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  1. Evan Jost

    Sons of Leuven MC

    Im interested looks really good. i am wanting to join ((My alt not main character))
  2. Evan Jost

    Need help

    The best way to get a response would be to go to the discord and go into the help channel and ask for help from the support staff they normally help with these kinds of problems
  3. Evan Jost

    BF400 For Sale 3/4 transmission For dirt cheap

    The stock in 21k also I'm not saleing it anymore selling my other car
  4. Evan Jost

    Community Event Ideas

    Well i was thinking maybe y'all can have some people at the humane labs guarding military grade weapons and we can get some people to try to take over the lab and steal the weapons and make a getaway while getting chased by army vehicles or planes or helicopters or we can rob a vehicle dealership with certain cars and if we get away from the police we get the car or bike. Another ideal i had is yall can host a prison break and whoever gets away without getting caught gets a award or something
  5. Slamvan custom for sale has visuals and max hydraulics that make for a good time selling for 131k and below
  6. Hello my name is Antonio Celso and i am starting a brand new club this will be a legit club and will be no violence or illegal acts this is the new poker club coming to Los Santos, Feeling a little risky and crazy well you have came to the right place we will be posting poker games when they start or finish to join you will need to download are app called Poker Club (( https://discord.gg/bTFYEnn )) you do not need a lot of money to play just come and have fun we will be having games in the city or out in the dessert sandy shores.
  7. Make an offer and we can go from there i am able to talk on discord Antonio Celso/Martin Sugar#6340
  8. Evan Jost

    Total Bankers Contract

    I, Antonio Celso ask for a loan at Total Bankers of 75k and I will pay back within 7 days. And I agree that failure to pay will result in a seizure of my assets, a Sultan worth 122k. 15/08/2017
  9. Hello my name is Antonio Celso i was thinking about a project that would be really awesome and cool and i think the people of Los Santos would love it but i need to know if its legal and some other things you can contact me on messenger my name is Antonio Celso ((discord also my number is #6340)) i have been planning this project for a while and it might even help with the racing on the streets. -Antonio Celso
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    Locked Topic

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