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  1. So you're saying all parking lots should have '/park' and be owned by someone, for interests? I'd say NOT ALL, but some.
  2. Looking good! Keep up the good work, we need good people roleplaying around
  3. Great work! Thank you for that
  4. I freaking love you.
  5. Are you accepting orders? lol I'd love to have one, in need of a professional signature
  6. I do agree that theres a bunch of retarded people who randomly park their car in the middle of the road, bikers that park their thing right at the bank entrance...this happens and will keep happening because that area is considered a NCZ. That's an OOC issue to me, but the issue itself is and will be dealt IC'ly. Someone suggested some more /park'ing spots and, to be honest, I think it would be the best 'solution' to this mess.
  7. It does help in every situation BUT the one you just mentioned, my man (getting arrested)
  8. There is no such thing and there won't be anytime soon, trust me. We're expanding staff's numbers, THAT will speed up the process
  9. Well yeah, that happens IRL too.
  10. ...or you could /park your car. Trust me, it works. They must've impound your car bacause you didn't buy a parking ticket...it's pretty simple. Follow the green'ish garage door icon on your minimap, tyoe /park (for $500) and voila! No headaches!!! No reason to implement any of your points man, I'm sorry.
  11. Hey there, my man...hows it going? Tell them to try once again, this particular error happens once in a while. If it insists, tell 'em to reinstall RAGE client. Keep us updated on this, we'll help him out.
  12. Hello there, fella! I joined LSRP from 2009 to 2010, but spent most of my SAMPing time admining @SARP. It is nice seeing players from such a great server down here, make yourself at home bro! Hit me up if you ever need anything.
  13. I had a really hard time understanding English when I first joined a RP server and guess what? They had a foreign subforum. It had only some randon chat, helpful tips and some minor things...someone over there, which was a Moderator, helped me a lot. Grammar basics, game mechanics, surroundings, even server rules. A year later, I bacame one of the first Head Admins of SARP, a pretty successful server in SAMP's history. By saying that you're just preventing people to actually LEARN. I would say this definitely needs an attention
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