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  1. Hi there , Im selling this beautiful 1G very close to LSC and Bank. The apartment has a storage of 500 vol + few extra ones . It was recently refurbished and looks nice for a 1G. Starting Price would be 200k . I am not in a hurry specially when prices already start to go up . Thank you . Please find attached few pictures with the location and the apartment. https://imgur.com/a/jHVcnoW
  2. @KCAJ Top speed is 200ish but i also hit 240
  3. Same here after i died the other player reported and i explain it to RedHot i think .
  4. +1 They all look dope and we kinda need something new .
  5. Thank you team for agreeing with me on the OOC hate part . Appreciate your honesty you are a great individual .
  6. For real you legit say ''Walk a mike in our shoe , see how it is '' ? I would like to try to have free weapons , armour , top speed 240 cars with bad handling . Now you want to go to the other side and waste 40-50k for a fight and then wait for your next salary ? And most of all when i get beat up enough i just complain to the higher up and they would complain to the crime higher up to leave us alone that is GOLDEN. Is very hard for my slow mind to understand how the people above me that are playing a PD / SD character THINK that law enforcement is NOT OP . If someone agrees to make a 1 on 1 with me cause maybe im dumb and i dont understand HOW crime still has an advantage upon you guys . Like i say to my every reply , feel free to get offended cause you should . LOVE
  7. DimaDan

    The Rooks

    Nice one !! Looks dope
  8. Far as im concerned the situation is like this . PD / SD dont know how to lose a fight , would people get offended by my post ? Please feel free cause you know in right team. Supers are limited ( some of them ) because of the past and PD interactions. Crime is very boring on server already because of multiple things specially “ Dont fight PD to often “ Well again someone was offended cause they got blasted in what they call “traffic stop” . If you take your time and check reports , do a quick math and see how many time crime break a rule vs pd and how often pd / sd break rules against crime . Specially their main talent is to run people over and shoot snipers for no valid reason. This is very sad team because : - PD cruisers go 230-240 ( dont even try to contest this there are videos so dont lose your time) -Weapons / Armour - People dont even bother to /me the carbines anymore -Swat / Snipers -High speed unit / Drags / crown vic going 260 What does crime use to have ? Few supers and drags . Now tell me in what world you see a regular cruiser going faster then a elegy retro custom ( sport car ) or a jester ( sport car) Someone answered me “ they go fast because handling is bad” Very good point actually . Now taking away the drags being another PD suggestion and ignoring our own ones like making crime fun because you cant fight cops to often ( non rp ) You cant have a war with someone cause they take it oocly on forum LOL Reduce the price of the body Armour ( crime are rich af dont do it ) Weapons are already a waste of money for crime because the other side does not give a crap about their weapons. I can lose 30-50 K in a fight but when i loot a cop i find a pistol i cant loot the heavy because i cant , that sounds fair also But at the end of the day PD are not OP at all , Thank you and feel free to get mad team kisses
  9. Honestly people already say this you wanted to be part of a gang right ? You call them family and everything but the first hour of the war people run at Bayview to change their colors ( non rp ? ) thing that come back to normal thanks to your leader .I understand how war can be harsh i have friends in wanted, and i need to clap them but is just business sirs . Instead of making a topic here you could find a way to recruit more soilders and fight the war or find another way to stop it.Put more time in RP then forum hate would be my end point . Nobody mentioned that we want your gang to be kicked from the server , but if you dont want that just fight .
  10. @Sineye Wait have you done that ? Im just trying to understand your reply Nvm slow internet already passed xD
  11. Wait would be very hard in real life to shoot a pistol / uzzi while driving at max 70/Km ? I would like all US people to agree with him
  12. Would be nice that only people that experienced criminal / law enforcement life reply here . No offence but people that barely shoot their pistol 1 time per ooc month should not say “ oh drive by is bad cause is bad and people will abuse it “ Love
  13. +1 This can bring awesome rp for both criminal and law enforcement sides.
  14. +1 Also would be nice to create small groups like (5-10 people ) to send a text to multiple people once
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