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  1. Can you please do a LSPD and LSEMS for me when you are free @Xypint
  2. I'm selling my maxed seven-70 Number :3988387 Mail :Mr.km#[email protected]
  3. Character to Transfer From: Elizabeth Smith Character to Transfer To: Steve Martinez Requested Transfer: Asset # 300,000$ Asset # Asset # Reason for Transfer: ((Elizabeth Smith is completely inactive and I dont play on it anymore)) The story goes back to , Iran in 2005. Steve had won $500,000 in a legal race and in that time, Elizabeth did not have enough money for her education, Consequently; she asked Steve if he could help her to pay the tuition fee for her university. Steve accepted her request because Elizabeth `s parents helped Steve after his father passed away. Furthermore, Elizabeth has to go back to Iran and leave the Department of Corrections so she found it best to return the favour to her friend , Steve who is a police officer. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? One of my friends
  4. The stock price is 250k but I'm selling it for 200k Number :3988387 Mail :Mr.km#[email protected]
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