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  1. +1 Everything mentioned here was brought up to the Devs when I got warden (stamps/dropbody/ reducesentence/extendsentence etc)). We really want the pokertable buy in and bids to be lowered so that way everyone can actually utilize it, and also a pick ax when you spawn so that way you don't have to use ALL of your stamps to buy it. Stamps do turn into money so 1 stamp is 1 dollar once you leave DOC which is why I doubt we'll be able to hand out stamps, but having other ways to earn them would be amazing. We asked for there to be more mining spots etc, and other options as well. We want prison rp to be better, and for people not to be stuck doing nothing for hours. But big +1
  2. Hey thank you for the time you put into making your appeal! This is now pending @YuSoHelpful please be patient while it's reviewed!
  3. kitkatkait


    Also you are allowed to log off once you get into prison! Just try to log out outside in the yard so you don't fall through the floor afterwards. Also, your time only counts down when you're in game so it will pause during your log outs!
  4. i have a 1g apartment fully renovated and 500storage right next to bank
  5. Still a bug, which also happened to me as well. I still am checking with all DOC workers to make sure their money went through
  6. Date and time (provide timezone): 01/Nov/2019 4:30 EST Character name: Ren Atkinson & Andrew Wright Issue/bug you are reporting: So I was paying Andrew his salary for the week which should have been $185,704. This came out of the treasury which can be seen below. However, Andrew did not recieve this. I spoke to Bakmeel, and he said to just repay him & do a refund request. This also happened to me where my payment of 284,000 did not go through. Bakmeel asked me to put up a bug report. Expected behavior: Payments should just go through to the respected character when paid from treasury not affecting current money. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: original payment: The original show of his stats once paid: Treasury log: Second picture of his salary/stats:
  7. Thank you for putting in an appeal! Please be patient as this is now pending @MrWonanother.
  8. Thank you so much for your appeal. This is now pending @Brawnkoh Please be patient during this process!
  9. Selling a refurnished 1G apartment close to bank! Up for offers to sell. Feel free to email me at KitKatKait#[email protected] Current Highest Offer: 235k
  10. Selling/Renting a refurnished 1G apartment close to bank! Up for offers to sell, price below for renting. Feel free to email me at KitKatKait#[email protected] Price Per Month ((1 week)): $12,000 Current Highest Offer: N/A
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