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  1. (( This is an In Character section of the forum. It is meant for In Character content, things based in the lives of the characters in the game. What you've posted is Out of Character (OOC) content, things based around the game itself or anything else outside of the game. ))
  2. Welcome to EclipseRP. Haven't met you in-game yet, but I approved your firearms license. Hopefully that can heighten your roleplay and bring about some more interesting videos. Love that one you released about the drug bust.
  3. Love the video, Ricky! Enjoy that firearms license, I'm sure an honest gent such as yourself will put it to good, proper use. Take care of yourself, Peace, Officer J. Reed
  4. Deleted for now due to shitty BBCode support on this forum.
  5. +1 Support If we're going with the idea that LSD could increase health for example, then I think it should also have a downside, such as unsteady aim when using a weapon. This way you need to pick and choose which drug you want to use in a certain situation to best aid you.
  6. Was going to post this as an idea but already found this thread. Just posting here to bring attention to it again. A lot of the ideas in the main post are great and should be looked in to for future updates.
  7. Provided unfiltered version to both of you. Thanks.
  8. Player(s) being reported: ID 83 Date of interaction reported: December 27, 2019 Approx 2am UTC Unix time stamp from HUD: 1577413061 Your characters name: Jason Reed Other player(s) involved: Unknown player was killed Specific rule(s) broken: 11. No Crime Zones (NCZ) A no crime zone is an area where players may not commit any actions considered crimes. How did the player break the rule(s)? ID 83 swung a weapon at an unknown player right at the front doors of the Police Station, seems to be a golf club or bat. The unknown player died as a result of the hits. ID 83 took off in a bus after the incident. Evidence of rule breach: Video (Chat hidden due to sensitive faction related messages. Can provide unfiltered version if necessary.)
  9. The optional paperwork, as mentioned, is appreciated, but often times is overlooked or avoided because it can take a while. An arrest report is time consuming whereas a simple text box when placing a charge in-game to add a basic description of the situation/crime committed can be much more efficient to complete and also look up in the future.
  10. I feel the required option to fill in a description when charging a suspect with something would be beneficial to everyone. When processing things that pertain to criminal activity, we would be able to get a deeper look in to an individuals past if necessary rather than just seeing the often times vague charge name. I feel it could also benefit individuals who receive charges and may not necessarily know why they have received them which could help in them appealing through Internal Affairs reports. It could also add another level of roleplay for Department of Corrections, for example. When the Police Department or Sheriff's Department call in to DoC for an incoming prisoner, DoC could then look up the name provided and read over the record fully to get a better idea of who they have coming in, and maybe a general briefing of the team that will be handling said individual.
  11. Whether he hits them or avoids them, they did their job
  12. Even with my adjusted brightness settings, it gives me a headache. It's too much strain on the eyes and honestly, annoying to play with. It is my humble request that snow not be brought back this year. Let this poll be the community speaking for itself. Thank you.
  13. Your written English is great, if your spoken English is any similar, you'll have no problem communicating on the server through Text or VOIP. I always see the German based RP servers full of hundreds of players, so it's surprising when you say the communities themselves aren't as good as other language based communities. Welcome to the Eclipse Community! Enjoy your stay.
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