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  1. Gotcha man, I'll keep you posted!
  2. Already got a 340k offer atm.
  3. Fully modded, even has 2/2 turbo. Send me offers here or via the phone/email: 2358424 or Doey#2629 @gmail.com .
  4. Man your colors are super close to the LSC employee purple 😄
  5. 420 my number is: 2358424
  6. I'm very interested in the houses near LSC. Doesn't matter what garage, is anyone willing to sell one of them? Especially interested in Eastbourne way 11 or 12 (next to LSC) Paying well! Please contact me on : 2358424 or send an email to Doey#2629 @gmail.com Kind regards, Darion Rueb
  7. Character to be refunded: Darion Rueb Requested refund(what and howmuch): 3000 credits Description: I've been sent here by Moderator: Donovan to ask for a refund on the forums. I have bought the newly added Dune2 as a birthday gift for myself about an hour ago. I was hyped about the sound it makes and especially the horn. After trying it out ingame I noticed alot of my friends didn't properly hear the horn all the time. Other then that it seems to be 'getting hit' alot when cars or bikes are behind it, even though they aren't near me in their screen. I am aware on the desync but it feels like ALOT worse for me with this car. I fully modded it (aside from the 2/2 turbo) to see how it drove, it was sadly still horrible to drive in as well but that's an different matter. All I would be asking for is an reimbursement of the credits back to my account and the removal of the vehicle. I really do not want my money back because I'm happy to support the server. But now I'm 30 euros out on a very undesirable birthday present AND I have now permanently locked a vehicle slot on my main since I cannot sell it in game either. Moderator Donovan told me only founders are able to do these things. Could this please be removed from my character and reimbursed for the 3000 credits? I'd also love the 90k modding back. It's in the LSC logs. Can look it up if really needed but my main concern is the 30 euros worth of credits. EDIT: Another bug I've noticed is that my fuel % keeps bleeping around for no reason: https://streamable.com/db1fl Comments: I hope you understand my situation. It really saddens me I wasted 30 euros on a birthday gift that didn't turn out that great, that might also be taking up a vehicle slot on my main forever. Kind regards, Darion Rueb
  8. offering 225k. Email me at Doey#26219 @gmail.com
  9. Interested aswel! Please hit up Doey#[email protected], I'm offering well for a house at the canals!
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