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  1. It's been getting better slowly but surely with people realizing that they still have to follow rules inside DOC. I think we'll get there! We just also need the inmates to want to rp as well
  2. as mentioned above this goes both ways. A lot of the time when we try to enter the cellblock or attempt to make "timed" roleplay such as showers etc we end up just getting punched etc. A lot of small things such as poker and mining has already been mentioned to devs to get improved. There are a lot of days where if the inmates actually want to roleplay, instead of just afking or fighting each other, we do have pretty good roleplay between inmates x guards. We typically do hold our guards to a higher roleplay standard, but at the end of the day we cannot make anyone do anything once they're inside. If inmates do try and engage in rp we do respond to it etc. We too want more rp opportunities but again, at the end of the day, we can't force it. It goes both ways.
  3. I could do 15k! 200-4817. I’ll be around in a few hours
  4. If you were speaking to me, what is your current budget?
  5. I have a 1g next to bank fully refurnished I'd be willing to rent out!
  6. Thanks for posting your appeal. This is now pending @Serthon
  7. They seem to show up if you're inside a building but as soon as you go outside of one they disappear.
  8. Thank you so much for putting in your appeal! This is now pending @MrSilky please be patient while it's under review.
  9. I can it’s the old 3g with some modifications and a 500 safe
  10. Could you send me a text please!
  11. I have one available. Details above!
  12. Selling 3g in Vinewood Hills Working gate & Large backyard with a pool/deck! Buyout Price: $2.1 mil Current Bid: $1.6 mil Contact Information: 200-4817 Photo Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/m5kftbj
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