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  1. If this is in response to what I posted, as in the google doc, this will not be an issue because it will work much how LSC works being that it is a faction and if you want to do those kinds of things you will need OOC corruption approval from the leader of the faction.
  2. When it pertains to actual tow trucks we don't really mean that. The google doc made is by any means necessary, most likely flatbeds as they actually work.
  3. My group put this together a long time ago, and no developers would contact us OOC as well as no commissioners ever being on IC to speak to. https://docs.google.com/document/d/10699r2zizhAbi9ryZOLhEafe_047eWzmZKO3J6Ft_YA/edit?usp=sharing Let me know if there's questions...
  4. I have submitted my application to become a coordinator. Looking forward to hearing a response, regardless of the result determined.
  5. I do not know these people OOC. There is no influence or corruption on my part. The admins surely have a tough job no denying that.
  6. I know it’s not asked of me to prove some kind of evidence but I was there for the entire interaction including the chase. I’m wearing the pink shirt. The guy instigated a fight with Billyboe, point blank. Billyboe asked him numerous times to stop being racist and to stop being mean to to cops. The guy was using expletives like the n word and breaking character nearly the entire time he was in the grass. It all ACTUALLY started when Billyboe was fishing at the pier and the guy said to me out of nowhere, in character, “shut yo bitch ass up” and billyboe began defending me. He then said the fuck
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