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Increase prison stamp's worth

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Increase Prison Stamp's Worth

Current system

  1. You get sent to prison, at the start of your sentence you are given 500 stamps via the prison script
  2. Normally I start by buying a pickaxe but you can choose to buy several items at the prison with stamps: 
    • Food - 250 stamps
    • Soda - 250 stamps
    • Water - 100 stamps
    • Note - 250 stamps
    • Pickaxe - 500 stamps
  3. Go outside to the mining area
  4. You mine 4 ores (maximum you can fit as each ore weighs 10 volume and you will only have 49 remaining volume when the pickaxe is in your inventory)
  5. You walk to the other side of the yard to the drop off point and sell your ore for stamps
  6. You repeat stages 3-5 until you have built up 100 stamps
  7. You can then go inside the prison and exchange your 100 stamps for 10 seconds off your prison sentence

Tin ore is the only ore available to mine within the prison, the exchange rate at which you sell the ore varies but in this case you get 27.5 stamps per ore, which rounds down to 27 stamps per ore as you cannot have half a stamp. This means you have to mine 23 ore to remove a minute off of your sentence. There is also the fact that some of the ore you sell has to fund your food and water in order to keep you alive during the course of your prison sentence, so you cannot fully invest in time reduction, you also have to work and pay to stay alive. 

Proposed System

Therefore, I propose the exchange rate from ores to stamps is doubled so it is exactly 1/4 of the normal selling price rather than an 1/8 of the normal selling price. I would also like prisoners to be equipped with a pickaxe for free at the start of their sentence, you should not be forced to choose between working and buying food, you should be able to do both. 

220$ per ore exchange rate currently gives 27 stamps
220$ per ore exchange rate should give 55 stamps


As most of the criminal roleplayers will know, prison is often boring and tedious with very little roleplay opportunities and the best thing to do is often stick on a decent movie or some music and mine ores with your friends but it seems people often resort to afking in prison as the mining simply isn't worth the time. 






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10 minutes ago, Hoxton_Curry said:

its 1500 stamps to start playing poker and I dont think I've seen anyone ever play poker in prison

yeah i havent seen anyone do anything in prison except afk but have to be at their computer so they dont get kicked for afk.

the prison update that was supposed to introduce better rp to the prison kinda flopped because nobody wants to RP mining ore to take 15 seconds off their sentence every 5 minutes. also haven't ever seen any prison guards interact with prisoners outside of booking them which is shitty.

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EDIT: Personally I think the afk should be brought back to prison untill we have a more established system of RP activities inside the prison, because at the moment Poker is empty as it requires 1500 buy in, stamp exchange for reduced time is useless as the time it takes to mine 1000 ore to reduce 100 seconds is more than the reduction itself and makes no sense to do it, and even if Guards did some sort of RP there is only so much they can do via /me and /do to provide entertainment because not everyone inside prison has same take on RP or sees same activity as having FUN 

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If the currency meant something more in prison, then I think people would be more receptive to doing the actions that have been scripted to earn stamps in the first place.

I was grinding the prison mining (which with the need for a pickaxe, is inconvenient) for a little while and went and exchanged my stamps.. barely got a minute off my sentence for my efforts.

We don't want people getting out too fast but there is a big gap between it being irrelevant to do and being overpowered.

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I would also like to add that the fluctuation of ore selling prices affect the prisoners, the more of a certain ore that is sold, the lower the selling price of that ore goes. So if you mine a lot in a certain period the value of the ore lowers. This is should not be happening as only one type of ore is available to mine in prison. 

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