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Found 2 results

  1. I am very aware that in this servers state it is hard to implement massive heists, especially with the NCZ at the big bank. However the mini Fleeca banks are perfect for the job I've seen them be implemented on other FiveM servers before but i believe that Eclipse will be able to pull it off a lot better, in an immersive way rather than just a quick money grab Now in a real bank robbery, i very much doubt your going to be in and out without tripping any kind of alarm or witnesses reporting the crime, i think it should work similarly to the shop system where someone should constantly be aiming at the security guard or the bank receptionist while the other people involved in your group proceed. and if the gun is not aiming at the worker then the panic alarm is pressed, however obviously this would be a substantial amount of more money for the players, so i feel like there should be an automatic panic button when the vault door is breached, and you should be able to purchase a drill or some sort of hacking equipment to get into the vault, once inside you can start looting the money boxes or safety deposit boxes, and the automatic alarm gets sent to the police. This way, as in a lot of situations in real life... people will be in hostage situations and the police surrounding the bank with cruisers and helicopters while the criminals drill into all the money boxes, and then either fight there way out, or they use a hostage to their advantage, or they do it fast, maybe fast enough to get away unscathed. Procedure: - Locate supplier of drill / hacking equipment. Then purchase them - get a group together, for holding up the security and drilling and for speed - go to one of the fleeca banks across the map and start the heist - Rob it. Earnings: Gold bars - can be found and smelted down or sold to the mining sell point. Cash - Straight cash in hand. (Open to suggestions down below of what things you could be able to steal) I am aware it is quite a task to make it happen on this server, but i am sure the developers could make this happen for us. it's what we want, it would add excitement to everyone. THIS COULD ALSO BE ABUSED VERY HARD, BY GANGS AND BIG GROUPS - SO ADD A COOL DOWN ONCE A BANK HAS BEEN ROBBED, YOU MUST WAIT 4 HOURS.
  2. Your player name: Daniel Herbwitz Issue/bug you are reporting: Regarding rentable cars: I was riding around in a rentable car with $0 pocket money and $0 bank balance, when I exit it I found out that I got charged both in the pocket money and the bank money, resulting in both a negative bank balance as well as negative pocket balance. (Effectively got charged twice) After driving around some more, I noticed even bigger increases! For instance, I rode just a couple of meters and got charged 250$ in the bank and 250$ in the pocket! I'm not sure if the above are bugs or intended(some sort of penalty or overdraft fee), if so, it should be documented somewhere. Regarding ATM interactions: I found out that I can deposit negative pocket money into the bank, via the 'Deposit <All>' option Similarly, I can withdraw my negative bank money into my pocket, via the 'Withdraw <All>' option. The concept of negative pocket money doesn't make sense. You should only be able to have negative bank balance, and it shouldn't be transferable to your pocket. That is assuming there should even be a concept of bank debt.. Evidence (optional): If you follow the steps above you'll repro the issue. (You'll need zero/negative bank and pocket balance first)
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