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The Lost MC

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The Lost Motorcycle Club is an outlaw motorcycle club that has been operating since 1964 after the club was founded by eight U.S. Marines in Hanoi, North Vietnam who named the club 'The Lost' in honour of their fallen friends. The Lost MC had since arrived in Blaine County in pursuit of further riches, but have been met with resistance and trouble - requiring the chapter to be rebuilt almost from the ground up following its demise.



The Lost MC has primarily been based within Alderney, Liberty City, for most of its history. In Liberty City the Lost found troubles and tribulation around every corner, but more recently the club had got heavily involved in the drug business against the Angels of Death MC and Triads. Following the destruction of the Angels of Death MC's club and the theft of their heroin the Lost struggled to sell off the heroin, being setup by the LCPD, only to try to sell it to the Triads that were not too happy the club had stolen it from the Angels of Death MC in the first place, resulting in a shoot-out and the arrest of the then club president Billy Grey.


It was at this point the club took a turn and under the leadership of the new President, Johnny Klebitz, the club tried to stay afloat. Getting involved with corrupt politicians, more gangs and law enforcement the club would eventually manage to break into Alderney State Correctional Facility and kill the former President, Billy Grey, who planned on entering the witness protection program by snitching on club members, particularly Johnny Klebitz. In the wake of the recent wars the club and President decided to burn down their own Liberty City Chapter clubhouse, with some of them moving to Blaine County. The status of the LC chapter is currently unknown, but some stayed behind.

In Blaine Country the Lost found short-lived success, managing to get a foot on the weapons trafficking and drug trafficking markets, but with increased success came increased attention. This would come to a head when a rival trafficking enterprise attacked the Lost MC hangout, killing the President, destroying the hangout and wiping out most members.

Following the destruction of the Blaine Country Chapter two remaining members, Jax Thorpe and Ashley Grey, sought to rebuild from the ground up. Based out of Stab City, the two are slowly rebuilding the club and attempting to re-establish the chapter's prominence in Blaine County on top of the ashes of old.






    • The national president is the leader of the Lost MC collectively. The job of the national president is to oversee all the MC chapters, manage chapter disputes and intervene when required.
    • The national president has the ability to close and open chapters, revoke patches and end wars.
    • Consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Road Captain and SGT at Arms. Together Church makes decisions that affect the entire club, lays down laws, vote on promtions/removals, votes on our relationship with other groups and holds trials of members. Decisions are made by vote, requiring 1/2 of the church to be in favour to pass.
    • Church can only sit if the President or Vice-President is present.
    • Provides counselling and support to club members. This is not a rank, but a role that can be assigned to anyone.
  • President:
    • Leads a Lost MC chapter. Oversees and directs the club, working closely with the Vice-President on anything that requires the President's attention. Focuses more on long-term planning and operations.
  • Vice-President:
    • Works directly with the Church members to oversee day-to-day operations, making sure everybody is doing their jobs and relaying more important information to the President.
  • Secretary:
    • Represents the Vice-President and President to other organisations, oversees recruitment and the Treasurer.
  • SGT at Arms:
    • Manages the soldiers of the club, oversees the traffacking operations, carries out club business that is of an illegal nature.
    • Manages the clubs books, accounts and collects club dues from members.
  • Road Captain:
    • Manages club vehicles, oversees convoys, handles traffic police.
  • Lieutenant:
    • Works closely with the SGT at Arms to oversee the club soldiers, supervises soldiers and can lead situations on behald of the SGT at Arms
  • Tail Gunner:
    • Rides at the back of convoys to assist the Read Captain during convoys
  • Enforcer:
    • Enforces discipline among the members and works with Lieutenant on ensuring jobs are accomplished swiftly.
  • Member:
    • A full patched member of the club. Enjoys the priviledges and rights of being part of the club and once a member cannot leave without either dying, being removed or requesting that the Church let them leave.
    • Tattooed in.
  • Prospect:
    • A potential member of the club that has been sponsored by a full member to join the Lost. Enjoys no priviledges, has no rights.
  • Handaround:
    • A non-member of the club that may potentially be on their way to prospect. Is expected to be quiet, do as they're told and demonstrate their worth.



  1. MUST NOT HAVE THE ((NEW PLAYER)) TAG | New players are always welcome to hang around with us, and we will RP with you, however to join we would like you to explore the server and become familiar with its intricacies before joining a faction. You are free to find us in game and RP with us until that time comes, we always welcome new players the best we can.
  2. MUST HAVE HAD NO ADMIN PUNISHMENTS FOR 60 DAYS AND BE IN GOOD STANDING WITH THE COMMUNITY | All people joining must be admin punishment free for 60 days, the only exception being is if you're a new player who hasn't been on the server for two months. All members must be in good standing with the community, people with excessive punishments or that attract drama may be turned away.
  3. MUST HAVE A GOOD ATTITUDE, BE WILLING TO LOSE AND KEEP THINGS IC AT ALL TIMES | We're an RP faction first and foremost, which includes losing fights and being arrested. If you're not able to interact with others in a situation where you're not always on top then this faction may not be for you.
    1. Example of what we do not want: You are carrying an illegal weapon and are suddenly picked up by the police and arrested. You are unsure how they knew about your gun and suspect metagaming, so instead of continuing the RP and using /report you instead resort to an OOC argument and move your attention away from RP'ing your arrest appropriately to protesting the current RP situation.
    2. Example of what we do not want: You have been attacked by another gang and feel like a rule was broken. Instead of remaining IC and using /report, you instead inform the rival faction in /b that they broke rules and you're going to get them banned.
    3. Example of what we do not want: You feel a player broke a rule and you plan on reporting them, but instead of RP'ing out the current situation, remaining in-character and then informing them via /pm once the RP is concluded that you will be reporting them you immediately enter /b with "reported" or "save POV" or "see you on the forums".
    4. Example of what we do not want: You are unhappy with losing an RP situation, but instead of remaining In-character you clearly become OOC'ly angry via voip, begin reacting in an unnatural way for your character, putting less effort into RP and using euphemisms to refer to OOC rules and rulebreaks. For example a player breaks fear-rp and instead of reacting naturally to the situation you euphemistically refer to the fear-rp rule by shouting at the player via voip that they should "value their life bro". A player offers begins to agitate you in a NCZ and you wish to fight them, but instead of finding a natural way of reaching your desired outcome you instead say "meet me accross the street", euphemistically referring to the NCZ restriction.
  4. ZERO TOLERANCE ON DRAMA AND UNNECESSARY OOC | As part of our attempt to be a RP heavy faction with a focus on remaining in-character we will not tolerate unneeded OOC usage (such as entering /b in a fight or when being arrested) or drama, if you're unable to react maturely to situations then this faction may not be for you.
    1. Example of what we do not want: You are engaged in a fight and win. One of the players you killed begins to accuse you of Deathmatching in /b, instead of remaining in-character and ignoring the misuse of /b you decide to engage in OOC hostility and taunt the player for getting 'clapped'.
    2. Example of what we do not want: You are standing at the bank and begin having a conversation with another player in /b.
  5. MUST REMAIN FRIENDLY AND RESPECTFUL WITH OTHER MEMBERS OF THE SERVER ON A PUBLIC OOC LEVEL | This is a community faction and everybody is welcome to RP with us, we will not tolerate people slandering other factions, staff or fellow community members. We're here to give others a good time and have a good time in the process.
    1. Example of what we do not want: You are unhappy with another factions RP and instead of reaching out to that factions' leadership or faction maangement you begin to call out the faction in #general or complain openly about how you feel about the faction.
    2. Example of what we do not want: You are unhappy with another members RP and instead of looking for IC resolutions you attempt to solve the situation OOC'ly or complain to faction leadership about the IC situation.  
    3. Example of what we do not want: You are injured and a medic arrives to assist you. Instead of engaging with the medic and communicating with them you only give the bare minimum of /me's and /do's, with no voip RP so that you can be revived and move on. 
  6. DO NOT EXPECT MUCH ACTION RP AND MUST REMAIN CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS DURING ACTION RP |  This faction attempts to put RP first, before gunplay, which means we do not roam around looking for people to fight or rob, fights and robberies happen as a consequence of RP, they are not the subject of RP. We spend a lot of time RP'ing among ourselves and for our characters, if you're only looking to have heavy weapons and fights then this faction may not be for you. When we do get involved in action RP we expect you to remain courteous to the players we're fighting and not be disproportionately excessive with your RP.
    1. Example of what we do not want: As a member of the MC you use your access to heavy weaponry and manpower to drive around looking for people to fight, robbing everybody in sight.
    2. Example of what we do not want: A firefight breaks out and The Lost MC wins the fight, instead of attending to the wounded and leaving before cops arrive you decide to stay and chop all of the rival factions vehicle and loot all their corpses.
    3. Example of what we do not want: You enter a drug lab and a player points a gun at you and your members, but swiftly surrenders. Instead of punishing the player appropriately, RP'ing with them and developing the situation you decide to rob the player of everything they have, shave their hair and then steal their vehicle before leaving.
    4. Example of what we do not want: A member of the MC is being arrested by the police, so you gather a bunch of people and orchestrate an ambush, attempting to kill all the cops involved.
  7. MUST RP AN APPROPRIATE CHARACTER AS A MEMBER OF THE LOST | We expect you to portray a realistic MC character, we understand everybody's ability to act varies, however we expect your characters image, backstory and actions to reflect your MC lifestyle. MCs are a lifestyle, as such we will not allow others to join if they do not portray that they live and breathe the lifestyle of MCs. We understand that building up your character can take time, so do not worry if you do not know what to do at first.
    1. Example of what we do not want: You have previously been a member of multiple street gangs, with no interest or association with MCs or motorcycles. The faction disbands and in an attempt to find another gang you try to join the Lost MC without first building up a character arc that makes sense for you to join the MC.
    2. Example of what we do not want: You have joined the MC and looking for a new vehicle, but instead of sticking to choppers you buy a Hakuchou Drag, as you would prefer to go fast rather than portray an MC character .
    3. Example of what we do not want: You happily associate and act friendly with rival factions or police officers, who you should otherwise avoid or outright despise.
    4. Example of what we do not want: You RP a perfect character that has no flaws, failing to develop your characters arc and react to the world accordingly.  
    5. Example of what we do not want: You are more focused on the acquisition of a large amount of assets and cash. As a member of an MC you're not expected to be rich, and we would rather you invested your resources back into RP, rather than being concerned with acquiring expensive vehicles, houses and assets.
    6. Example of what we do not want: You treat your character as a reactive personality rather than proactive, unless you're reacting to a situation your character stands like a wood post. We expect people to put life into their characters and immerse themselves in the world, giving their characters personality traits, preferences, likes and dislikes, habits and flaws.


Make sure you have read the OOC expectations and then find us in game IC'ly. At which point we will interact with you and see if you fit in our faction, both OOC'ly and as an IC character. Goodluck.

Joining is neither easy or quick, the faction does not look to be large, as such the process to becoming a full member can take over a month. This is to make sure you truly wish to be part of the faction and that the type of roleplay is for you, as once you're a full member it will profoundly effect your character.

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When Duty Calls, We Answer!

It was not long ago, when we received the message and saw with our own eyes how our chapter in Liberty City got burned down. A part of ourselves went up in smoke right there, when we saw the devastation the fire did to our beloved chapter. We saw the toughest guys shed tears, and the most passionate men broken down. It was a bad day for the MC, and there was little to no hope left for all of us there that day. 

Most of us drove back to our homes, to enjoy a bottle of whiskey at our fireplace while thinking about the events that happened. It wasn't a good time to most of us, and I'd say that most of us actually felt 'Lost'. After a few hours I personally went to sleep, and woke up hungover and without any energy. I walked over towards my door, looking for the daily Weazel News paper. I grabbed the newspaper and I felt something sticking underneath it. I quickly flipped the newspaper around and found myself a letter. I opened the letter and got amazed by what I got to read at that moment. 

After reading the letter countless times, I felt the energy back inside of me. It was a letter requesting us to fly over to Los Santos to rebuild our Blaine County chapter there. It wasn't long before my long last buddy Jack Everett knocked on my door. He screamed my name and started talking about the letter we apparently both received. There was no hesitation and packed our bags, found all the cash money we had stashed away and went over towards Liberty City Airport. 


We saw our bikes being loaded in by the ground crew, and took our spots in the plane. A few hours later we landed in this strange and unfamiliar city, with only 1 address written to us on our letter. All it said was: 'Meet us at Stab City'. We almost jumped out of the plane and went to check up on our bikes. 


It didn't take us long to find our bikes being loaded out of the airplane. It might sound weird, but us bikers have very special connections to our bikes. I was very relieved to see my baby, being loaded out without any damages during the flight. There they both were, 2 fully tuned bikes that were capable of making these astonishing sounds. 



It didn't take long for us to hop on our bikes, and start making way to this place called 'Stab City'. It took us a few minutes, but finally we found the place and started to make way there. It wasn't necessarily what we expected but it had its own aura. It did immediately feel like driving home. Upon arrival we met Ryan Rogers, another Liberty City chapter member that was send to Los Santos to help rebuild the chapter. He told us a bit more about the city, and the chapter in general. 

Ryan decided to give us a little tour, which is when we stumbled upon another man. We didn't recognize him from a distance , and neither did we really when we arrived. We asked him for his name, and he gave us his; Jax Thorpe. Everett and I immediately recognized the name, since it was the same name that was written on the letter. We immediately knew we were at the right address. We decide to roll around as a group, on the lookout for some cars that we could rip apart for parts. This is when the SD pulled us all over. 


We were aware that we would run into the cops here and there, but this was very quick. Yet, it got resolved very quickly after they realised we were not the ones they were looking for. The next hours consisted of the group chopping multiple vehicles and getting known to this strange town. While refueling my car, I met up with a mysterious man. The group and I had been talking about arms quite frequently in the past few hours and I decided to ask the man about arm trades. We found out that he could provide us and a deal was set up at Sandy Shores Airport. 


The deal went perfectly, and numbers were exchanged. We found out that the man in question belonged to the Los Santos Triads. The Triads, being a name which we didn't expect to be here. We had ran into some issues with the Triads before, and we are yet unsure if the Los Santos Triads are connected to the Liberty City triads. This will be something we will have to find out when time passes. 

It was a very good first day of the chapter, and we were all motivated for the future. When the MC calls, all of us answer. That is what a family does. 

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The Jackson Family

Home… is a safe haven for us all. After the Lost MC collapsed in Liberty City it was imperative for us all to move on, find a new place we could call home. There is nothing above the family, so all three of us moved to the City of Los Santos. Moving into the unknown may seem scary, everything is very different and most importantly all of our close contacts are gone, nobody around to support us in any way shape or form. Just the three of us…

The three Jacksons…

Rico, Dove and Jo.


There is no easy start, there is no easy beginning. Anywhere you go, you will enter the unknown. Finding your ways, finding your new connections and making friends is always difficult, not even mentioning the trust… Every motorcycle you see while exploring the City of Los Santos, the most hurtful memories return of us riding bikes across the Liberty City, showing our presence and glorifying our name. But… here… it is different. It's more... safe and relaxing, there is nobody to chase us, nobody to boil our blood.

Both Rico and Dove have had a hard time raising Jo. Both very young, involved in the risky criminal business is never easy, yet, both trying their best to raise a child. Jo was a rebel from his very early days, wouldn’t listen to his parents or grandparents, would run around and cause chaos. To this day Rico keeps repeating the same quote over and over again “we should’ve aborted him during the early days, look at him now…”. No child is easy, no family is strong, yet, the Jacksons have managed to keep themselves together through the hard times and move on with their lives one step at the time. The Jackson family may seem weird, but at least it's a strong family family. They can all be f*cked up at times.






Not even a day in… and what have we found… Ashley Grey and Jax Thorpe, the two well-known members of Lost MC from Liberty City. Rico was completely unaware of their move to the City of Los Santos; it was a complete surprise. Most importantly, they are the ones who are trying to establish the Lost MC here, yes, here. In Los Santos! The Lost MC has been in the Jackson blood for generations, without a doubt, joining back into the family and uniting with the others is not a choice, it’s a must. To get through the hardest journey we need to take one step at the time, but we must keep on stepping.

Starting it all over again is something that Rico, Dove and Jo have been looking for. An escape from the Liberty City Police Department and numerous gangs that were there to tarnish the reputation of the Lost MC was a gift. More importantly, finding the Lost MC here, in Los Santos, was nothing but a dream…

And that’s where the Jackson family begun their journey with the Lost MC. It’s just the beginning of a new chapter



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The Journey

Leaving Liberty City was not something that Noa ever thought she would do. It was her home, and it was where she learned everything that she knew. 


Growing up in the club, you learn a certain level of respect, responsibility. So when duty calls, you cannot say no. Definitely when the letter she received had a familiar pair of wings sealing the back. The same set that were tattoo'd across her back. The same set on the patches on her jacket. The same set that she grew up by. Her father showed her those wings, and her father taught her what they meant. There was a certain nostalgia to it really because those were the same wings that she watched her father drink himself to death over after the loss of the clubhouse in Liberty. 

So when she opened that letter it was simple. Help was needed to rebuild the chapter that, by means they weren't sure of yet, vanished from Los Santos. It did not take her long to talk to her husband Clyde, and begin their journey to move out west. With the selling of most of their assets, the house they lived in, to the furniture inside, she packed up her bike onto a plane (which was one of the hardest things she ever did, and settled herself in for the lonely ride to Los Santos while Clyde finished up arranging for the selling of their home. 



Getting off the plane, Noa knew that many of the other members from her Chapter in Liberty received the same letter as she. So of course her first course of action when getting off the plane (after securing the information that her bike arrived safely) was calling one of her oldest friends in the club, Butch. It was a quick chat with snarky comments that led to the man arriving at the airport to retrieve Noa and her belongings. 

Their first order of business, to retrieve her bike from the insurance company in Paleto. A smaller country town up in the county that she was not very familiar with. Then again, everything in Los Santos was foreign to Noa, she was far from home, but thankfully not far from friends. With her bike in tow, it meant that it was time to show her around, and for the first time, hit the pavement with her bike underneath her. A feeling that she loved more than anything else in this world, the freedom of riding. 


It was easy to see that Los Santos was going to come with it's own challenges. Their new HQ nothing but a barren room in a trailer park that looked as if it was on it's last leg. There was more dirt than pavement, and more gangs in the city than she could keep up with. She knew that this was going to be a challenge, but from the moment she opened the letter she knew she decided that she would be up for whatever task was a head. And boy, was this going to be a big task. 



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The Struggle Within


"... Don't force yourself to fit in where you don't feel like you belong ..."

Joining his old friends has always been on Jo's radar, but it doesn't feel right. The atmosphere is different and the priorities have shifted. Over the past few days Jo has been all over the place. Meeting new people, making some new contacts, trying to fit within the Lost MC, yet, none of it is an easy task to achieve or complete. Watching others laugh and enjoy is not an easy task when you don't fit it, when you are not trusted with anything that's being said or shared.

The City of Los Santos and its outskirts can be ruthless and expensive, both emotionally and mentally. Not finding a place to fit in, not meeting the right people is always hurtful and stressful, yet, Jo keeps on making one step at the time. Most importantly, everyone can and will reach their peak and limit. Each one of us have questioned ourselves in front of the mirror on our past, present and future goals. Some of us have made bad choices and decisions, yet, we have dealt with the consequences appropriately. 

Standing on the ledge and looking down can be scary, but it's a requirement, it's an escape Jo never got. We all need to escape our realities and submerge ourselves in something that we'd like to be, someone we'd like to see. No choice is easy, no decision is wise until it's decided.

"... People would rather replace each other than work on fixing the relationships they've built years ago ..."



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A New Beginning

It was time, time to leave Liberty City, the place he called home, and to begin the mission to start the new Chapter. A couple days ago Jack Everett received a letter requesting for his assistance and experience in rebuilding a Chapter located  within Blaine County, Los Santos. Not long before receiving this letter his own chapter in Liberty City had been destroyed, his fellow members, the ones left, had either gone into hiding or left the city, therefore Jack was left with feeling without a purpose. So without hesitation Jack collected up what he could from his possessions and bundled it up into a single bag. He slung the bag over his shoulders, booted up and hopped on his bike to ride to his buddy's home; Butch Bagwell, a fellow Lost MC member who he had kept in touch with. Together they both set off to the airport to catch a plane to Los Santos. They both knew the challenge that laid ahead however they knew what they were about to do was going to bring a new beginning to the Lost MC.

On arrival to Los Santos the pair grabbed their luggage and their prized possessions, their bikes, and set off in the quest to find the location that had been mentioned in the letter. Stab City. The two grabbed a map from the airport terminal and quickly located Stab City in the heart of Blaine County. With their destination set they packed up their bikes and rode off.


After just over an hour of riding Jack and Butch arrived at entrance of Stab City, Jack looked around at the empty looking trailer park in front of him, turned to Butch and gave a single nod, they had arrived. It didn't take too long driving around the park until they bumped into Ryan Rogers, another newly member of Lost MC that had also been called to help rebuild the chapter from Liberty City.  After sometime of chatting and sharing stories from the past they noticed a figure appear from between the trailers. He slowly walked up to the trio and greeted them with the name, Jax Thorpe, the name that was written on the letter. It had begun, the new beginning. 


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Fresh Start | New Beginning

Late nights, constant arguments and dealing with a young male rebelling against his parents. If anybody asked Dove Jackson what her days were like that would be the answer. The headaches were harsh, motivation low and it was all just... exhausting. Liberty City was no longer what it used to be and a change of pace was needed. She couldn't do it anymore. Dove could no longer watch herself fall apart from having nothing. It was time for the Jacksons to try something new.

- San Andreas -

Dove's husband, Rico Jackson, was always there - always supportive, always thinking forward and always a bit of a pain in the ass. It was his idea to move to San Andreas and see what the city of Los Santos could provide. 

Maybe now things will get better.

There was still something missing. Was it the breeze running through her hair during a late night bike ride or the rumble of motorcycles heard during a group ride that became music to her ears? Dove Jackson missed everything about Lost MC and parting ways with a group that became an extension of her family cut deep. Los Santos felt wrong. It was too much city, not enough distress. Too much polish and not enough rugged. Dove was a puzzle piece in the wrong set and it was just... wrong.

Riding northbound with her husband and son in tow was more her style. The air was different, the sound more hushed. Clanging metal and the roar of bikes guided them to the depths of Stab City where Dove came face to face with Jax Thorpe who informed the Jacksons of the intention to rebuild Lost MC, wanting to see it rise from the ashes left behind in Liberty City.

They found it. They found home.


The invitation to help rebuild and reestablish was met with quick nods and a renewed sense of purpose. Things were going to be different now. Not only did she have her family by her side but Dove also had the remnants of what she thought she was forced to part with. Once a biker, always a biker. It was time to rise from the ashes.

It was time to ride.


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The Roots.

Villain O’Neil - The last heir of the O’Neil’s, a family that has an Irish ancestry, settled in Blaine County, Los Santos. Decades ago, they owned farms and lumbermills and run them themselves, Villain himself spent his younger days logging at a mill located somewhere near to mount Chiliad, with his father.


"A man is not Independent unless he has the courage to stand alone."

As days went on Villain Grew up and his desire to get independent has advanced more and more. He decided that he should start getting in businesses that he like, and sure he will prosper, that is what he thought, at least.


Shortly after his decision he started working in car parts trade, day after day, he built relations and got connections that could make him profit much more than ever, but still that is not what he was looking for, there is a lost piece of his puzzle that he doesn't know what and where it was.




The Missing Pieces of Puzzle.

This was all until the day that he met the MC. The Lost MC was the name, he was working with them, gaining trust with each day that passed. He always had the passion for choppers and the bond of a family. He began putting more time hanging around the MC, trying to be at their service, anyway needed. He figured out quickly that he loved the club and he wish to be a part of it, a patched member, For his fortune the club was at a rebuild stage, Ashley the President and Jax the Vice President offered him to be a Prospect, he was unhesitant and accepted.



The Story Begins Here.

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Itzli Tukuut

'Pather' as translated, is an American Indian of Tongva. His tribe occupied and hunted the entire state of San Andreas. Through modernization, eventually his tribe dwindled as they looked for new work and opportunities to fit into western society. With his tribal and survival instincts Itzli served a short time in the military as a scout, but he has always been one to stick to what he knows. The mountains, scrapping unwanted junk, a bit of peyote, hunting, fishing and watching the stars called him home.


While trading some scrap he came across a group of bikers who offered him a deal, trade with them, or die. While Panther was not keen on being threatened, he was outnumbered and what they offered was more than enough, as long as he got it.


They agreed, honored the agreement and Panther offered to assist more if they would let him. He had very little to his name, but he knew how to get the job done. They loaned him a bike gave him work and he was close enough to his home he could still feel at home.


Today he travels with his new Tribe and Coyote, Itar.

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My name's Virgil Beretta.
Born and raised out of Alderney, Liberty City. Man, I miss that city...or rather, the way it used to be. Maybe I'm just a sucker for the nostalgic.

Y'see, my mother was a nurse who worked out of Sweeney General out in Portland View. My father held a "managerial" position at a certain 8-Ball's auto shop in our home burrow of Alderney. The truth of it was my father never worked for 8-Ball but rather he managed an illegal chop shop enterprise for him. Providing him with intercontinental connections and security to ensure none of the other Families would try to move in on the lucrative racket. Sylvester "Sly" Beretta, my father, was a capodecina who commanded a small Mafia outfit for the Ancelotti Crime Family. Sylvester had turned the chain of auto body shops into a family racket with the aid of an MC, by the name of 'The Lost', to steal highly desired vehicle models and keep their inventory from depleting.

During those years I spent more time mingling with The Lost than I did any of my father's soldiers. They were all so uniform. Professional Italian mafiosi... silent slaves more or less. But these men that made up The Lost were nothing of the sort. They weren't always the brightest bunch but they were all so animate. Alive, affable, free....American.

The racket dissolved not long before the eruption of the China Town Wars. My father was shot in the street and mother died a few years later from illness.

Now I'm here in Los Santos. Just like the Saints this city derives its name from I, too, have wandered Lost. Never quite finding a place that felt right for me. That was until one fateful country drive where I encountered a group of familiar misfits I had once envied.

The faces were new to me but they upheld the same old American virtues I had always envied about the MC.
Industry. Independence. Fortitude.



"It's a long way to the top if you wanna Rock-n-Roll." - Bon Scott of AC/DC

I was quickly introduced to Noa Mercer, the Club Secretary, where I was given the freedom to hang around The Range and assist Oliver Ross with maintaining business operations for a time. After a short while the Church pulled me off to the side and it was then that Clyde Mercer, the Club Road Captain, handed me a cut bearing 'The Lost' insignia at its center-pie. Noa Mercer handed me a sewing kit and two patches which read "1%er" and "Prospect".

"We sew our own patches here. But know that this doesn't mean you're one of us yet. We appreciate the things you've done around The Range. Keep it up Prospect." Noa said, turning her attention back Butch and Jax.

I sewed the Prospect patch first before threading the eye of the needle and turning my attention to the 1% patch. I held it for what seemed like an eternity. Knowing what this patch represented I contemplated what it was I was leaving behind. The Sheriff's academy. Friends in Law Enforcement and other Government agencies. I looked up for a moment at the rag-tag group in front me pondering what the road on the horizon might bring. Andreas, Gotti, Villain, Rico, Jax, King, Everett, Panther, Tobias, Noa, Clyde, Ryan, Ashley, Aleksei, DeShawn, Johnny, Charlie, Tomash, Adam and the Jackson Family. I took one last look at the 1% patch in my hand having the epiphany that the patch represented more than just lawlessness. It signified all that you were willing to do for the one's that would call you "Brother", share their campfire with you and call you "Family".

And so I asked myself, what would I do for this new family of mine. The answer was simple.



"In the days of my youth, I was told what it means to be a man. Now I've reached that age, and tried to do all those things the best I can." - Good Times, Bad Times by Led Zepplin

And so, I put the needle to the leather cut and became a 1%er.

Maybe it's their way of life that intrigues me or maybe it's just the classic rock-and-roll and the roar of the choppers. But then again, maybe I'm just a sucker for the nostalgic.



"I'm on the Highway to Hell" - AC/DC

----To Be Continued...----

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Jack King, and his past before The Lost


Born to a poor family in the deep south, Jack didn’t have much growing up. By the age of eighteen he was standing in front of a judge, and not for the first time. That judge gave him a choice, he could join the Marine Corps or go to prison, Jack chose the Corps. Within the month Jack was on Parris Island, and his whole life changed. Jack did well in the Marines, after two deployments to Afghanistan, he was promoted to Sergeant. His time in the Marines was not destined to last. One night, after a long firefight with the Taliban that resulted in casualties, a fresh faced Lieutenant made the mistake of asking Jack why he was wearing a soiled uniform to the chow hall. Jack beat the man nearly to death, and was stripped of his rank and sent to the brig for over a year. After his dishonorable discharge from the Marines, Jack saw the world in a different light. He didn’t trust his government, didn’t care for most people. He took his savings and bought an old trailer in Sandy Shores. A place where no one asked questions and the law rarely came by. He met a few fellow Veterans in the area and they formed a club called ‘The Angels of Death’. Jack was the Road Captain, and all was well. He had the brotherhood he so badly missed from the Corps, but he had the freedom he wanted too. Sadly, the club was not meant to last. Jack was arrested and sent to prison, and when he got out the club was gone. So, he set back to his trailer and struggled to get by.




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Thank you for providing quality role-play.
When my character met you for the first time, I literally got chills in my spine, surroundings and timing was just perfect.

I am grateful that you've allowed me to share some of our moments in your topic.


♠ Poker ☠ Booze 🔧stolen vehicle and bars ||||

Hugh came back to Los Santos after a poker tour in which they both participated and got kicked out, after a drunken fight that erupted by the 8th table, when a player caught Paul gesturing Hugh to fold. They got busted cheating, and after a brawl with bunch of security officers (all was shown live on the GoPoker website), they decided to come back to good ol' city.
They played a while here, and played quite well, getting a nice stack of cash in poker tournament, but that was pretty much it.


Until Hugh met Jack, local biker, that was livin' Hugh's dream - riding in a motorcycle club (Hugh's bike's the red one). And after a quick and respectful chatter Hugh met up with Jack later in the evening, had a couple of beers and flang some fishing rods around.

Paul was also interested in joining up with an MC, since he felt renounced by everyone else... He wasn't very bright or decent looking, a low-lifer, it seems.


But when Hugh arrived at the said spot to meet Jacks associates, his heart stopped.

It was a dark and dreary night, wolves howling in the distance, biker engines quietly turning to Hugh's heavy heartbeat. Trailers around him were rusty, and you could see a dead rat hanging on ones' abandoned trailers drain pipes. The view was horrific. Bald headed newcomer Hugh slowly shuffled to his bike, reaching in the saddlebag, taking out a whiskey filled flask. Few deep chugs and it was empty, leavin' him dazed, unaware, but at least, from the looks of it, calm.


Paul and Hugh was welcomed by the crew, and they showed him that there's a way to earn some extra, oil stained cash from a shady mechanic, who bought stolen car parts. Paul was quickly custom to his tools provided by the MC and soon began bringing cars to the chop-shop with Hugh alongside. All seemed that it's goin' somewhere.


But soon enough they got busted. Pulling up a major stunt, trying to steal a high-end vehicle, Paul and Hugh was seen on sight. They split on foot, and, since Paul already did some time, Hugh decided that this time he'll take the blame. Hugh stopped behind Paul, letting him escape.

Prison sentence? 3 years.


Time in prison slows down. Not much to be done there, just a few occasional creepers trying to get a hold of your stamps, but nothing that much else. As he made a few friends in prison, Hugh mostly hanged around monkey bars and did a ton of pullups. Time passed by, and Hugh came out of the prison with a new religion - crime.


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For a flower to bloom a second time, it needs to wait out the winter.

Adam reaches to Hugh, and takes a paper bag with 13 grand cash inside of it.
Club was not doing well, members being out of town most of the time, just Adam, Dre, few prospects, Hugh and Paul was holding the burden of the club on their shoulders. Since club needed money to survive, Adam walked on a limb and brought Hugh into gun business. At first - they started small - selling few pieces in the street, for 13 grand a piece.


Alongside supplying streets with guns Hugh did casual runs with few member/other meetings, watching them over, standing in the same spot for hours, keeping everything in sight.


Even though there were not many members around, the quality of the members who were around counted. Hugh never felt left alone, there was always someone around. And as Adam said - when you're with us - you're safe.


Even when Adam spoke well to the council about Hugh, they did not mean to rush the decision of patching Hugh, giving him his prospect patch. So Hugh just did everything he could, kept his mouth shut, and kept going.

Every occasional Adam's cheer up was great for Hugh, it kept him going, and  the bond between Hugh and Adam grew greatly.


So great in fact, that Hugh started selling big stashes of ammunition and weaponry. He was doing it all for the club, not even taking a cut, that he could have asked. I was in so deep, the days of hangaround felt like being the hard working prospect around.


The business was not always just wine and roses. Few clues gave Hugh out to the police, but the, now settled middle aged biker, knew what he was doing, and Hugh never got into a deep trouble.


And the day came. Hugh received his [Prospect] patch. It was old Adam's patch, and it meant the world to Hugh. Since H was very close with Adam, he dared to ask Ad' to let him pass his [Hangaround] Cuttie to Paul. And Adam agreed.
It was a heartwarming moment, when Hugh took Paul's meaningless cutie, and wrapped him with his ol' hangaround one. They had a moment.


But just few hours later, as Hugh later realised, Jax, the club VP was discussing the huge comedown of the club with Adam, the most immersed member of the club. And Hugh prospect days only lasted few hours, when Adam convinced Jax to go on a limb and patch over Hugh in that moment. They needed members who would be around, not just wearing a patch and doing day to day jobs.


It soon came to be obvious Hugh will make it as an Enforcer of the club. Unexpectedly everyone was on board with this heavy decision for Jax's. Here's a moment of Hugh landing the one right hook to Dre, after getting his ass kicked.


Few prospects got their club colours. that Jax is nervous, you would have seen it in his eyes, but his eyes were under the shades, and a biker smile was cracked on his face, congratulating new members. All in hope to make the club boom again.


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few grammar mistake fixes.
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A opportunity taken 

Javier Arrived To Los Santos after 2 months of not being in the city. 


Ever since he disbanded Sindacco life hasn't been the same. He's been struggling, low on money and he couldn't buy food or water, well at least he's not homeless. Javier decided to take a step out of the house and walk over to sandy md to wait for his friend to pick him up. While waiting he saw some bikers he asked carefully are you guys bikers? The man said yes we are the lost mc. Javier talked to them for a bit then the man said if you want to join call me. 


Javier called him later that day because he was interested in The lost they met up Javier got asked a few questions and he was in as a hang around. 


The opportunity was taken, there's more to come in the future Javier plans on it for now he's trying to get everyone's trust and respect, to become a official member.

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