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  1. lol no cops steal evidence for the purpose of re-selling in game either. It would break the ooc corruption rule that PD has.
  2. The reason why PD doesn't lose anything is because PD is given their equipment by the government with strict regulations. With your guns as a criminal you can do whatever you want in accordance with the servers rules but PD have to follow IC rules when it comes to using their equipment. We don't lose anything because it's not ours to lose.
  3. I fully agree, it shouldn't be tolerated at all. Especially after all the events that have happened this year I just don't think it's appropriate to "RP" as a racist anymore.
  4. -1 A "job" like this doesn't encourage good RP at all and it shouldn't be scriptly supported. Can you imagine how many times someone like Steel would get a hit placed for him?
  5. Congrats! Enjoyed interacting with you guys the couple times I have met you!
  6. Hello! I was ID 152 in this situation. Prior to this interaction you were harassing ID 217 with ID 35. ID 217 had come up to me and my partner in my cruiser and told us that you guys were trying to kill him over a stolen car. We told him to pull over so we could properly talk to him, this is when ID 35 was repeatedly pulling up to the scene after we told him to leave multiple times, we decided to pull over ID 35 and we were going to arrest him for failing to comply but in the end decided to let him go. While this 10-55 was going on my partner had called for backup because there was a build-up
  7. Hello! Selling a maxed paragon R at city HE for 735k, maxed out with the plate BODYBAG. Also looking to trade this for a schlagen GT Any questions please contact me on 4767681
  8. Selling a Chino Custom with a near maxed engine and maxed hydraulics with the custom plate "Vibin" Currently at city HE for 75k, please contact me on 4767681 for any queries
  9. As the title says, I'm interested in purchasing a maxed Ellie or Monroe. I'm willing to settle for a non-maxed one for a lesser price Purchased
  10. I think running should passively add to the fitness stats and make the equipment usable in household properties
  11. I'm not gonna be in support of any kind of insurance or paying more money until taxes are re-worked
  12. Looking at the numbers for this it's near insane, I'm not sure how you're calculating the hours whether it's just ingame but if we were to go off of the 168 hours in a week it's 8400 per car for insurance for the cheapest option. For someone like me who has multiple cars I really don't want to pay upwards of 50 grand a week to use them. If this is in-game hours times the amount by 4. -1
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