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Found 7 results

  1. I am very aware that in this servers state it is hard to implement massive heists, especially with the NCZ at the big bank. However the mini Fleeca banks are perfect for the job I've seen them be implemented on other FiveM servers before but i believe that Eclipse will be able to pull it off a lot better, in an immersive way rather than just a quick money grab Now in a real bank robbery, i very much doubt your going to be in and out without tripping any kind of alarm or witnesses reporting the crime, i think it should work similarly to the shop system where someone should const
  2. Selling 2 Pink Cage 1Gs These 2 1Gs are at Pink Cage a motel about a 1/4 mile from bank. They are right on top of each other which is very good for two friends. Also, this is a safe area you don't have to worry about getting robbed. (Not in a hurry to sell) Buyout: 325k Each Starting Price: 260k IMAGES: Both of the 1Gs Have The Same Interior Image Image 2 Taking Offers Respond Down Below
  3. Selling my 2G Apt at Atla Pl. a couple blocks from the Los Santos Bank. *Easy access, bottom apartment no stairs. *CCTV outside the doorway and inside the home. *Clothing store is at the bottom of the street and gun store at the top. *Fridge for food and filing cabinet for other goods as well as the safe that comes with the home. This is an ideal location! I will be fielding bids until I see a fair offer. Please no low balling or negative input if you are not a serious buyer. The bidding will start at 400k E-mail: CaKe#6160 (Discord) for any further ques
  4. FOR SALE Renovated 1G in the city center 1 street from the bank! PRICE: $350k Features: Overal cozy and spacious apartment in down town Los Santos, with just one street away from the bank it's very well located. Equiped with 5x50 storage cabinets! The interior has recently been renovated by myself. Located in a cozy apartment complex with a pool and a courtyard with enough parking spots for friends/family! The apartment is unlocked may you wish to look inside. Contact: Phone: #2703005 Email: Tokio#[email protected] Pictures: https://im
  5. SOLD Description: These properties are located in the Downtown Vinewood area. All units come with one bedroom/living area, a bathroom and closet area. One of the units was recently renovated, it comes with a nice king size bed, huge flat screen tv, wood floors, and more. What does this property have to offer? 4 Units side by side (top floor units) Walking distance to Los Santos Bank ($$$) Private Garage (never get towed at bank again) Private Staircase (A keypad entrance door) 24/7 Store nearby (You can get a late night snack)
  6. To any perspective loaner. I have been around to the different banks and have not seen any employees present so I thought I would try here. Looking to get a loan for $100,000 so I can purchase a 4 door vehicle, currently making around $20,000 to $30,000 a day as a courier driver. I have items that can be used as security, including the car I am looking to purchase. Please call me on #3926869 for further information. **Only looking for trusted loaners*** Thanks in advance, Rick Marsh.
  7. Your player name: Daniel Herbwitz Issue/bug you are reporting: Regarding rentable cars: I was riding around in a rentable car with $0 pocket money and $0 bank balance, when I exit it I found out that I got charged both in the pocket money and the bank money, resulting in both a negative bank balance as well as negative pocket balance. (Effectively got charged twice) After driving around some more, I noticed even bigger increases! For instance, I rode just a couple of meters and got charged 250$ in the bank and 250$ in the pocket! I'm not sure if the above are bugs or intended
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