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LS Underground was founded by Matt Smithe in the blazing hot summer of 2020. After a long hiatus from the city, Matt returned to Los Santos looking for something better. He quickly fell in love with cars in the city and began working at Los Santos Customs, working his way through the ranks. As his love for cars drove him to work harder at LSC, he wanted to do more. He eventually found a group of racers that called themselves Midnight Club where he first began to street race all over Los Santos. Unfortunately, membership in Midnight Club fell inactive, and members began leaving.




After Midnight Club's falling out, Matt continued to hone his abilities street racing with the local racers, never under any banner just people that met up to race. Many nights him and his now fiance Niki Zhou would go out and race on their own, racing for bragging rights and just for the thrills. Soon though, Matt decided it was time to form a team again, a team of racers that would be able to come together and set up races and find new ways to bring street racing into the forefront of the city. Thus, Los Santos Underground was born.



Currently, Underground is a growing group of street racers that race for both pride and occasionally money. They plan to host buy-in races where a small percentage goes to the treasury and the rest to the winner; as well as hosting driving rally's and car shows. Underground racers race daily, consistently making up new tracks and finding new areas to race in.




Recently, Matt, Niki, and their new leader Baxter drove around looking for a good hangout for the organization. After a long while checking out multiple locations, they finally found a perfect spot, An old auto shop no longer in use with plenty of spaces inside and out for vehicles. They gathered up the group currently in town and showed them the new place they had chosen and went over some guidelines about the group.





IC Rules

1.  No “gang related” criminal activity i.e. Drug making/selling, car chopping, bank robberies, etc

2.  Respect the ranking order

3.  Resolve all internal issues internally through higher ups

4.  No intentional ramming or otherwise unfair racing behaviors


OOC Rules

1.  Follow All ecrp server rules. Failure to do so will be removal from faction

2.  Always hold yourself to a high standard of racing RP (stay on the road as much as possible, no crazy jumps, RP racing injuries properly, etc)

3.  Server punishments must be explained to leadership

4.  Remain active

5.  Remain IC as much as possible, we do not tolerate OOC toxicity towards anyone including other factions




1.  Build to over 10 official members

2.  Buy a building for the organization

3.  Become officially recognized in the city

4.  Own legal businesses to help fund races and prizes


1.    Rookie New to the organization

2.   Novice  Has a couple races under their belt, beginning to truly learn how to race

3.   Amateur Has raced on every track and shows true racing ability

4.   Proficient  Can reliably race on every official underground track

5.   Skilled  Has won races on many official tracks and shows an ability to teach others how to race

6.   Racer Highest non-leadership position. Has won races on every official track and has shown true dedication to the team

7.   Recruiter Leadership position that can find and recruit people from a simple prospect to a rookie

8.   Lead Racer High command of Los Santos Underground



1.     10,000 EXP

2.     Ability to role play racing in a realistic and fair manner

3.     Show a want to have good RP over winning every time


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Thread looks good, best of luck Matt. It's been a while since there has been a nice group of racers, let's see how this turns out! 

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Looking forward to seeing you guys IC, I think our factions will slot quite nicely next to each other, offering just enough that's different for anyone interested in car clubs 😄

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Good luck guys! Sick to see more people are getting interested in starting car related groups, to help the culture grow in the city.

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Baxter was born into a racing family in Europe. All the men on his dad's side of the family were heavily involved in motorsports of all disciplines, from open wheel series to endurance GT to rallying. If it had an internal combustion engine and at least two wheels, a Verstetten had probably raced it somewhere in Europe at some point. Baxter was karting in Europe when he turned 5, but was no standout racer at the time. When his parents split, he went with his dad to Liberty City where he finished his primary education and attended Liberty City University, where he earned a Bachelor's in mechanical engineering. Upon graduation, he got an internship with the North American branch of the Pfister factory racing team. If you ask him, he'll tell you he's a factory driver for the team and races overseas, but he's really just a test driver for their R&D team every few months.



Baxter came to the city knowing exactly what he wanted - to be a mechanic and represent the racing prowess of Pfister. It wasn't long after he got his job at LSC when he overheard one of his supervisors, Matt Smithe, talking about racing around the city. He was still struggling to make real friends in the city, but worked up the courage to ask Matt to show him some tracks some time. To his surprise, Matt kindly said yes, and the education began. Over the next few days, Matt and his fiance Niki showed Baxter around the most prominent tracks of the city. It wasn't long before Baxter got tired of using a loaner from Matt and convinced the Pfister factory to import him a comet to drive around the city. This car became his pride and joy.


Before long, Matt started floating the idea to Baxter about getting a more concrete group together for racing. Baxter was still riding the joy of finally finding some friends he felt like he vibed with, so he of course chomped at the bit to help however he could. Matt proposed the idea of willingly running a speed camera at over 180kph and turning yourself in as an initiation process for Recruiter and up and invited Baxter to join him and Niki as the first members to accept the process. Accepting that street racing is going to come with its inevitable run-ins with the law, Baxter guardedly accepted to ruining his squeaky clean police record that night. This is where Baxter met Jason Steel for the first time, but that's an essay for another time.



It became apparent to Baxter that the Comet just couldn't keep up on most tracks around the city compared to the overly abundant Elegy Retro Customs. He fought hard with himself over his brand loyalty, but seeing as how getting a Neon or a Comet SR would take an absurd amount of time to save up for, he swallowed his pride and used his remaining savings from the Pfister internship to bring an Issi Sport into the city. Having this car that handled so vastly different from the Comet and had such a different reaction to upgrades from LSC made him curious though. The mechanical engineer in him began thinking - what do the upgrades in this city actually do to our cars? With the help of Matt and his vastly larger collection of cars, they went out to the airport for hours at a time over multiple days, making trips to and from LSC swapping out upgrades to test how suspension and turbo options actually affected cars. This was the first large project undertaken by Baxter under the name of the group, and he happily shares the invaluable data with any member of the group.

His next big project was laying out his own track, something in the city he could attach his name to. He drove up to Grapeseed where he thought he'd have a blank canvas - "Nobody's come up this far North to race before, right?" And thus the track "Grapeseed" was born.

It wasn't long after introducing the group and his friends to the track that he started hearing about folks who have been in the city far longer than him having driven this track back in their primes' though. While the track seemed to be a hit with everyone he introduced to it, he was no longer satisfied that he'd found a unique track to attach his name to. He continues to explore the roads of the city on the lookout for the next big track.

After weeks of work with Matt and Niki, acting as a sounding board for them and continually being on the lookout for potential new recruits, the group was finally ready to start looking for a place to settle down and announce their plans with the friends they'd gathered so far. A hangout was chosen and plans were announced. The next day after a few hours of friendly racing, Matt and Niki pulled the group aside at Observatory to officially invite Baxter to be a Lead Racer in the group. He was overjoyed at the time, and couldn't be happier to have found a group he truly calls his family here in Los Santos.


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