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Preparing a batch of brand new Beans


Selling Crystal Beans to SADOC 

( thanks to @Grape )



Another transaction completed!

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Bob has disguised himself as a taco seller, to sell Beans without raising unwanted suspicion.



A customer!






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Me and my fiance Lexa Dagaslov decided to hit up the Bean man himself for the possibility that we might want to hire him for our wedding.


After a long and deep conversation with Bob at the Bean house, we decided to head home to try out the product. Bob invited us to a walk in the park, cake, and jet skiing the next day as well, which we happily accepted!




After a quick sample of the Beans that Mr. Bob was delivering, it was very clear that he was the right man for the job! We hired Bob for a few hours while we had our wedding, and the experience was excellent, thanks for keeping the snooze fest alive, Bob!








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