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Shopping Mall [Roleplay Hub]

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As part of the modifications team, I'm always looking for new ways in which we can use modifications to benefit the server and add to what we already have. Now I'm currently of the opinion that we do not really currently have much of a main location in the server where people tend to congregate and interact with one another. Good or bad interactions, I think that person-to-person interaction is essential for an RP server and in ECRP, we're sometimes a little bit lacking in that area.

There was a very successful server on SA:MP that had a shopping mall as one of it's focal points which worked incredibly well for a long time. When I joined ECRP, it was the LS Bank. Later on, it became the Pier. These days, Burger Shot is kind of one of these points but once you have your food, you dip out.

In looking through the current available MLOs people are selling, I came upon the Shmann's Shopping Mall and I think that the implementation and establishment of this area in our server would be incredibly beneficial to our player base in general.

This is some of what the Shopping Mall contains.

  • 3 Food Stores (Burgershot, Italian, Cluckin' Bell).
  • 1 24/7
  • 1 Suburban clothing store.
  • 1 Ponsonbys clothing store.
  • 1 Ammunation.
  • 1 Electronics Store.
  • 1 Japanese restaurant.
  • 1 Bank.
  • 1 Barber.
  • 1 Tattoo shop.
  • 1 Nail studio.

Now, given Burger Shot is already a thing, the food stores could just be unscripted. But you have a 24/7, Gun Store, Clothing Stores, a Bank, Barber, Tattoo Shop and Nail Place all under one roof. That's like 6-7 reasons to visit the mall before you get to any kind of interaction with another player. That's at least two additional businesses that would be purchasable as well. For the rooms we do not have a use for, we could also repurpose them. There are a number of locations that could also be robbed. 

Fish could be dropped off by fisherman at the Japanese Sushi Restaurant, which makes sense. There is a room for events and for auctions as well.

There is a large parking lot for parking in the area underneath the building and it's pretty much slap bang in the middle of the city.

Ultimately, it's an excellent opportunity for people to meet and socialise in a setting that naturally encourages them to do so.

There would also be the potential for us to clear out some of the unused stores, have people buy those stores and decorate them themselves in the future to sell their goods.




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An innovative way to gather people around together towards a multi-purpose rp window.

I believe reducing the prices of the mall markets compared to other stores/restaurants which is already offered to players would be neat too so it doesn't end up being an empty space in the server and live longer over the years.

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