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  1. I can confirm that once you move it the volume goes down. For me a while back went down from 500 to 200 vol . But another friend had the same issue from 500 straight to 50
  2. Hello everyone , First of all i was involved in this RP scenario and i have the following to add : The reporting party dosent know how 'Triads' know where his island is . That is very simple when he bought the island and he was a part of Zetas we bought our island also . Second of all i see the reporting party is talking about high realism and RP . I would like to ask the following questions about realism: Where is the realism when you drive a jet sky with a bag in your hand and you approach a huge boat that makes huge waves + wind at that speed ? I mean realistically you would be flipped if you ever get that close to a boat and your handling of the jet sky would be reduced from the bag you are holding right . Thank you.
  3. Goldan is trying to give people some hope when is no ammo or weapons , at least two times per week so people can log in and legit have something to do. If you ask me im not for events but for the crime update , in the meantime we still waiting for a bit of hope but nothing official so it is what it is
  4. Il make it faster , Laptop is not working for a while now that means no heavy weapons , ammo or pistols. The other options for 4+ official gangs to buy pistols are blocked rn . In a nutshell we dont have weapons or options in the past weeks due to this fact people stop playing crime side from 14+ on we are around 2-3
  5. Who started this saying that we deserve to have nothing ? lol Last post here as you cant normally understand each other with the other side never . But you are a special case that legit accused us of crying and stated that we dont deserve nothing , if someone did flame this topic that was you . Cause before you end up posting here everyone was sharing ideas not hate Thank you
  6. He cries cause even with that free ammo and armour they still get clapped . We all cry when we lose a fight more or less , but to hate us on a ooc level that is beyond everything else . Have fun RP at mission row as crime for few days dont crime RP anymore If we dont deserve weapons , you dont deserve nothing else as PD dont even RP without binds 70% of you not all of you . So how come you deserve free things with 0 rp quality ?
  7. On that event the money loss was around 500k for the whole faction ( not treasury ) our own pockets. And we had to beg for deathrp as PD and SD where to busy to blast people ruining our rp experience , we shall not forget
  8. I dont know how can you state your opinions here but talk about a different server you have no logic . I legit say let me know how is going to feel like after you cant use your comet retro to chase criminals , pay for your guns and armour but before this erase the money you already have . Cause if you already have 10 mil you are not gonna feel it . That was my point , the fact that you talk about different servers you just derailed from the topic . "All these suggestions revolting on money and guns are embarassing." You know what is even more embarrassing ? The fact that PD has free weapons free armour , and cry when they loose a fight . If you want to talk about that we can do it for days and days , you are tired of criminals hitting a traffic stop but your resources are unlimited so this is indeed embarrassing .
  9. Ok then have fun paying for your weapons , gas and armour then let me know how is this going for you bud
  10. So what you saying Aldarine is you want us to create our own RP scenario helped by the staff but no prizes ? So im just gonna lose my last 10 pistols that i have as is no other way of buying them , i mean i honestly think you dont get our drift this time . We are going to do the plan , present it to you etc etc but at the end give us something back , you think this is not fair ? Tbh we tried on so many levels to bring back criminal rp from scratch and all we get is no , not realistic , cant do Same problems different day
  11. Good to see that already 2 weeks passed with no answer , no promise no nothing . In the meantime i will keep the FM and staff updated with the changes in criminal rp in these 2 weeks that passed from our concerns made public here and in the other topic called ' import changes' that is also being ignored for more then 5 months : In the past 2 weeks we noticed that is no point in trying to fight PD in a RP scenario that legit makes sense , im not talking about a traffic stop etc . Im talking about a recent situation house raid last one that comes to my mind . No one has heavy weapons ammo , new gangs dont even have heavy weapons at least empty to flex in a picture and post it fashion . Now we cant even buy pistols anymore cause we dont have any options left , everything was stopped / blocked . I would like to say congratulations to those 152 PD / SD officers cause from now on you can RP with your partners at mission row not with criminals cause we cant rp without 0 support . And also a big F for those 197 crime members ( in official factions ) . Thank you team you are doing a great job .
  12. I want one full body coloured !
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