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Remove the /Alias command completely.

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This command is the source of one of the most blatantly non realistic and common things that occur on our server, 24/7 mask wearing. And lets be honest, the mask situation has been argued up and down, but its hard for me to avoid the simple truth that the vast majority of people wearing masks aren't wanted for crimes, or even actively participating in a crime that would warrant a mask, they're wearing a mask to avoid the fallout of people using the /alias command as a way to remind themselves who they do and don't like.  The /alias command is a pure 100% OOC quality of life tool and it is miss used to an extremely high degree. The range for which you can see the alias, the way it can be seen through closed car doors/windows and the fact that this is an ability the average human does not have, it has also outsourced any sense of simply remembering someone naturally ( IE: actually remembering them) to the command itself. 

So a few ideas

Remove the command altogether- I know, In your mind your thinking "how am I going to remember who everyone is?"  You're going to actually have to remember them, what they look like, and who they are, like real life, some people will stand out and be easily memorable/recognizable others will blend seamlessly into the backdrop.

Remove /Alias commands made 2 hours prior to your death. IE: you die you forget your killer alias.

Make /alias names wear off, IE: A month or so after /alias the name reverts back to a player number.

Make /alias a completely OOC function, to be used to help identify one another, but create a command to allow others to /alias you ( similar to /frisk approve)

How many times have you seen someone you had /alias'd but had no idea how/when/where you met them? isn't it a bit PG to say "my character would remember, but I don't"

The /Alias command is more powerful than we give it credit for, the fact that it shapes so much of the servers behavior, in my mind, means it is TO powerful.



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I personally rarely alias folks i interact with in public unless they make a lasting impression... someone I arrest 9 times out of 10 wont get aliased. Hell i dont alias my co workers until they make a lasting impression (There are sergeants in the department that I dont interact with often enough to alias.) 
Personally I think this would be a good idea, but there would have to be a limit, as so many people change their looks so often, example being Bala, someone I have worked with at LSPD for 3 years, but he changes his hair at least twice a month :D.


Really i think it should be up to the player to determine if the person they are aliasing has provided enough of an interaction to be remembered.

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I think if a new character creation system came out so people could look different I would be 100% in agreement, but right now you can't customize your character all that much since we don't have the parent sliders for some reason. I do play without aliasing people on some of my characters, others I just alias peoples first names cause who remembers last names of random people.

I do think something like showing a license or maybe a /meet command or something that you would have to do to another player in order for them to recognize you would be interesting.

Elias (69) talks to this Random(420), Random(420) does /meet 69, Elias (69) now sees Tommy (420) instead of Random(420)

It would only go one way, so Tommy would still see Elias as Random(69) until he does /meet 420

Food for thought I suppose.

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+1. I think that /alias should "wear off" if you havent seen someone for a while. Lets say Player X leaves the server for 1 year. Once they return, it has been 1 year since anyone has seen them, so it would make sense for thier alias to be removed. On the other hand, someone u see everyday, such as a coworker, their alias should not be removed. There can be a script where if ur player is within range of someone, then the "decay timer" resets.


An additional thing to change with the /alias command. I feel like from far away, the player tag should only display the ID from far away, and once you are close enough to someone, then it should switch to showing alias. This should prevent the situations where someone drives by going 200 and u can see the id and alias, knowing who is in the vehicle. (This is NRP but hard to enforce.)

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I hear the point and I like the idea of an alias expiring if the command is done within 2 hours of dying. However, with the /alias command many players including me won't be able to recognize other characters. Furthermore, in a game such as ECRP it is much easier to change your whole appearance compared to real life. That being said I think the /alias command should stay. 

RAGЕ Multiрlауer  2_5_2022 10_30_02 PM.png

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Our character creation/customisation  script is limited and some times people look alike due to the lack of options. I am sure we'll end up mistaking people for other people. None has ANYTHING UNIQUE to tell them apart. In a community of over 500.000 created characters having to choose from 30 face options will create huge issues in my opinion. People abuse Alias, preventing to alias numbers is a good start. /alias 23 COP9280 and limiting the alias draw distance.

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I can't really -/+ 1 this but I have an idea. 

The alias command should be repetitively dynamic and not just fade away after a period of time, here's an illustration

  • Ivy_Eriksen meets James_Eriksen for the first time. After a conversation, she aliases him 'James Eriksen', and the command goes on cooldown for 3 hours.
  • The alias remains saved for the next 24 hours. 
  • If Ivy_Eriksen meets him again within the 24 hours after the 3 hours, she's able to alias him again, resetting the 24 hours to 72 hours, and can go up to a years based on how many times that person had been aliased.

Players will basically have to get used to aliasing others multiple times because this is how it should be. You can't just /Alias, remember forever. 

  • An /AME to appear above the player who is aliasing another player 'Ivy_Eriksen takes a look at the stranger's face, recognizing his facial appearance and scans him/her from head to toe.'
  • After that, a message is sent to the chat or as a pop-up notification at the top of the screen saying that the alias will be saved for XX hours and that the command will go on cooldown for 3 hours to prevent spamming to reach the maximum alias duration possible. 

Other than that and during the /Alias cooldown, you should rely on manual recognition. 🙂

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4 hours ago, feedmeee said:

IRL people don't all look so similar. Relying on remembering someone OOC is not the answer.

Preach, a lot of people look similar to each other with the limited character customization options.

Everyone is also the exact same shape I've wanted to make my character fat since the day I joined.

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-1 ;

For the people here who have an important and difficult IRL Job, it will be hard to remember so many names on a videogame, nor would they care to.

I know personally, If /alias wasn't a thing I probably would only remember a small pickings of people that I've seen many many times and forget the rest.

It's a videogame, If you RP'ly meet someone, you should be able to /alias whatever name they say EX: /alias ## Lucas_Madrazo - There's nothing NON-RP about that.

I've been RPing since 2011 and back then you would always have the name over the head, so Alias is a big improvement, but no name? That is impossible.

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