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  1. diplodorkk

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    Again with the same response over and over. I’ll keep this short and say there were other factions more deserving, way more deserving. Take a look at their threads and their RP in game. I do not really see insults in this thread. You are assuming the people who are giving feedback here are the ones making these IC threats, when it could just be a forum lurker. I think all the feedback given in this thread deserves to be taken seriously. It’s obvious a majority of people in this community feel the decision to give LFB official was wrong. Maybe instead of telling us to wait for the second wave the admin owned faction should’ve waited to give themselves official in the second wave. This will be my fourth attempt at trying to get feedback on my one issue. Why is a faction worth 200,000,000 getting official over a lower end faction who could be putting a warehouse to better use? Again it’s in the guidelines itself!
  2. diplodorkk

    My concerns about this PD RP situation

    I had an incident where I was hanging out at bank and a car came crashing into bank injuring me all while a cop was right behind the car. I yelled for help and also told the cop who it was. I received no help officer wouldn’t even RP with me. Instead he decided to have a friendly conversation with the guy who ran me over and just let me die.
  3. diplodorkk

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    It’s at the point where I’ve realized that no matter how much we express our opinion on LFB getting official, nothings going to happen. They rewarded themselves with official and we just gotta work our butts off again for the second wave and hope another random admin owned faction doesn’t come out of nowhere and get themselves another spot.... ive expresses my issues still no direct response, I wish the best of luck to all other deserving factions on the next wave!
  4. diplodorkk

    hi mwah!!

    Welcome! Hope you have fun on Eclipse!
  5. diplodorkk

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    The feedback has been covering a few things wrong with LFB, the responses to the feedback have only covered the “Lay low” aspect of LFB. No response on how unfair this is towards low end factions, how unfair this is to other factions that displayed a lot better RP, had much more effort put into their faction page. Like some have said a lot of us don’t have an issue with LFB members nor hate them, it just feels like the process was biased and done wrong.
  6. diplodorkk

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    The rich get richer! Unfair to others factions. It’s an admin owned faction, they are going to reward themselves with official one way or the other.
  7. diplodorkk

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    I don’t find my feedback laughable. I think I make a good case that a lower end faction should be getting a warehouse over a high end faction that claims to have 200,000,000. Even looking at the guidelines.
  8. diplodorkk

    La Fuente Blanca Discussion

    So much for those guidelines stating high end factions are unlikely to make official. 200,000,00 rich? Seems un fair to low end factions who have worked hard and are looking for ways to make money. Notice there’s no issues with the other 3 factions cause they around town RPing with others, since this thread was made I have not encountered y’all once but I guess it’s cause y’all are hiding in a farm house.
  9. Noise ordinance isn’t until 11pm party is at 7pm you’ll have to deal with the noise. Until 11 buddy.
  10. We do not murder innocent people. Just don’t fuck with us.
  11. We in this BOY! Narcos rep