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  1. Just take a drive around the city, tons of 1g's around for 200k.
  2. Yeah I'd love this addition. At the moment I have my RV (Journey) on the ledge at LSC and I RP that I live in it for the past few months. I've had help from Lewis draining my fuel on it on purpose in the past, so that it's completely stationary there too. I'd love the option to be able to enter it. Or possibly move a 1g house marker with the trevor trailer interior to the entrance door on the RV if it's stuck in place if you own one of those houses. I believe that moving house markers around isn't something that is insanely hard to do right? (I might be wrong, apologies in that case!). But moving the house marker from a 1g that you own to the entry point of the RV is probably the eassiest way to achieve this for RP purposes?
  3. Great post, although the helicopter might be a bit of a strech for a mech shop. +1
  4. Darion's Surf'N'Turf Boat Rental Service, All you benny's and non-benny's have seen that bitchin' red and white hippie van with a surfboard on top drive around the streets in Los Santos at some point. Well boys and girls, that my baby! You can always find me walking around in my baggies near LSC pretty much, because that's where I work too! But dude, my calling to the sea is still as choka as ever! My passion for the beach and the ocean isn't just all about catching some narly waves. But much, much more then that! Fishing was always a close second call to me, enjoying the fruit the ocean gave me after a wrestle between man and nature, that's such a rush! And man, who doesn't wanna go for a nice dip in the water after working a sweat on your brow after catching a bonker of a fish? My drive slowly became more amped for a more epic experience. I eventually managed to nail the narliest boat in town! Heck yeah man, I've been taking it out for trips with benny's and betty's eversince! I want to share the excitement and rush I get from cruising those bombs out on the ocean, so that's why I decided to rent out my boat to everyone in Los Santos! Benny's included! What will you be renting? Location: Refueling station: Are you interested in riding some crankin' waves my brah's and betty's? Or just wanna go on a nice, safe and profitable fishing trip? Well don't let this bitchin' chance slide! Come join me in the dawn patrol on the Los Santos waters! Turn your life in an endless summer just like mine. Get out of those billabongs and Hit me up with a text or email me if any of you are interested in Darion's Surf'N'Turf Boat Rental Service! Contact: #2358424 OR doey#[email protected] Peace! Darion Rueb Note: Temporarily out of service
  5. Doey


  6. Player(s) being reported: 182, Estaban Garcia Date of interaction reported: 22-05-2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: & Your characters name: Darion Rueb Other player(s) involved: Id 161 Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) • Vehicles cannot be used to attack another player more than once including a failed attempt. How did the player break the rule(s)? 182 Ran over ID 161 several times, circled around the LSC property and proceeded to ram more vehicles and aiming for other players while doing so. Only 161 Got hit, multiple times. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/br5us https://streamable.com/jteux Note: Also OOC insult after being arrested icly and telling him OOC he's getting an report:
  7. At this point I would also be fine with a simple removal of the vehicle from my character if that is an option too. Don't mind donating to the server, just absolutely regret getting this vehicle. Rather have the server keep the cash and me to get back the vehicle slot basically. Just wish I could add 2k more credits and swap it out for a Ruston.
  8. Looking for a house near the canals or anywhere else where a boat can get to. Please text or email me on 2358424 or doey#[email protected]
  9. Currently we are selling the Los Santos Customs office down at Vinewood. The interior is fully furnished as an office building. It's a four garage villa with a swimming pool etc. If you are interested please text 2358424 or email me on Doey#[email protected]
  10. More auctions to bring more unique vehicles in or a parade might be fun!
  11. Looking for the owner of the Issi Classic that went for auction few months ago Please email or text me on 2358424 or Doey#[email protected]
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