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Allow bodies in more cars.

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Currently there are a lot of different cars that have big enough trunks, but still cannot fit bodies inside.

Here is a list of different cars that should be able to fit bodies in the trunk:

  • Schafter V12
  • Karuma
  • Sultan
  • Rapid GT
  • Sandking XL
  • Nebula Turbo
  • Hotstring Sabre
  • Kamacho
  • 6x6 Dubsta
  • Carcara
  • Merryweather Mesa

There are also many more cars that have big enough trunks which I may not have named.



Schafter V12's trunk 


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1 hour ago, vacant said:

The new Kamacho should be able to hold one too I would say +1


3 hours ago, GWXCORE said:

The 6x6 not being able to hold a body while the contender and regular dubsta both can is the only thing preventing me from buying a 6x6

Both added to the list!

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