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  1. Huge property and that building is insane . Good luck with the selling , if i can sell a kidney il take it now
  2. Gucci i want to see the Sandy ones more closer
  3. DimaDan


    Can you build a gate there ?
  4. DimaDan


    Nigga you tried to scam few people and maybe you did it or nah . But now you wont be able to sell nothing on this market so fuck off with your house
  5. Honestly i think you are 100 % right sir . We been talking back and forth here but now , thanks to you we solved it
  6. I got a 2g next to bank if you interested #5714678 shoot me a text
  7. This kind of mentality bothers you friend ? Who say im predicting ? If you did not read my entire post ' im spitting facts'' if you know the understanding of that means that i have evidence dear and kind sir . And no , i dont think some people are here to RP, some of them are here just for the win . If you wish to have a better understanding of this matter you cant contact me in private and i will show my facts , cause tbh you need to see if someone has evidence to support themselves before you draw a conclusion about them But another fact for everyone here that plays only a legal character , 1 week after you play a criminal side of the RP you will be saying damn that nigga was right . A very good example and a dear friend is @GOAT that himself is PD and he saw the criminal side and how people break the rules or just rule playing .
  8. IA report thats a good one , when they will answer to those, not in 2 months, maybe we will do them more often . And also when they will take some actions against their officers . The metagaming report is also hard to prove , is one of the offences that is very hard to prove 100 % because if we take it as it is, cops metagaming all the time in Tac on teamspeak .( But good luck in proving that ) But dont mind me , just spitting facts, much love
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