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  1. +1 Also make cops drop their stuff on death (i.e. weapon/radio etc)
  2. Raided to obtain drugs and weapons; possibly even breaking people out of the three cells in the basement. Prison break rules are: Permission for prison break must be approved by a Moderator+ prior to the attempt. Players may participate in no more than 1 prison break attempt within 1 OOC week. Official Factions may attempt 2 additional breaks in the case the prisoner is the faction leader. So we could do something similar. Alternatively, make police drop weapons when they die. That would be acceptable and probably easier than PD raids. It'd cut back on the Rambo police officers who are superman and have no value for life.
  3. DoC is raidable, but hardly ever gets raided. Just would need a cooldown.
  4. Well said. The cops are too powerful as a whole in my opinion. I think they'd value their lives more if their weapons dropped if they died. That way, if they die, they know they're giving more guns to criminals and will have to be more careful.
  5. Would ask an admin to lock/delete this thread as comments are not constructive and are only becoming increasingly trolly.
  6. How about halving the time it takes to chop a car and grow marijuana?
  7. Not at all. PD is basically just a gang in and of itself. They just have different rules.
  8. Reminder that 24 hours have elapsed since your previous post @Dqniel.
  9. All of you that say things like this; why do you say things like this? PD raids criminal HQ's/houses/cars. Why can't criminals raid PD HQ/houses/cars? See what I mean?
  10. Why own a fast car if you can't go... fast?
  11. I was trying to point out that I was not originally aware of the separate forum rules, as they were difficult to locate. I am now aware of them, as I took the time to scrounge for them after you dinged me. I will point out that I didn't borderline insult the reporting party, I /DID/ insult the reporting party, and I figured calling someone a "baby" didn't fall under "Been severely insulted out of character or been threatened with a cyber attack?" or "Reports involving insults must be truly offensive, being called an idiot or saying you are stupid while offensive may not be report worthy. If you truly feel offended or cannot get the player to cease contact with you then you may report them." warranting a warning. Additionally, I'd ask for the rules to be posted separately, as the currently location of the rules is misleading, as it appears to only be for posting reports. "Player Report Requirements [MUST READ BEFORE POSTING]" doesn't exactly scream "The rules for this entire section are here." Also; it kind of seems like a trap to allow any player to comment on player reports, rather than locking or hiding them to the involved players, and then warning/punishing the players that comment. Why is it this way? Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. Not trying to upset anyone, just trying to understand. I still have an issue with the way @Mickeyyy handled the original report, but don't know if I am allowed to bring it up.
  12. Account name: Sauer Stein Character name(s): Sauer Stein Admin who issued punishment: Mickeyyy (https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/profile/44246-mickeyyy/) Date of punishment: 04/17/2019 Punishment received: A warning point added to account Reason given for punishment: @Sauer Stein | a warning point has been added to your account, for replying to a report that didn't pertain to you and borderline insulting the reporting party Next I will go over my reasoning and the punishment. As this is your first punishment this will only go down as a warning on your record. Remember, ALL medical role play must be acted out, not simply use the command. PD are held to the same standard and many have been punished for it. If the patient dies during treatment then he dies, it is not a reason to skip the role play. As for the training you and numerous other LSEMS employees have received I will be looking into that. Again, this is only a warning and nothing more. Your explanation of what happened: I was confirming what the medic said, basically when he pointed out he was taught to /heal when he first got to a scene. It has recently been changed to do /stabilize and if they die, oh well. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I was attempting to offer pertinent evidence to support the medic's claim of his training, however I do understand I wasn't directly involved in the report, and I understand that I may have hurt OP's feelings by calling him a baby for abusing mechanics to avoid jail. Post any evidence or further details: I can post a link to the report. But I don't want to get in trouble. "Once a staff member has made a final decision, you may not post the player report again. If you received punishment, you may try to attempt a punishment appeal one time for each punishment obtained. See the Punishment Appeals section for more information." I also want to point out I could not find the "Players who are NOT DIRECTLY INVOLVED in the report are not allowed to respond unless sharing necessary or pertinent concrete evidence ("I can confirm." or "That's what happened." is not acceptable). If you comment on a report you're not involved in you may be warned by a forum moderator." I figured logically, if I wasn't allowed to talk, it wouldn't be posted on a PUBLIC FORUM FOR EVERYONE TO SEE.
  13. Don't quit! I was told the same thing originally during my training to /heal first. People just want to start waiting out their full ten minute death timer for RP I guess. I'll just drive the speed limit to all my calls and stop at lights, too. (Sarcasm.) While this guy isn't necessarily wrong, he's being a baby. I think he's just miffed he got in trouble with the law. He's not allowed to death RP unless PD allowed it during a PD call. The way I see it, you buckled under pressure, which happens. We are all human. If the patient dies, the cops are mad, if you /heal, the criminal is mad that they couldn't get their "get out of jail free" card, and the call looks like it was in bumfk no-where. I might have done the same thing under pressure. It's not as though you completely power gamed the situation. You didn't stop any RP scenario. You prolonged their lives without stabilizing them, so they still could have death RPed if the police allowed it, or you made enough time for you to stabilize the three of them and get them to jail. I'm just pointing out that you didn't stop the RP situation, and OP broke the rule about keeping OOC to a minimum. There's a reason /heal and /stabilize are separate commands. If the admin/devs didn't want this kind of thing to be able to happen (extending a life for the sake of RP) THEN there would be one command that did both actions simultaneously.
  14. With these great new gun changes, it's harder than ever to get guns if you've ever gone to jail for any crime, misdemeanor or felony. Let's allow criminal factions to raid PD to acquire guns illegally, as well as drugs from lockup. They can in turn, sell these guns to civilians/criminals who are unable to obtain this super difficult gun license. Additionally, the drugs from lockup can be sold at drop-off points.
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