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  1. -1 I've pushed a lot of hours into the server. I am by no means rich as a character but the progress I've made developing that character and building her up with all the storylines and experiences she's had would be a huge loss. So it isn't just that money being lost would be bad, it's the relationships and experiences being lost that would be the worst. People who have been rping together on eclipse since it started suddenly having to "lose" all prior IC knowledge and interactions would make them just want to leave the server because it would be literal years being wiped out and wasted. I know other servers do this like once every few months or once a year but I don't think it would be a good choice for ecrp.
  2. Issue Being Reported: I need the donator role on discord and forum Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 9/16/2021 4:22 pm UTC+2 Your characters name: Urban Madine Discord Tag: UrbanGhost#6180 Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning:
  3. -- Urban Madine sighed again, sitting idly in the courthouse back home in Australia. She's had to be there almost every day for the last two weeks, only heading home to Los Santos over weekends when she was outright told that nothing would be happening with the case. She didn't want to be there, not really. She missed the excitement of the city and the rush that comes with her line of work, especially so when she talks her way out of impossible situations. She missed her family. But circumstances forced her to be there. She took her phone, deciding to scroll through LifeInvader. She smiled slightly when she saw that Reina Morraine had accepted her friend request, knowing it was a small step closer to getting to know the woman and possibly making her an ally. She typed out a short post on Reina's seemingly inactive profile, asking when they'll be doing the MD ride along that Urban has been waiting for. After finding nothing else worth her attention on the social media app, she switched to scrolling through the government website, taking a glance at the SADOC's Discharges and Suspensions page. Her face immediately lit up, seeing two names on the discharge list: Louise Hoffman and Wes McLoughlin. Instantly plans started forming in her mind. Louise was a longtime friend of Urban's. They were best friends when they both worked at the DOC and were constantly competing with each other for promotions and praise. If she left the DOC then it would give Urban an opportunity to recruit the woman. She was a good person and would be able to assist the family, her experience being a good asset. Urban would extend the offer to her and, if she declined and decided to join PD or SD, then she would soon see how restrictive it is and possibly come back to accept the offer. that's what Urban was hoping, at least. Then came the matter of Wes McLoughlin. He was one of the few people in the city that Urban truly hated. She despised how he treated inmates, acting like they were below him and subhuman while he acted like a cruel god. An inmate could be in the kitchen with permission and Wes would go beat the inmate since he didn't like them being in there. He would pull out his guns whenever he got the chance and would shoot without thinking of the inmate's life. He had no control and was a bigger monster than most criminals. Wes was the reason why Urban got fired and why she jumped at the chance to join Salvation. He's the one that turned her life upside down and ripped away from the thing she cared about most in the city, forcing her to cut ties with people she considered family. Wes McLoughlin had to die. Urban has been plotting his assassination since she was forced from her home thanks to him. If she was being honest with herself, possibly even before that. He was always a difficult target though, due to his position as Assistant Warden at the DOC. But now he has no safety net. No more hiding behind the gates at the DOC, no more kevlar, no more pulling heavies out on anyone he thought was a threat. Sure he had .50s, but they meant nothing when people could come at him with shotguns, AK's, and micros. He was vulnerable. Urban smiled to herself, making a mental list of all the people she could recruit to hunt him down. She smiled when she thought of the look he would have on his face when he sees her pointing a gun at his head. She smiled when she thought about how he would have to accept that he had lost and she had won. She smiled, thinking of the satisfaction she would feel when she watches the light fade from his eyes as she kills him. She smiled, knowing she could kill him now. And she was more than ready for it.
  4. If you pulled me against the cell bars like you said, then I would feel the bars against my back. The horizontal bar is more or less at waist level (I will be rechecking this when I'm online later to double check) so it wouldn't block an elbow from going through. If I shoved it straight back through cell bars then there would be no rotation needed, just a bent arm and shoving back through the bars. I did change the kick to the elbow action since the elbow would have had a better chance of hitting where as the kick could have resulted in kicking the bar or getting a foot stuck post-kick. In any scenario where someone says their action, you do have the opportunity to say for instance that the elbow would hit you but it would only make you grip tighter as you flinch. I'm still learning proper rp practice so I do often forget to add something like /do would the elbow hit him? That part is on me and I will work on including it more in the future. After I walked away I did let another officer know you attacked me. I then went off duty. I was not aware that you did not receive any kind of punishment for attacking an officer. I was unaware of how the scenario ended after I left the cellblock. It sounds to me as if there were just a lot of misunderstood rp in the scenario between us. I'd be more than happy to do a replacement scenario when you're locked up again. To make it fair we can roll for dice with actions like my shoving my elbow through the bars to see if it is successful or if it hits the bars and other possible chance actions like that. We can also make sure next time that the other party understands what is meant by not being able to fit the elbow through the bars since we both had different interpretations of that, which is what ultimately lead to this scenario playing out like it did.
  5. The rules state that if a party is unresponsive for 30 seconds, forceful commands can be used. If someone grabbed someone else through the bars of a cell, then their first reaction would be to kick or elbow them. I responded with the kick and received no response in return. If someone else did OOCly ask if I saw him then I didn't see. I did to as though he did successfully grab me, even in voice chat when another officer entered the cellblock. He gave no response to either of those. I then changed it and said that I would shove my elbow through the cell bars to get him to let go. He OOCly said that it wouldn't be possible for me to do that. He had reached through the bars with a male character which means his arms fit through the bars. Why are the bars suddenly too thin to allow my character to try to elbow him through them? After giving him several chances to respond to either rp, I walked away from the situation since it wasn't enjoyable for either party due to his inconsistent rp. I'm not sure if his inconsistencies can be classified as powergaming or non-rp but he didn't want to rp fairly and he took too long to respond to either of my rp attempts even though I gave him much longer than the required 30 seconds to respond. When he failed to respond for so long IC I assumed that one of my attempts worked and walked away. Please note that any time I say "void rp" I am referring to force rp due to the other party not responding. I will be changing my wording on this in the future to avoid confusion like this. If he does have video evidence then you would see that I did wait much longer than needed for his responses as well as using voice chat to ask another officer for assistance because he grabbed me.
  6. Urban Madine I witnessed a good portion of the incident. Both statements carry truth within them. Serenity did use the taser on Anastasia when she failed to comply after receiving several requests from Serenity. As far as I know, she was only tased two times. Serenity also did not want to stand down against Anastasia when I requested she do so as Anastasia was responding better to Urban than to Serenity. Both parties could have acted better in the situation. After consulting with other officers, it was determined that Serenity could have used other methods to subdue Anastasia but also that it wasn't an uncalled for reaction. I didn't witness a lot of the /do from Anastasia explaining what happened and what her injuries were so I cannot make a statement based off that.
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