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  1. Goodbye to the next Welcome It was an early sunday morning when Clutch got a phone call from somebody that was interested in joining the Wanted. He wasn’t alone he said and he asked me to come over, which I did. Upon arrival there was a group of people standing there. They told me they were ex-Marcello and that they wanted to find a group that they could call a family again. After some hesitation and some deliberation I vouched for the group. Taking them with me to show them the ropes of what the Wanted does and what they stand for. Time past by and most of that group started to leave the city, some were forced and some were done with the Los Santos lifestyle. Yet, there was one guy that always stayed around. His name was Hakan Demerici. Hakan was special, he was always there when you needed him. A man with a kind soul and a lot of determination to do what's best. Months had past and he became one of my best friends, someone I could spend hours with, without it becoming boring. This is why his latest call to me came in like a bomb. He told me he was going to leave the city. That this was a requirement for him to fix some personal issues and to become and grow into a stronger man. He asked me to take care of his baby, his beloved orange seven-70. With pain across my chest I assured him that I would take care of it and keep his legacy alive. This is when I brought him to the airport. He walked up the stairs and gave me one final look before performing his last gang sign. We stood there for a second until he entered his plane back to his roots. Hakan might have left the city, but his legacy will live on in the form of others.
  2. I have not seen that forum post! Sorry about that! :)
  3. Some people from MD, PD and Me have been talking about improving communication between active helicopters. Right now we don't really have a system in which we can communicate with eachother about locations or general directions. We would love to have a similar system as the truckers where we can use a command (/cb for truckers) to talk to everyone thats currently piloting a helicopter. Not only will this increase realism much more, it would also be good to have a decent communication system between pilots as a whole. In addition, maybe showing eachother on the GPS is another thing that you could consider. This way we always know when we are about to get close to another aircraft, which will reduce the chance of ever coming into an air collision situation.
  4. I've been told to just scrap it by an admin. So please close this report!
  5. Date and time (provide timezone): No clue, somewhere on the 24th. Character name: Seth Blackwood Issue/bug you are reporting: I randomly got a 'Cliffhanger' bike added to my car collection. I never bought this nor traded this, it just appeared when I checked /vehiclestats once. Expected behavior: It should not be in my vehiclelist or garage. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://gyazo.com/104b75fe362ffe8629725ad717e7229d Vehicle license plate number*: PRCHXEKU
  6. TRANSFER REQUEST Character to Transfer From: Jacky Kamulete Character to Transfer To: Seth Blackwood Requested Transfer: 3 Garage House in Vine Wood Hills. Estimated house worth: 227000. Cockingend Dr. 7 Reason for Transfer: Recently I've been granted the opportunity to become Weazel CEO on my alternative character. He's fairly new to town and currently crashed in a 1 Garage house in the ghetto near strawberry. I think it would increase the realism much more if he could have the house currently owned by Jacky, since a CEO in real life wouldn't live in the ghetto. I think a bigger house is common for somoene with a high fuction within a legal business and I hope that the request gets approved. How would you transfer the asset(s) if approved? Don Underwood (Papastouch) will help me transfer the house.
  7. Brothers at Arms Sometimes you just know that you found someone that you can call a brother. Someone that would stand with you through thick and thin and someone that will always support you. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes different perspectives on a certain case can lead to a scenario in which two former brothers are turned against each other. Some people may call it politics, some people may call it betrayal but there is one thing for certain; Clutch’s world changed that day. It was a calm day and Clutch asked his ‘Brother’ to meet up with him, due to some emotional problems that he was struggling with. It felt like a normal hangout, a type of hangout that happened between them on a frequent basis. Yet, this ‘hangout’ changed a lot. Clutch’s friend brought up a huge issue that impacted their relationship. Clutch got told that his ‘Brother’ was turning on him, because his new group ‘The Legion’ was not happy with ‘The Wanted’. In their eyes ‘The Wanted’ was obtaining for something that they didn’t deserve. This causing them to not be willing to become neutral with ‘The Wanted’. In opposite, they told Clutch that they were planning to become hostile towards ‘The Wanted’ when they had the chance. Clutch was shook and out of words, he tried to leave this meeting as soon as possible. He had to think. After strolling through the city for a few hours, he looked up and saw a huge yellow crane and decided to climb up. The climb was filled by a rollercoaster of emotions. The main question that haunted his head was; WHY?. What did he do wrong, or how did he deserve to be stuck in this position. Nobody could give him that answer. He spend hours up the crane dangling his feet off the side of the crane. The sun started to go down and he decided that he had to down again. He stood up and brushed his somewhat developed tears away. He placed one feet on the railing, and placed the second one up there a few seconds later. He stood still for a second and then a big sigh escaped before he jumped of the crane. A few seconds after his jump, he pulled the cord on his back opening the parachute. The feeling of flying emptied his mind for a second. He decided to steer towards the Los Santos Pier, where after a few minutes he landed on the beach. He hid his parachute under the pier and found half a bottle of whiskey in the sand. He stared at the bottle desperately, getting flashbacks to his past where he was a uncontrollable drunk. Clutch decided to pick it up. There he was, at the place where once him and his ‘Brother’ were laughing and chilling together. A place that brought back great memories, but also a great pain and feeling of emptiness. They say that when you lose something, you can just replace it. His old friend was gone, and he was greeted with another old friend again. A friend that made him see less clear and influenced his daily business. He stayed there for a few more hours, drinking the whole bottle of whiskey and losing track of time. The questions in his head still haunted him and he couldn’t find any answers. More than a week had passed since that terrible day, and his emotions were completely shifted. He was no longer sad or angry, but had a feeling of darkness inside him. He described it as that he felt that he lost all of his emotions. He didn’t feel anything anymore, he felt empty. But he did make himself one promise, he swore that he would never feel like this again. Sometimes Brothers in Arms change to Brothers at Arms.
  8. Character to be refunded:Jacky Kamulete Date and time of incident: around 23;20 CEST Requested refund (what and how much): Pocket money of 188500 (and if possible inventory which i have no evidence off; Heavy Pistol) Description of incident resulting in loss: I was dealing at the lucky lady casino and i fell through the map resulting in me dying. Evidence of loss: https://gyazo.com/182755c7ced4ae318d357971efed0154 Comments: People need to take a look into it, since it apparently happened before, i got teleported to a different dimension after that.
  9. I am ID 176, This is complete and utter nonsense. This had totally nothing to do with the voice of the player in question. We were all talking at the parking lot when out of a sudden ID 122 reversed his car and hit me and Brad Light while we were standing on the little wall you see on the picture. Since this happened all out of nothing I said ''Nigga?'' since I was curious what was going on. ID 122 can confirm this since he apologised in OOC and IC chat afterwards. I have no idea why the person reporting this is setting me up in this racist trap since it had NOTHING to do with his voice at all. I think this is a low blow from the reporting party and I wish this report can be closed. Please ask ID 122 since he can confirm ramming BOTH of us while we were standing on the wall. I am open for any more questions, but I think this report doesn't really need any further talking. With great disbelieve, Jacky Jones
  10. Jelle079

    ID 68 NLR

    @Puskin Responded 9 days ago haha 😉
  11. Jelle079

    ID 68 NLR

    Hey, I'm ID 68. I was definitely wrong in this case and I must admit that. This happened a few days ago and at that time I just lost the New Player status. This actually was the first time I was at a drug lab and was robbed and killed in the process. The adrenaline got to my head and I did remember the NLR rule, so I started out fresh at the MD and was thinking in my head that I could have gotten into a car crash, so checked where my car was. This brought me back to the DL where I found my car and took off in it. During the adrenaline rush and being faced by the NLR for the first time, I completely brain farted on the 30 min rule. When I took it, the man recording this followed me on the road and I stopped (which he didn't include in the record). He pointed out to me that I broke NLR, bc of the 30 min rule and told me to check out the server rules again. I did and I apologised for the rule break (OOC) to him and told him it wouldn't happen anymore. I know I was in the wrong but learned from it as I had contact with the reporting party the next day as well (telling them that I had checked the forums again). Sorry for the fuck up and I'm sure it won't happen again. I take full responsibility for the actions I did, just a rookie mistake that won't happen again. Greetings, Jacky ''Clutch'' Jones
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