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  1. New and skeptical

    Hello, welcome to our server. If you have any questions I recommend that you hop onto our discord: https://discord.gg/y2gxAjg and ask there. Make sure to also read our rules and the guides we have on how to play.
  2. Jeff Zed / Mask 4050_4565

    Your friend also crashed and I told you I didn't have a gun while I was I carrying one. Not even 10 seconds later when the cop crashed, you exited the car. Took out the SMG and blasted Brian, the reason why I stepped down from the container is because I knew I wouldn't win against you head on.
  3. New

    Hello and welcome to our community
  4. AutoServices (CLOSED)

    $500,000 | Sultan RS
  5. Hello

    Welcome tot he community. :wave:
  6. You are sexy and I know it!

  7. Erick

    Hello and welcome to our community, we hope you will enjoynyoir roleplay experience and if you have any questions, feel free to ask on our discord.
  8. [Suggestion] Mors

    You can only take 1 vehicle out to avoid any freebies. You had 3 cars out but someone with 2 supercars might have only 1 out and after server restart he could get both out for free.
  9. Can’t regiater for panel

    YOu need to register in the game, not on the game panel.
  10. I am pretty sure if your vehicle gets destroyed the hp still goes down to 300 hp to prevent insurance scam. But when server crashed 1 vehicle is allowed to be spawned for free. So in some way, yes this suggestion has gotten implemented.
  11. Cars and Drugs

    To get vehicles you can ask some of the car dealership owners to import them for you. As for the drugs, you can currently only grow weed (check the latest update post) or you can import other drugs. I suggest joining discord and asking for help there: https://discord.gg/SJtRDe
  12. Hi All

    Hello and welcome to our community. If you have any questions use /report IG or ask on discord (this one is usually faster :D )
  13. [Suggestion] Official Gang Turf System + Hideouts

    It seems alot, but now that you mention yes, it does seem like it isnt alot, that is why I said to start low and make it increasable by admins once we get the economy and gangs 100% down, to balance it out.
  14. [Suggestion] Official Gang Turf System + Hideouts

    I really like the idea, but I have 2 suggestions. 1. 15k per 2 hours seems alot, maybe it should start at lower ammount at start and once we see how the gangs roll, we can increase ( this is in no way saying that it will be 15k anyway) 2. Give admins easy access to disable nodes, lets say that 1 or 2 faction leaders go inactive for little bit and factions activity slows down, each other remaining faction could easily take over the turfs, getting loads of money/ammo. With admins seeing that a faction is semi inactive, they could easily disable certain nodes, to prevent monopoly and huge gains for other factions
  15. Bird Up, Any Old School Players about?

    :wave: welcome to the community