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Add /storebody to the Kamacho

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Kamacho Discussion Thread - Page 8 - Vehicles - GTAForums
Kamacho to have body transportation capabilities

I am going to make this thread quick. The Kamacho is a high grade military vehicle, which is heavily armored and has great ramming and attacking capabilities. While it does not have a physical trunk, it has a truck bed. Very similar to the contender, the only difference is that the Contender allows people to be stored in the trunk, where the Kamacho does not. My Proposal is to add the ability to store injured bodies in the trunk of the kamacho.


How would it benefit the server?

First off, it makes roleplay much more realistic, an armored looking offroad SUV seems more fit to purpose to be transporting the injured than a contender, the size of the vehicle and dominance it shows in many scenarios, it would make sense to be able to store a injured person in the rear of it. Now some people may be worrying, thinking, how is it realistic to store a injured person in a truck bed? Well, the same question could be asked for other vehicles, and I will use the contender as a example again here. Also, the car has 4 doors meaning realistically a injured person could be laid down across the rear seats while being transported RPly.

Let me know what you guys think, if you AGREE please LIKE & +1 this, thank you!

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+1, if you look at the trunk situation closely. An examplar (with a small trunk) is able to place injured/dead bodies inside. There are multiple vehicles in the server that realistically have enough space to fit in a grown man/woman but the script doesnt allow you to (kamacho, dubsta 6x6, brawler, schafter v12, guardian, sandking).


I fully support for the Kamacho trunk to be added to the script, with additional other vehicles aswell that have the realistic capability of fitting in a body.

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Kamacho would be the uncontested king of the SUV class (at least is has some competition now), and it's dominance would be even more pervasive that it is now. I also don't think any of the open bed trucks have carrybody functionality. If this change is made (and I would argue it should not be), other SUVs should also have added the storebody functionality (caracara 4x4 for example)


edit: in regards to your contender comments, it does come in closed bed variants

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I think the only reason its not available right now is because you can fill the trunk with crates according to the modview menu. The body would be out of place if put in a trunk like that.

Also I somewhat agree with what @Jleoni said that this would severly unbalance the Kamacho. It is already one of the most used vehicles for criminals and adding this feature would make it even more so. I think diversity is something we need more instead of just making the Kamacho a jack-of-all-trades. Right now on top of a Kamacho you would need a car specifically to evac injured players and I think right now the Kamacho is already at a good spot.

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+1, two other vehicles that I believe should have trunks are the Caracara and Sandking. If you take a look at the trucks, they are rather similar to the Contender in size and trunk capacity. RPly they would, and I hope that at some point more vehicles scriptly have a trunk.Vapid Caracara 4X4 Appreciation & Discussion Thread - Vehicles ...

Sandking XL | GTA Wiki | Fandom

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Id personally be happy to sit and list out any vehicle that would feasibly have a trunk, this should be an entire vehicle overhaul and not just one specific car to balance it out. 

Along with this it would be nice to see certain cars that have 4 seats have them mapped in instead of only the front two usable. 

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