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  1. I think the No Players part might mean the panel hasn't found any accounts in-game that you've created. Have you tried logging in within the RageMP client? You may have passed and might be able to create a character now.
  2. Only ever played on vG - Valhalla Gaming. I was in the PD and FBI faction.
  3. I think just a general meetup event at the fishing pier would be nice. Maybe script some of the shops there beforehand to actually give out items from either players staffing them or NPCs. Law enforcement can show up to direct traffic, keep the peace, fire department and ambulance can show up to give demonstrations , etc. Just an overall mix of everything kind of event, The pier is a nice place for that.
  4. RageMP is not connected to GTA Online in any way. Nothing could ever be imported from it. There's plenty of customization that Eclipse offers within the server to customize your face appearance. Along with tattoos and the clothing shops, there's practically an unlimited number of combinations.
  5. If you've put as little effort in to your application as you have to showing respect for the staff team of this community, which I assume you have, you'll find your application will be swiftly denied. Don't even bother waiting, there is no room for your attitude here.
  6. I find it odd why they charged you with the Attempted Murder charges and such that were tagged to the other fellow in the other Black Dominator. Obviously who ever was chasing had no valid description of you or even a plate of the vehicle, so they couldn't verify that it was indeed you or not. Things like that don't usually happen, at least not in the situations I've been involved in.
  7. I'll have to throw my -1 Support for this. The detective division within the PD is perfectly capable (and currently does) carry out any actions the FBI would.
  8. -1 Support Just stop speeding through the camera zones. That's the whole point of adding them, to cut down on the non-RP driving.
  9. They're added to your record which we can search up. It shows if you've paid the tickets or not. Also, if you receive a Reckless Driving charge (for going 80 km/h or more over the limit) then you have an outstanding arrest warrant until you serve your time.
  10. Sounds great and I would like to support it but it would need some extensive planning to be implemented. I would tend to think having it as an open job would be a bad idea for obvious abuse reasons. It would need to be a civilian run faction at the very least so only responsible players could join and operate the planes. There's been a few incidents where people will steal helicopters from police or EMS members who's game crashes and the heli falls to the ground. This causes enough issues, It would be just as bad if a plane gets stolen.
  11. I'll support this only if it's implemented reasonably. I've played on servers before that had this, only it would require that you'd eat every real world 15 or 20 minutes or else you'd start dying of starvation. It was very annoying.
  12. +1 Support for this idea. Love it.
  13. LiveTrash


    Press ALT + Enter once. The game window should turn in to a smaller window. Press ALT + ENTER again and it should maximize the window again. Does this resolve the issue? If not, you're likely running your game in Full Screen Mode. Go in to your graphics/video settings and change the resolution to "Windowed (Borderless)".
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