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  1. diplodorkk

    Suggested additions to VIP/Donator perks.

    More vehicle options to import.
  2. diplodorkk

    Black Market for Weapons

    This is +1 worthy materiel
  3. Looking to get rid of the Hakuchou that I have. It is fully maxed and I’m selling it at STOCK PRICE 240k. Please contact me at 5384405
  4. diplodorkk

    ID 20, 96 (7.2 deathmatch)

    Hello, I am ID (98) here. First off I want to say I have 0 clue who the guys who shot at me were, I don’t think I’ve ever had an encounter with them, thus eliminating the KOS excuse! My friends and I went to go lab check, I took my little route off to the side which obviously failed and caused me to stall. A guy then approached us asking for a ride which my response would’ve been no. We then began to be shot at by the guys on the hill ID (20) (95). My first though was they were there to kill the guy who approached us, considering he came out of nowhere and was looking for a ride, but they still shot at me, I decided to get out and put my hands up as I wanted no trouble and was fearing for my life. But even then, with my hands clearly up and them having no KOS they continued to shoot at me and killed me. I attempted to PM ID (95) but he refused to respond.
  5. diplodorkk

    Los Zetas

    Another successful, fun Z Walk! We had about 14 members strolling the city and a few LSC Mechanics deciding to join in! After our walk everyone needed a quick ride back to bank before our vehicles got towed away! So why not take the CityBee!? Photo credit: @Zyzla @TheCanadian @PennyWise13x
  6. diplodorkk

    ID 29 ( Fearrp, ooc insult )

    Just showed yourself fail RPing as well. How can you lock and unlock the car with the state that your in? And with 0 RP?
  7. diplodorkk

    Chris Bluestone

    Haha yeah man I turned around, saw you laying there and your boy. We got the guy in the black hoodie out! It was fun 😎 I look forward to RPing with you guys again
  8. diplodorkk

    Chris Bluestone

    😅 We shot down everyone that arrived. I came back to get you but more were arriving!
  9. diplodorkk

    Chris Bluestone

    Believe we met yesterday when shit went down at the store! Welcome!
  10. If my hands are up, he’s got one hand searching my pockets, other hand being held to me. I think an attempt to snatch the weapon wouldn’t be a fail everytime. But I understand what you’re trying to say, that’s why I always ask OOCly if they’re ok with dice before i actually do it. Many people have agreed and some good RP has come out of it. It’s better than your typical, “hands up” get a 5 second countdown and get robbed or killed with no RP at all.
  11. I like to roll dice in certain scenarios, to make things even. For instance if someone is robbing me, I might /Me attempts to snatch the gun away, /do do I succeed? And then roll dice, if I’m higher I take the gun, lower number I fail. Something I picked up from a scenario I had and loved the idea! It can work for many RP scenarios.
  12. diplodorkk

    Mask 5053_5291 (DM)

    His hands are up not causing a threat at all in the video you just posted. And you continued to shoot at him! Haha
  13. diplodorkk

    Los Zetas

    Decided to park up and take a stroll around the city.
  14. diplodorkk

    Stranger 8771_3889 None-Roleplay and Power game.

    Sucks you stopped the video before you ran me over for no reason. I’d love to see that part! You just recorded yourself go up the trail and down the mountain in a non RP manner yourself. Two wrongs here brother.
  15. diplodorkk

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    Again with the same response over and over. I’ll keep this short and say there were other factions more deserving, way more deserving. Take a look at their threads and their RP in game. I do not really see insults in this thread. You are assuming the people who are giving feedback here are the ones making these IC threats, when it could just be a forum lurker. I think all the feedback given in this thread deserves to be taken seriously. It’s obvious a majority of people in this community feel the decision to give LFB official was wrong. Maybe instead of telling us to wait for the second wave the admin owned faction should’ve waited to give themselves official in the second wave. This will be my fourth attempt at trying to get feedback on my one issue. Why is a faction worth 200,000,000 getting official over a lower end faction who could be putting a warehouse to better use? Again it’s in the guidelines itself!