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Beta testers and beta server.

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So, I'm not aware if this is already a thing, but if not, then I think its needed.
With the recent patch, several players reported problems.
I noticed on the Bug Report sub-forum, and it looks like its generally @NobodyLTU who test the technical problems.

I think that it would be nice to remove some of the work, by creating a Beta team, which purpose is to test out bugs and new updates, on a beta server.
Beta testers could be average players, not from the admin team, who maybe have past experience with how the engine work etc.
They could make reports and videos, and relay it to the admin team, who could take actions from there, but saving them the time it take to re-create a problem and check for bugs.

Hope you like my suggestion, please add your two cent and tell me what you like/dislike.

For:           10
Against:    0

For/Against is based on the replies made to the suggestion thread and not on likes



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10 minutes ago, Serthon said:

I think this is a good idea for finding bugs, but at times, development asks the staff team for testing.

The idea is to take the smaller burdens from the staff team and put it over on the beta testers.
Main development would most likely still be done by the staff team, but as you mentioned, things such as bugs could be handled by beta testers,
thus giving staff team more time to focus on bigger and more important things.

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I think is is really required. Because while the new update today is good and the new weight system CAN be beneficial but things like radio having 10 volume while shotguns having 1 volume  and so on makes no sense. Or for example how a bag can fit more than you can carry yourself.  Systems like this should be released for "players" so that they can play and give feedback and then changes can be made to adjust for the balance. And doing this on a test server with 20-30 people who are given unlimited resources to test everything properly  would help the server a lot and would eliminate a lot of issues 

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