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  1. ((Shame its at the bad timing for Europeans, :/ ))
  2. Not Having To Pay Cash At General Stores

    I like the way it currently is, it sucks but it also means that people cant just run in general store and refill their hp then go back without carrying money on themselves, so there is no risk
  3. Handheld Megaphones

    Not louder, but make your voip be heard for farther distance, so reduce the volume loss multiplier per range if you are using megaphone
  4. Passengers in vehicles able to turn off radio themselves

    I think Its possible with natives to disable radio...but that would mean no radio would work till you enable it back.
  5. James Hughes

    Wat :notlikethis:
  6. Another newbie

    Weeelcome to the server, I have seen that you have already found out about our discord which is where you should direct yourself if you ever have problems with gta v/Gt-mp/windows or even hardware problems.
  7. Can't make character

    Start Gta V in full screen mode, you can do that by pressing alt+enter when gta v is loading
  8. That is due to the VOIP thing, because it detects you have microphone plugged in and it locks up your game.
  9. Interior fix

    When you are in interiors currently especially the Eclipse Tower one, you can see the inside of the building you are in and it looks ugly, but there is a fix for this http://gtaforums.com/topic/836301-hiding-gta-online-apartment-exteriors/ https://cdn.rage.mp/public/natives/#native_0xA97F257D0151A6AB
  10. Street map mods

    "on your map and/or radar?"
  11. Street map mods

    if you mean street names like gta san andreas have, there are none and gt-mp uses their own map so you probably cant use it anyway.
  12. The fall of OsamaBigLag

    I only named official factions, and members of staff team..
  13. The fall of OsamaBigLag

    I mean...I wont leave completely, I am still in town ;) Just will be playing less
  14. The fall of OsamaBigLag

    As I am writing this I am sipping my glass of vodka with strawberry juice :yummy: I would like to thank everyone that I ever interacted with, because it reminded me of sa-mp days and of the good rp, even if you broke rules in front of my eyes, I forgive you and I am not the one to hold the grudge ( unless you are savage in that case die :P ) . Nobody - Stuff were said in the heat of the moment, I know what I said was wrong and I there is no excuse for it. I also said bad stuff about your work without proper evidence or knowledge. Osvaldon - I hope you are enjoying/enjoyed your vacation, I wish you would come back and take some burden off Nobody's shoulder. Xylum - I always liked what you did, you respected community opinion to some degree and I respect that, sad to see you go and you made me the support staff in the first place, I cant thank you enough for that. Harmdone - You do good stuff for the PD, I hope to see more interesting stuff for the PD/MD in the future. Maybe something we cant even expect to see on gt-mp platform Toony - Our love hate relationship :) Hope to see you more IG BallinByNature - I never really interacted with Ballas or PD so I cant say a lot of you, but I can say that you did a lot of the good work for the PD and I hope I get to see your gang rise with quality rp Masony - Never really interacted with you, but maybe we will one day :) Eriksen - Heh, you are one funny admin that can also be nice to when it comes to it :) InvalidSun - Invalid, keep doing what you are the best at, sad to see you leave Bayview Aon - less shitposting in discord, get a pc finally. Sam6420 - Never seen you IG, so I cant say anything Spark - I hope you would make some new plans for the community, the current ones look sick and we are still waiting ;) Papastouch - sorry, never seen you IG Ethosyde - sorry, don't know you that much, but I did help you once as support :D FatherOsborn - I appreciate what you did for the community with the prison and its nice to see it has beared its fruit and made itself worth ItsPazz - Just...no NoewUH - Gratz on getting mod, wish you best of the luck KatieCat9 - Liz, gratz on getting mod, I hope I see both of you admin some day :) TeamSpeakUser - Keep helping people on discord, you are doing a good job and sorry that made myself get removed, but more work for all of you :) I like to think to myself that I am the one that started the real support on discord, but that is not true. I was just boasting, don't let it get to you like did to me :) LiveTrash Chief Pupui Bucolic_6 PugLord Infamous Felix TruffleButter KingZaki - stay reformed :D Knoxi Bandar Bomb - glad to see you stopped kissing all the ladies. LSC, my family, it was fun playing with you, sad that we almost got divided at one part in our journey but I am glad to see we have gotten over it and we still care about each other again the same, if not more. I LOVE you guys so much. Bayview, I guess I came there because I was bored, but you guys are nice to hang with, especially Ana, Eriksen, Brian and Ray. Love all of you guys <3 PD, its sad that you guys get blamed for everything when someone breaks the rules and they drag you through discord, I admit. I did the same once. Hope we have no bad feelings (and shame on you for wiping my record!, I cant turture cadets anymore with my lengthy tickets ) MD, sad to see people leave the MD, you always provided good rp to all of us. <3 To any other random person I ever RPed with, even if I was the loser and RP was good, I didn't mind doing it. Love you guys all <3 I would like to thank everyone again for being this great community, being support and helping people made me happy. Hope we will see each other in the game and if you ever have problems just ask on discord, I will be keeping my eye on that :) I will most likely keep playing, especially if Nobody releases drinking ;) You will find me in the nearest Pub then :D Love you all
  15. Backpacks to hide guns

    Its shows the gun on your back even after you don't have it in your inventory