archive). We know he had no intention of roleplay and with that being said I'll wait for the admins until I say anything else. I also want to advise the administration team to send Dmitri back to the quiz because he still does not understand roleplay and mixes consistently despite citing the rules consistently in his lengthy player report archive/history.
  2. I'll get my perspective uploaded tomorrow once I have time to render/upload. I put a gun to your head and tell you to hands up, calling you by your name. You don't listen and don't even respond after I made VOIP and text demands. You take it ooc by saying you can't hear me even though people around me can (you edited your video, you could hear me - if others can hear me, then you can). What is more and quite alarming, you utilized your alleged lack of voip-ability to disadvantage me and take aim while I am typing and trying to continue a robbery through text since you lied about being able to hear me. I am pretty sure you are still under fear RP while I am typing and continuing a robbery. Also, I if I have a gun out and I am engaged with you, I can defend myself by shooting - not to mention I had my friend mantis on the scene with a gun drawn... I try to type ooc in response to your ooc message whilst continuing the robbery and then have your friend coming up and I tell my friend to get him while I tell you to hands up again because you say VOIP doesn't work so I gave up on using it - in response I gave you another chance to hands up, you will see this is evident in the video where voip is active. I should have aimed at you and CONTINUED to wait for you to fear or your life, which you had no intention of doing which is evident and will be further evident once you see the clip and hear voip demands. The reason I did not keep aim at you is because I was typing, continuing the robbery via text; because I could not aim and type at the same time - you claimed voip was down (although... you tell me hands up in voip???; you can use voip but I can't lol, cool story bro) If I had been able to aim at you and voice demands like a normal interaction there would be no awkward movement and steering of my character as you can see in the evidence. Despite that, you were under gun point and demands were made multiple times through two modes of communication - to which you completely ignored demands and waited until I was typing to begin unholstering a gun - you were still under fear rp. I said "really" in ooc chat because I felt it was pretty petty of you to use your alleged lack of voip to your own advantage by forcing me to type. As far as I know, my gun is never holstered and you don't get me in a vulnerable spot to inflict fear-rp whilst a gun is drawn. You got clapped and take it OOC, get over it. Just seems like you had no intention of fearing for YOUR life in this situation and ironically report me... You did not plan to RP in this situation and took the first chance you could IC to use your OOC hindrance to your advantage - borderline mixing? You are constantly putting up elaborate reports that seemingly show you breaking rules (check the player report archives its honestly a waste of peoples' time irl; be respectful and thoughtful before you post incriminating evidence / reports) At any rate, I will post the video on Monday and will await an admin's request for additional information. It just is surprising he doesn't give me benefit of the doubt that I want to aim at him but can't because he's forcing me to type and screwing my robbery by going OOC right away; as well as claiming voip doesn't work. He knows me IC, he had a gun to his face and he knew what was going down - punish this dude for breaking fear RP and wasting everyone's time with this report, please.
  3. Great times and rp with these guys!! Strip club brings a lot of RP to the server
  4. Lit, really hoping this works for yall
  5. You get tickets by being pulled over and issued one. Let me also note that 90% of traffic stops don't involve strip searches on a regular basis like they do throughout LSPD and every precinct in the city xD
  6. https://imgur.com/np4maVV https://imgur.com/43Acrlw Listen, I'm looking to game out, I just graduated and I'm hyped. With all due respect, lets go ahead and get this sorted out because we are going on 30 days. I did not DM anyone and pretty sure NBDY had the wrong ID or issued punishment from a stream with no context. I feel like I'm guilty until proven innocent, that's not how we do it in America. If anyone was in my shoes they would feel really shitty and marginalized. What is more, I never got to learn from the situation making the punishment (jail) pointless? Also, I am now perma-banned because of DM#2 which I was baited into because the reporting party "had nothing to lose". I feel like a victim here and just want to play the game fairly. With all due respect, I know admins are busy but so are most productive members of society such as myself. I just find it hard to believe this issue could no be dealt with as it has a lasting impact on a productive member of the community. Lets be honest man, we're all busy and we all got our own issues. I just want to be shown some respect and consideration - I would never ignore someone and deny them an explanation for such a prolonged period of time. In fact, I have never ignored another human being for so long, it's just not cool man. There is nothing "pending" - just give the timestamp so I can exonerate myself already. I am a patient person but not 30 days patient, seriously with all due respect do not take this the wrong way - I just want to play, I'm innocent doggonit. For what it's worth, I was smoking weed and applying to law schools when I was jailed. I was not even playing the game and was just chilling in an NCZ lol. Please see how I told NBDY that I did not kill or ram anyone recently. I mean you can check logs, these are all variables that can be confirmed with the press of a button? Y'all gotta understand, I age like fine wine. The Vito Vanucci from April 3rd is shit compared to the Vito Vanucci of May 3rd. I have learned a tremendous amount and have refined my RP/Rule knowledge on the daily. If ramming without a good reason is an act I committed and is also punishable by DM, then I apologize entirely (for all of this). It is important to note while I am unsure what happened exactly, I do know that a player was not harmed by me (no hp was taken, no shots fired). I am certain there was no loss of life, money, or assets in relation to whatever incident this was. Lastly, I would have corrected my wrong immediately upon being informed or briefed on the wrongdoing at hand. Cordially and respectfully, Vito
  7. I don't want to spam but if the reviewing admin takes a close look at this entire scenario; there was no severe loss, compensation and apologies were extended; we were bitter enemies at the time and in TOTAL WAR. Also, demands were given in text and through voice over a prolonged period of roleplay (15-20minutes worth). What is more, you can see my first shot was a warning shot - there is a large pause between the two shots following the initial shot. He responded by running at me full force instead of saying ouch, asking me to stop, putting his hands up, anything that would represent the actions of a person who has a gun aimed at them and subsequently shot. The reviewing admin should be able to identify/confirm that my intent was not to kill this man in cold blood and certainly not to DM him. I think I may have carried him to MD if his friend did not appear to rob me afterwards or if the OOC insults were not thrown around. Since the time I was banned, my elegy is probably impounded and basically worth more then the maxed value (probably 300k+ worth of tickets due before I can get it out - due to OOC punishment/reason). Also, I have basically served a 24+ hour OOC sentence while banned. I feel as though I have learned my lesson and been amply punished for such a nuanced encounter. While I am not making excuses for my actions, I want it to be known that I have learned from this case and do not need to be further reprimanded as the necessary adjustments have been made on my end. I can only prove myself by never appearing before this council again. As a final plea for mercy, this is the first DM case I have dealt with actually. As one could see, I have learned a lot in the process and should be given the benefit of the doubt. I was not forum reported or in-game reported for my first DM infraction nor given details to learn from it. I am a hands-on learner so I am bound to make mistakes and learn from them consequently. Consider the reasoning and precedent within archived DM appeals/reports. As far as it seems my punishment feels very harsh with little benefit of the doubt given. At the end of the day, lets be honest, Punched had no intention of showing understanding or giving me the benefit of the doubt (perhaps because IC we not cool - conflict of interest and biased imo). This situation was smoothed over throughout the involved parties and he still has no intention of letting off the gas. You don't need to run people into the ground to teach them a lesson. Why did Punched even ask for unedited footage in the first place and wait 24 hours for it? He was gonna hit me with that perma ban no matter what, we all know it was coming. I feel evidence for a perma ban should be held to a fair/regulated standard. Punched says "it is your responsibility when you are reported for DM [to have evidence]. I have also remedied this issue as well as others, described above. There really isn't much more I can do or say to alleviate the situation given all the facts - other then prove myself and learn from it. Just remember, I had no intent to kill this guy, I wanted to log off in peace. But he "had nothing to lose" and all intent of pushing me to my wit's end. Its not an excuse but he kinda got what he wanted...
  8. @Punched, I was under the impression this man and I had been interacting and roleplaying for well over ten minutes. I should have conducted additional roleplay whilst the gun was aimed at him but did it kind of backwards. I typed out demands then pulled out my gun but should have switched those actions. I realize that mistake and want to stress that my DM#1 infraction has nothing to do with killing or harming another player actually - as crazy as it may seem, please review those specific details. Additionally, I have done my best to avoid any infractions since April 3rd (the date of my DM#1 infraction and appeal). I have been able to stay clean for 30 days until this scenario. While it is no excuse, I did not KOS this man as there was over ten minutes of roleplay/interactions conducted between us. I feel like I am the victim of an unfortunate scenario and lapse in judgement. It's my problem to deal with but I ask that the admins unban me and give me a chance to remedy it. Obviously there is a lapse in judgement here by me and I realize that, apologize for it and stress that I have offered concessions as well as an apology to the reporting party. I have learned from my mistake and was under a false impression. Honestly I felt threatened when the man walked off to whisper someone then approached me aggressively and showed no intention of toning it down. More on that, the man charged at me when the gun was drawn and did so further when I shot once. Just a lapse in judgement, I needed to give further instruction through RP once the gun was raised in that particular timestamp. I should have unholstered then typed and said the things I was going to say, then shoot him when he doesn't follow demands at gun point, while giving him ample time to respond. I get it, I understand how I messed up and how I can avoid it in the future. But this is not your bold-faced DM case, it just is not that simple! I want to stress the fact that multiple actions by the reporting party indicate that there was a previous altercation in which my gun was drawn and demands were made but I let it go. When he returned and continuously exhibited aggressive and disobedient behavior whilst at war and loitering over an illegal situation - I took matters into my own hands. The methods and syntax I used up until the murder of the reporting party was incorrect and unjust - for this I apologize. I want to assure punched and the senior admins how I have learned from this. Hopefully the reporting party can accept that apology and any concessions he may request. Further, @punched I would appreciate the benefit of the doubt as the edited footage covers up a plethora of broken rules. Moreover, so much is left out that it should be deemed insufficient evidence to issue a permanent ban. The nuance of RP being required whilst the gun is aimed is a small detail that I messed up on and never will again. Despite that, I hope you can believe that the killing did not take place sans RP. I know I hold the burden of proof and have already taken action steps to make sure I have recording of EVERY second of gameplay on ECRP. Plays.tv stopped working and this took place during a limbo period in which I was trying to get a better recording option. Shadowplay only getting highlights is difficult as it involves human agency or discretion in deciding WHEN to take a highlight; also the highlight is for a limited timeframe. I accidentally punched someone and that is when the reporting party approached me saying "wowowow what's going on". It was an OOC mistake and should not have IC implications - of course the reporting party took this chance to instigate a situation, as he had been doing for like 15 minutes. It is just like in real life, people can only take so much before they break and that is what my character did at that point. While it is no excuse, I was so tired and annoyed in real life that I acted irrationally in game. I told him to stfu in voice and then in text thinking that would cover my demands. After which, I pulled my gun and he showed no fear for his life so I shot. Following this, the man insults me OOCly and was under the impression he cannot be harmed as a new player. It seems the man felt he could push me around as much as he wanted since new players cannot be harmed, although that isn't the case. I understand it did not go his way IC but that does not mean insult me OOCly after the fact. I apologize again here on the forums and have also done so by messaging id 4. I can assure the admin team nothing like this well ever happen again under my watch. With that being said, I plea for mercy and would request that I be placed on a probationary period or something. If I commit a similar infraction again in the next three months please perma ban me without appeal. I am confident this was a lapse in judgement and won't occur again on my watch. Finally, I have gotten nvidia record in place of plays.tv; therefore having 5 minute clips won't be my bane anymore.
  9. Well im perma banned now with my first DM offense being for "ramming without a reason" in which no party died, this sucks because we all know that isn't DM (if it even happened at all). I don't have the HDD space to sustain defending myself against this ban at the start of April, so not sure what to do. I can assure you there is no unedited evidence proving the two aforementioned punishments. I just really needed that timestamp. Thank you for your time and consideration, Vito
  10. Account name: VitoVanucci Character name(s): Vito Vanucci Admin who issued punishment: Punched Date of punishment: 5/1/2019 Punishment received: DM#2 leading to a Permanent ban (DM#1 is on appeal from April 3rd still - reason for DM#1 was "Ramming without a reason" which is not DM-related) Reason given for punishment: [DM | Offense #2] [There were no demands given while Grey Strawcap was at gunpoint. Somebody annoying you is not sufficient reason to attack/kill them] Your explanation of what happened: Grey strawcap had been following me around parking prior to the incident shown in the video. He was stalking and harassing me behind parking moments earlier. I gave him commands to leave or put his hands up which he never followed (with a gun out). I informed him I would use deadly force as well - he didn't care though of course, he's superman. I let it go because fuck it, it's not worth getting reported over right, haha. We all know how many people ignore fear RP, it would be a full time job to report it all. My robbery ended and the Irish and I dispersed. Afterwards I began talking to the Irish I had robbed and the reporting party returned with the same demeanor. I tell him to shut up after he threatens me and makes demands of me while he is in a rival gang - commands which he disobeys with a gun out and aimed at him, so I kill him. He was not given a lot of time but in my head at the time, this was his 20th warning for crying out loud. I agree this is not the best RP but due to the prior scenario and war status I felt it necessary. I won't be threatened, talked shit to, stalked, and then have my demands ignored whilst having a gun out + aimed!! You will fear for your life and show intent to roleplay as a realistic human being. Afterwards his friends from discord show up (that's why there is no sound, to cover up his threats, trash talk, metagaming, ooc insults, and ooc backup). Gotta love edited footage. I am forced to put my hands up because I have a gun on me and then the two irish save me from his OOC backup, and kill the man who tried to rob me. There is a reason this man will not post the REQUESTED UNEDITED footage leading up to this murder. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I apologize for my wrongdoings and believe I bring quality RP to the server in most cases. In this case my RP was not showcased to the levels it should be and I apologize for that - specifically for not making my demands more apparent via text and specific regards to giving him more time (although this man had no intention of roleplaying or fearing for his life for that matter). I also feel that a permanent ban is a bit harsh while I have an appeal pending from 30 days ago (I know NBDY is very busy). To that end, my DM #1 warning was applied for "ramming without a reason". I am not a genius but I know ramming without a reason has nothing to do with DM and that is the reason cited for applying DM#1 to my record. I am not a person who deserved a permanent ban for DM as I don't go around DMing people. In this scenario I had been up for over 20 hours and ws very tired with low patience - not an excuse but that is why his actions tested me to such an extent. If a situation occurs in which it seems I death-matched, I will always give the items back to try and smooth things over as stuff happens in the moment. In this case, the other party had 0 intention of RPing or fearing for his life with special regard to the war status we were in; given special consideration to my gun being drawn as well. OOC insults after the situation show his intent to bait me into killing him through disobeying orders and making threats without pulling a gun. This situation was doctored and the man never returned to the forums after seeing Punched's request for new evidence. There is foul play here by the reporter and multiple rules were broken on his end in perpetuation of forcing me to shoot him. There is a reason that "gey" never returned to the forums and used all those OOC insults along with edited footage. Evidence or further details: I PMed Punched the 5 minutes I had, I am new with shadowplay and did not have the altercations recorded prior to the killing and afterwards. I can send my pov to whoever is necessary too. In the beginning of the video you can see I made in-text demands to "beat it" and "fuck off" when he was threatening me during my robbery of an Irishmen - we were at war with both gangs at the time. Also I told him to stfu in text and my text demands were in ADDITION to VOIP demands. With that being said, a barrage of demands were made over various communication channels. There should be logs to prove what I am saying and the fact that he will not return to the forums to post unedited and REQUESTED footage shows there is something to hide. I never robbed the man either and had no intention of doing as such, this man just felt he was an immigrant and doesn't have to play by the rules. He whispers a person about how he has nothing to lose, further proving his intent to force an altercation which had been like 15 minutes in the making at that point. I never tried to take his loot afterwards either proving I had no intent to rob or kill this man - he FORCED it to that point through ROLEPLAY. He was given demands, he answered with threats and insults - on multiple occasions. It just so happened on this occasion I utilized my rights to use force which he enabled upon repeated refusals to listen to commands with knowledge of lethal force (mix of voip and text demands). I apologize for not giving more time and more consideration/patience but this had been well over 10 minutes in the making, this man had no regard. His RP warranted his death and he intended it to be so as evidenced on multiple accounts. Although I still think I should have given more time, the ooc insults showed his intent to continue with disobedient behavior and lackluster rp. I answered with RP that is not that great at all which I apologize for. I urge the reviewer to followup on Punched's request for unedited footage. As a final point, I asked him what he wanted and he replied with threats/shit talking... I told him to beat it and fuck off and he responded by coming back with more intensity. Once he begins mic spamming to push it further I tell him to shut the fuck up with my gun out and he tells me to get the fuck out of the parking lot in response to the demands in conjunction with the firearm pulled on him. He was interfering with my robberies before and the interaction during the video provided. Normally I would get him on his knees and rob him or apprehend him but did not because he was a new player. With that series of events being taken into account, he disobeyed orders while not fearing for his life; all the while having full intention of pushing the envelope in an unrealistic fashion. While Punched said I gave no demands, I specifically gave demands in text to cover my butt for a report, while that did not work the text is in the video. What is more, most communication was made through voice - which the reporting party deems not important? Furthermore, if you watch carefully I paused after the first shot to see if he would handsup and of course he used his voice for OOC by saying how hes a new player and I can't do that. Also, his response to my ALL-CAPS demands was to run at me and when I pulled my gun he did so with increased intensity. He had no intention of fearing when that gun was pulled and he put himself in those situations through RP. Please reconsider this permanent ban. Apologies for aiming and shooting without demands but I was tired and typed the demands then pulled out my gun. I thought the demands to beat it, fuck off, and shut up were enough, since he had been ignoring the demands in the prior altercations (neither of us had died so no NLR at that point) and he began invading my personal space as a RP response to a gun being drawn on him. I shot once and thought that would be enough to make him follow the previous demands given as well as just backing off. In response to my gun being drawn and shooting, he told me to get the fuck out of the area. After he said that I shot twice and killed him, which he responded to by calling me a fucking dumb idiot and dumb bitch oocly. Then he raced to the forums and posted edited footage which led to this. I have taken my time off from ECRP to review the rules so far and also take into account Punched's descriptions. Punched is correct in some of his review of the situation and I have made the necessary modifications to my gameplay, behavior, and knowledge within the bounds of ECRP. I have reached out to the reporting party to offer any concessions to smooth over the situation. Additionally, our two gangs have mended our differences IC since. I made sure to apologize to all parties involved and mend relations OOCly. More on that, I have spoken to some leadership within seaweed to reach out to the reporting party and see what can be done to remedy any grievances. I'm not a deathmatcher and apologize. Thank you for your time and consideration, Vito
  11. +1 Admins need to trash this system or overhaul it - if they care about the server's health. Doesn't promote RP and only annoys people. Also makes the cops waste time on "wanted" people when having some speeding tickets shouldn't make you "wanted". Speeding tickets in the USA are not nearly as serious as Eclipse RP speeding tickets lol. Speed cameras and tickets should not be a cornerstone of the server. A large portion of interactions, situations, problems etc. have to do with speeding. It's terrible RP and just a waste of everyone's time and money.
  12. +1 pending more elaboration on each idea. None are bad but obviously have to be fleshed out. Specfiically, #1, 2, 3, 4 and 6. Those 5 suggestions have a place on the server and should certainly be looked into.
  13. This is just a video of me shooting you with no context? We RPed for over 10 minutes actually so you were not killed without RP or any warnings. You were told to stop and leave multiple times. Additionally you were at the scene of a crime threatening me as I robbed an Irish (ID 36). You can't threaten me and talk shit about me and my gang who you are at war with and expect nothing in return. The main altercation I had with the reporter (ID 4) happened whilst I robbed ID 36 which he does not show. Once he said he was reporting in OOC I hit my shadowplay button and only got the last five minutes. Prior to the five minute video I will provide, there was an altercation in which he did not follow my demands when I had a gun on him - I decided not to kill him. When this guy returned and continued harassing/threatening me and would not stop when told. I decided enough was enough and pulled my gun which he responded to by telling me to leave - no fear RP of course. I've had a gun pulled on me in real life and telling someone "get the fuck out of here" is not the response you would ever use in such a situation, trust me. This guy is part of the seaweed gang which the Zetas are currently at war with and he knew that when he made his threats and remarks. His video does not show sound because it would incriminate and destroy his report. Additionally, the discord would reveal OOC backup - His friend in the same clothing and a demon mask (seaweed) tried to rob me. His OOC backup got me to put my hands up and continued the robbery. The two Irish you see in the video (IDs 36 and 21) actually saved my life and made the seaweed guy put his hands up. I killed him after and the cops showed up. I RPed with the cops a bit and they let me go while the Irish ran away. Both men got healed at MD afterwards. The totality of the situation boils down to an immigrant who assumes the rules only apply to non-immigrants. You can't be at crime scenes threatening and talking crap to someone then ignore their requests. Rules against an immigrant are in relation to robbery specifically. Even more, you cannot expect to not be killed after you were given commands, ignored them and were given a second chance. With his second chance he returned to my conversation with the Irishmen (ID 36) whom I had just robbed and continued to talk. At this point he had given me reason to kill him in our prior interaction 5-10 minutes earlier. You will see in my video I try my best to ignore him but he won't stop. So I told him to shut the fuck up and took out my gun when he would not listen, his response to my gun being pulled was to tell me to get the fuck out of there. If I waited around any longer to be harassed his friends would have showed up and robbed me just like they did. Except they did not expect Irish to save me - nor did I. I urge the report reviewer to look over the logs prior to this, during my robbery of 36, and the logs following when I killed his OOC backup with Irish help moments after. Video will be PMed to Punched as he is dealing with the situation and I would like to avoid some MG/sensitive information.
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