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Larry Wrzosek

Clappers Restaurant

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Clappers opened in the summer of 2022. Under the same management of the original establishment,
The Sandbar, Clappers is its successor. Due to the popularity of the Sandbar management closed for a while
to acquire a bigger place to appease more of their customers. Along with the new space we took the opportunity
to steer away from American food. Narrowing down the menu & focusing only on authentic Italian food.




We have relocated from our old location in Vespucci Beach to our new location, in the heart of Los Santos,
Vinewood Boulevard. One block east of the Bank of Los Santos. Next time you pick up your paycheck be sure
to treat yourself to some authentic Italian food.




Custom built & designed by Jonathan Purmineli & Larry Wrzosek to provide a grander experience to
all of our loyal customers. We have acquired a space big enough to increase our table count to fourteen.
Which can seat up to fifty-two people at a time.



We take pride in the craftsmanship put into our very unique arched ceilings. 




Custom wood fire brick oven!






When it comes to our beef, chicken, and pork it all comes from the avid hunters of the north. 
Frank Reyes Is very reliable & consistent with all of our orders.  Always supplying us with the highest quality of meat.




We get all of our naturally grown wheat, flour, eggs, and vegetables from the farmers up north at Paul’s Farm.
This order was harvested, packaged, and delivered right to the restaurant by farmers John & Seamus.




Most of our seafood dishes are put together specifically to take full advantage of what can be gathered
locally from fishermen. 
Ask about our daily catch for the most fresh seafood money can buy.


Here at Clappers we understand the simple fact that the key to making good food is fresh ingredients. 

We are so happy to have all of the people that help us share food with each other at Clappers!




All of our general supplies are provided by- 


Jonas Eriksen with the Mirror Park Store


Kelly Gamble with the Z Store




All of our hired staff - We appreciate & depend on all of your hard work

@Purmineli - Building & all of his endless support from the very beginning
THE HOMIE - Graphic Design

@Doan - Reservations Forms

@Timmaayy - @Lewis - @risk - @A N G E L  - @Asbo - For all of their support


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I can definitely say that I visited with someone, we had a fantastic private dining experience, all the food is sourced locally. They have plentiful supply of alcohol and a very good menu.

Can't wait to go back! You can literally smell and see the food being cooked!

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5 hours ago, Larry Wrzosek said:




A few years back when the Mirror Park Tavern changed ownership, Jay Gamble & Jon Purminelli
had plans to start opening
the Tavern more regularly than the prior ownership did. They were looking
for some people to work the bar and DJ. I was pretty sure they already had some people in mind to hire,
but I wanted to work at the Tavern with them. At the time I was spending a lot of time hunting up north.
I had gained a lot of experience hunting which made me pretty efficient at getting fresh produce.
This gave me the confidence to pitch the idea of serving some food that was not served at most bars or clubs.
Jay & Purm were curious when they saw my menu because it was not focused on burgers, tacos & hotdogs.
Instead it had chicken wings, steak, pork and beef ribs So I decided to have a cookout
to showcase the entire menu to them.Once they tasted the food, they hired me.


My first day at the Tavern I was pleased to find out that most of the people working
there I was already friends with. Wolfgang was running the bar, Zillian was the DJ, Flint
was in charge of all the girls, and Skinny was planning out events. But before we could open we
had to
thoroughly clean up the entire place. After we all worked together to clean up the place,
Wolfgang and I stayed for a bit to figure out how to work efficiently behind the bar together.
Between the alcohol and food we were definitely going to have to work together the best we could
with the space we were given. We were there till midnight but we came up with a decent system to go with. 
A few days later we had to meet up at the Tavern to go pick up our alcohol shipment. Jay & Purm had

a mule & a rumpo ready to-go, they introduced us to our security team, the Men in Blue,  then most of us
hopped in the vehicles to go pick up our order from the store behind bank. Once we loaded up the truck
and the van we headed back to unload the alcohol. We each took a box, then I followed them
into the Tavern and to my surprise they showed me the kitchen Purm had built for me to work in.
It had a huge stove & grill, multiple refrigerators, plenty of counters to cut and prep plates on.
It even had a little window for me to serve my food to the customers. That was the best part.
Customers would get to order and watch me prepare their food, then I would get to see their
reaction to the food. It was a really fun & interactive workspace. The first night we opened up the place
was packed, Wolfgang and I served so many people, Purm helped Wolfgang serve drinks when the bar
got real busy. I had a little trouble with the new stove & Jay helped me figure it out real fast.
Which thank god he did because so many of our friends showed up to support us. I’ll never
forget the order of pork chop & barbecue pork ribs I made for Thrax & Alice.
Or Jimmy Mayweather’s endless desire for double cheeseburgers. I found my love
for cooking in that little kitchen in the Tavern, which inspired me to create the Sandbar.


First thing I did when I bought the property was call Jon Purminelli. He showed the same support and optimism
that he did when we worked at the Tavern. Him and I spent weeks working out what type of restaurant we wanted.
What food to serve, how to make the business work, who to hire, how to make the place look. Purm went home one
night after we had been brainstorming all day and the next day he showed me the blueprints he made up when he
got home the night before. It was exactly what I wanted. Day by day we went back and forth to the furniture store
picking up tons of materials and furniture. In just a week we went from a empty space, into a fully functional restaurant.





Purm had done such a great job building the restaurant. Once we finished moving all the big stuff he was
constantly adding a little bit here and a little bit there. So while he did that, I wanted to figure out how
we were going to supply the restaurant with the things we would need in bulk regularly. I did not have to
look far
because our long time friends Jason Malgotti & Kelly Gamble managed their own stores and were

more than happy to be our suppliers. They supply us with all the things necessary to run a restaurant.
Plus enough alcohol to give all of Los Santos a good buzz.





When it comes to our beef, chicken, and pork it all comes from the avid hunters of the north.
I scouted for hunters for a while before finally coming across a few new contacts, among them
was a man named Frank Reyes. Frank is very talented in tracking and supplying us with quality meats.
He is capable of meeting our demand in just a few days notice. Above that Frank is very pleasant
to work with and we are lucky to have him working with us.

We get all of our naturally grown wheat, flour, eggs, and most of
our vegetables from the farmers up north at Paul’s Farm. 

This order was harvested, packaged, and delivered right to the store by farmer Josh Kay.


Here at the Sandbar we understand the simple fact that the key to making good food is fresh ingredients.
We are so happy to have all of the people that help us share food with each other at the Sandbar!


excited to bartend again! love to see the thread looking clean good job Larry

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After all of the hard work that went into building & filling our refrigerators, we were finally ready to open up.
All that was needed was people that would give us a shot. Purm, Carla, and I were all confident with each other,
but this was brand new. We did not have any regulars. Nobody knew what the Sandbar was going into this.
We were at ground zero. We needed a Holiday miracle to give us our first opportunity to show what we are made of.
That’s when Matt Tezla decided to book us for a Holiday dinner for the medical department. Later that weekend
fifteen MD employees joined us in our season's greetings. They were all dressed up in festive outfits, ready to take
time out from their busy schedules to celebrate the Holidays with each other. It was our responsibility to make
sure they enjoy their food & one night off. Carla did a great job serving drinks, while they waited for me to cook their food.
We got the food out as soon as possible to each table and they were all so kind to compliment our service.
After all the food was served I caught up with my old friend Miguel, and we spent the rest of the night talking & laughing.
With all the hard work and dedication that all the MD employees put in to make sure people are treated with the proper
care they need to live their best lives, their genericity goes unsaid. They put life into our restaurant with all of their support
and kind words. We could not have asked for any better guests for our first ever dinner at the Sandbar.



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I was on my way up to Paleto to pick up a few things when my car broke down.
 After trying everything I could I gave up and 
phoned for a mechanic to come fix it. When the
mechanic arrived he figured out the problem pretty fast and informed me that the car needed
to be brought to the Bayview garage to be repaired. When we pulled up to Bayview I ran into
my friend Elizabeth. We were chatting it up since we had not seen each other in a few months.
She was telling me about how Bayview changed ownership in the middle of the Holiday season.
Which would explain why the company had improved so drastically over a short amount of time.
Liz is one of the managers of Bayview and when I told her that we had finally opened the Sandbar
she decided to have us host a dinner to celebrate the promotions for their employees.  Tyrone & Liz
scheduled the dinner that weekend which was perfect for me, but unfortunately Carla could not
work that night. We had Brianna, Purm, and me scheduled to work. But two hours before
we opened up, Petti surprised us with some “Congratulations” banners. Then when Brianna
showed up, Faith was with her and she decided she wanted to help Brianna wait the tables.
While we were setting up the banners inside the restaurant I got a call from Anya and she
wanted to bartend. So two hours before Bayview shows up we had double our anticipated
workers which was a pleasant surprise. Soon to follow thirteen Bayview employees
showed up ready to have a fun night out. They were all very outgoing which made for
good company while they waited for their food. After the main course their management
gave a warm speech to promote their employees. Then we surprised them with Bayview,
tools, & vehicle themed cupcakes. The rest of the evening we spent meeting everyone there.
Tyrone and I have been friends since before he started working at Bayview. I had this phase a
few years back where I would go to parties, get completely hammered, and always end up at
the old Bayview after the party. The customers would always try to call the cops to report me
for public intoxication and there were a few times Tyrone spoke to the police and got me out
of getting arrested. It was really nice to get the chance to properly congratulate him on his new
position and to see how one hell of a mechanic went from changing oil at the old Bayview shop
in LS. To becoming the owner of the company and rebuilding the new shop in Paleto. Seeing that
all come full-circle for him and to have them come to our restaurant to celebrate their company's
success from all their hard work is awesome. It’s crazy how my car trouble and a conversation with
a friend that works at Bayview lead to a bunch of friends having a fun night out together.
That’s what they are about at Bayview!



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Catering at the Burnout Nation Drag Race



Everyone and their mother from Los Santos to Paleto heard about this giant drag race event.
Two weeks ahead of time Weazel news was hammering Burnout Nation’s event advertisement into
everyone's heads. After at least twenty-seven advertisements later I had an idea to offer a catering
service at the drag race. However I didn’t know who from Burnout Nation was running the event.
At Least that is what I thought at the time. The next day I went to the Pier to catch a few fish and
as I pulled in I spotted my friend Vince Williams. Once I parked up and got my fishing rod out of
the car I walked over to Vince to see how he was doing. I caught him just after he got back from his
trip in Cayo Perico and he was telling me all about it. Later on that day I asked him if he knew anyone
from Burnout Nation that could get me in contact with the people running the drag race. As always
Vince had the hookup. He read off a phone number and once I went to save the number my phone
notified me that the number he gave me is already on my phone. So then I asked Vince what the guy's
name was for the number he gave me and he told me his name was Asbo. Which was a pleasant surprise
because I had just met Asbo at the Bayview dinner we hosted a week prior. Asbo invited me to his distillery
and gave me his number to work out a time to check it out. The rest of the night Vince and I ended up
getting into a bit of fish gambling and ended up cleaning out a group of Rooks for all their fish. The final
bet Vince rolled a two, and the rook then followed by rolling a one. It is still up for debate if we are the
lucky ones, or if the rooks were just that unlucky. But Vince and I had a fun day fishing & gambling together.


A few days later I got in contact with Asbo from Burnout Nation, and I pitched him my idea. I wanted to set up a
tent & grill to cook next to the spectator area at the finish line of the drag strip. To provide buffalo wings & barbeque
pork ribs right off the grill to anyone that was hungry at the event free of charge. Asbo loved the idea and planned
out an area for us to set up our tent. He also went out of his way to post our Sandbar logo on their lifeinvader page
to help advertise our restaurant. It took me off edge how friendly & supportive Asbo was and I was happy that I
reached out and thankful for the opportunity. From that point on it was our responsibility to hold up our end of
the deal by providing a good service to make sure we bring as much positive energy as we can to play our role in
the event. Our hunters gathered us 90 portions of chicken wings and 24 portions of pork ribs to assure the freshest
produce & ingredients for us to prepare our food with. The morning of the event my friend Jon Purminelli took out
his Banshee 900R, and Petti White came with me to help run the tent. Petti and I head up to the Sandy Airfield in
our company van with freezers filled with meat in the back. Once we parked up I started heating up the grill and
getting things prepared to serve food. Next thing I know our company van is gone. I tracked it on my GPS and
it was parked up at a chop shop nearby. As a race just finished, I ran over to one of the cars at the finish line to
ask one of them to bring me to my van. Paulo Witherfork after winning the race took me there immediately which
was in time to save my van from being chopped. I was super lucky that whoever stole my van did not take the time
to look in the back of my van because all of our meat and equipment was still there! Paulo saved me big time, but
we didn’t have time to share our appreciation because we had to cook and Paulo had to race. But mark my words
Paulo gets free food at the Sandbar for having my back on that one. The rest of the day was watching all the different
classes of cars race in between orders. The loud roaring of all different kinds of engines and models. And the cycle of
hot buffalo chicken wings, smoky barbeque pork ribs, and tires moke. The entire day was a blast. If you like cars there
is no better place to be. If you are looking to collaborate with Burnout Nation they are good people.




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