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  1. I know what i said but that is just a starting point , i am entitled to refuse and i just told you why . Thank you
  2. Looking good gents , always a pleasure to meet you great role play . Keep up the good work .
  3. Sorry friend i will have to decline your offer not selling it for that amount because is fully maxed. It is 50k stock + fully upgraded you can check on the bayview or LSC how much the upgrades cost each . Performance + Visuals
  4. Honestly i think on the highway is around 200 km/h But being maxed and having the turbo in town is very quick . The acceleration is really god . I have not tested a lot outside on the highway to much .
  5. Hello there , Selling my Schafter LWB Maxed turbo 1/2 . Starting bid 60k Currently listed at HE for 90 K . Thank you .
  6. Hello , I don't want to bother but in a week the time for the second appeal is coming. As stated above by Flufficial. Thank you , Have a great day .
  7. Sorry but i don`t understand, Regarding the fact that i do not have any past with VDM you still think just the fact that i touch the brake i wanted to do it ? I was speaking on the radio in the same time driving and i just do that , i was already doing the spin for the last 5 7 minutes , i dont understand how the fact that i brake makes me guilty to get a permanent ban . https://i.gyazo.com/40d3e178b6795782439b379097c9255d.mp4 https://streamable.com/2uz71 https://streamable.com/bx5yj Similar problem with what i had , just the fact that he braked that makes him guilty ? On my screen i had the same thing i dont had the time to shadow play because after that we started the chase and i was focused on that and i shadow played to late . Regarding what iv been asked before why i did not stop to say sorry ? He instantly reply REPORTED VDM so i replied desync thats why i did not say sorry . Thank you Sorry in advance if i am not allowed to post here. Later edit . Added to similar cases of what iv been trough .
  8. Account name:DimaDan Character name(s):Tony Accardo Admin who issued punishment:Flufficial Date of punishment:23/07/2019 Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment:VDM Your explanation of what happened: First of all i want to start by saying that my role play has been improved a lot from the first day that i started playing here. With the help of staff and a lot of players from the server . Every time i obey the rules , and every time i got a punishment mostly as a new player because my first one was FearRp i improved myself and that never ever happened. Now regarding the VDM this guy was hunting triads because his friends where killed by them . I did not want to ''run him over' because even in the video you can see i did not run him over i just hit him . I had no intention to do it , thats why i had no RP before , on my screen showed me that his is down near my bike but that i did not touch him . Thats why i responded him in game ooc desync . First of all i did not kill him , but he wanted to make the report just to cause some harm . Because of what triads did to his gang (IC) . After leaving Sandy MD we followed him after he pointed a gun at one of ours and he stooped near the bank , actual he wanted to stop at the bank but he crashed before and got killed . Then instantly he PMed me that ''Killed in NCZ reported' First of all i was not the guy that put him down but he still pmed me just for what ? He was tryng to hunt us because he was just mad . If you check my history of punishments i never been reported for VMD . I never did that with a roleplay , or without because i dint find it Fair Play. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because i think Permanent ban is a hard punishment for what i did . I also obey the rules , improved my role play and everything . I never had a Dm complain or a VDM complaint till now . My DM complain like i explained there was a mistake of radio intel . But i accepted my punshiment i spend my time in jail , and apologized to the admin that offered me the sentence one more time . But for this VDM to take a permanent ban i dont find it fair .Because i did not cause any harm on the person , he was not dead he did not loose anything . And is all about a desync isue even i dont have a proof . But DM and VDM even they are like the same punishment , VDM is more like a bug issue in many of the cases like you can see below , but you already know that of course. DM of course is something different you cant say you DM-ed someone by mistake , or bug . Like he accused me that i did it with bad intentions , why did i not come back and killed him ? It was just a misunderstanding. And thats because i know how many time i invested in improving my role play and my gameplay . So that is why i find the punishment to hard for what i did . Post any evidence or further details: I do not have . Thank you for reading.
  9. Hello , I had no intention to run you over by the following reasons. I was not even there when Triads followed you and your buddies whatever, i was just there to keep an eye and wait for my guys to come . You and the other 2 3 guys running in the middle of the road , i already duck 3 of you once then this happened . When i passed beside you your character had the animation down then standing but like 4 5 meters away , i did not see that i roll over you,like in your video i did not '' run you over '' . And btw you admit that you run in and out from a NCZ area and know that you where engaged in a pursuit with my fellows lol. And there is a rule for this , is illegal to run in and out a NCZ zone if you are in a pursuit or fight etc Thank you .
  10. Character to be refunded: Tony Accardo Date and time of incident: 21/07/2019 Requested refund (what and how much): 6 heavy pistols ,200 ammo , 5 50cal pistols 2 shotgun 50 ammo Description of incident resulting in loss: I take all my weapons from my stash car and i was on my way to my new house when i got disconnected (rollback) Evidence of loss: https://imgur.com/a/ofMB0qU A ss after i take everything from my car and my bag was in my hand , i was on my way to pick up my BF and go to my house. Next picture is the place 500 m away from my house where i crashed. Comments: I never think to make a ss with my weapons in my bag , everything went to fast so i did not had the chance even with shadowplay. I know for a lot of people this amount of ammo and guns is nothing but for me is everything that i had , and i gather in the last 2-3 weeks . Thank you for reading. I also reported immediately in game to YouSoHlepful . Thanks.
  11. Bro i already respond relax for a bit . On radio i got bad intel thats it , i admited already. If i knew otherwise i will RP it .
  12. My friend dont start telling me now that you dont run with Los novos something , lets be real you dont have a gang thats more suitable for you now in a report in it ? I tell my side of story , on the radio i got the info i come and i took the actions regarding what info i had. Thats all i have to say , you already start making stories.
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