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  1. There’s a reason both gangs are at where they are now. You wouldn’t be making this post months ago!
  2. Character to be refunded: Perez_Carlos Date and time of incident: 7/26/2019 around 6:15pm Eastern Requested refund (what and how much):.50 Pistol, Shotgun, GPS, Radio Gold club. im not too sure tbh on the amount id say maybe 20k or so? Description of incident resulting in loss: My car randomly bugged really bad, it went undergorund like crazy then it was really high in the sky. and then i got ejected from the car from very hihg in the sky and fell to my death i continued RP and medic came and enroute to MD i instantly died in the chopper. Evidence of loss: Comments:
  3. Love the in-depth RP you provide at chop shops 👍
  4. diplodorkk

    My situation.

    Can I have one of your fancy suits though?
  5. diplodorkk

    Can Delete

    I’d actually support longer jail time with a restructured system. But not a full 8 hours. In the end it’s a game and not all of us get a lot of time to play, 8 hours for me would be two days away from the game. Also id support it if there was actually RP interactions in prison. I haven’t been in since the new DOC but my RP experiences in jail is the RP being fun all the way until I’m in my cell. Once I’m in my cell everyone’s afk no one to interact with or I’m just getting randomly punched by people. I scream for help attempting to make some sort of scenario and guards are MIA, could be my time zone EST but that’s how it turns out most of the time for me making prison an extremely boring experience. You might say Prison shouldn’t be fun experience wise but I’m here to RP and not afk in my cell cause I’ve got nothing to RP
  6. diplodorkk

    Can Delete

    ? You 100% are allowed to have your items back after time in jail as long as the items aren’t illegal and belong to you... what you’re saying is wrong. DOC has my Naruto Volume 1 manga though I kinda want that BACK!!!!!
  7. The way you guys setup before the shipment drops. It shows you know exactly where it’s dropping, you’re all huddled around it waiting for us to pick it up. So I’m wondering how is it you know where it’s dropping exactly? If you just stated you you only get a general location? Would y’all be using OOC knowledge of the spot? I’d also like to add why is it ok to start spraying down our vehicles with 0 RP interaction, whether it’s through voice or text, does PD get some leeway in these scenarios?
  8. +1 would also be nice to be able to use vending machines for drinks or snacks.
  9. I don’t see a different story. In the video you continued to drive straight and I initiated the ram by attempting to hit the side of your vehicle. Images you provided sure makes it look like it’s head on especially how it’s stopped in the second image but I hit the side of the truck like intended. Image I’m providing is from your own video. It shows me hitting the side of your vehicle, you also state I flipped which I didn’t entirely I spiraled out of control and the rear end of my van hit the building. This is all I’ll be commenting on here as I was notified of this report very late and felt like giving my end of the situation I will no longer respond as the admin has asked us not to
  10. ID 163: The one in the slam van which I’ve been told can ram. You said it was a head on collision which it wasn’t as you can see from the video. I turned in a way so I could hit the side of your vehicle which unfortunately didn’t work and I somehow got thrown by your contender. Like you said this was minutes after a shootout and call outs were made on the truck you’re in so i was doing what I could to get you guys off the road. I would also like to point out that at around 2:46 in your video the contender rolls down a Rocky Mountain about two times and you guys just drive off with 0 RP and no damage done to you which i would consider non rp as you’d be severely injured in such a case.
  11. diplodorkk

    ID 179, 243 NRP

    You waited a week or two to put up this report? Why? Did we do something to upset you? I’m almost certain I’m one of the ones on the bike going up this hill as I recall this entire situation and I was using the hill to scout. Like Mercer said there’s nothing against us going up the hill like we did.
  12. Who was the other officer you were with? Either you or him shot at all three of us in that corner. As you can see in the video all the bullets are coming from behind us which would be from impound where you said you came from. Not a single one of us pointed a gun at your direction. I was downed before the guy on roof opened fire so it was an officer who downed me.
  13. I Never shot or aimed my gun at anyone. I stalled my van and got out because of a call out saying Saying Irish got off their bike around the corner in which they really didn’t but I was ready to defend myself. I then went to run back into my van but PD decided to just randomly open fire on us! 3 cops deciding to open fire and involve themselves in that fight is wrong to me, I’m sure and hope PD has better ways of approaching such situations.
  14. diplodorkk

    Los Zetas

    Bike life we out here!
  15. Make it so PD drops their heavies.... I mean they like to flex with it at all times anyways. Raiding PD would just become a daily issue.
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