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  1. Changes to drug effects

    With the drugs being ingame there is no much use of them apart from the effects and healing from Heroin or Coke idk which. When you take a drug you have effect for around 3 minutes then it wears off. After 15 minutes or so the addiction hits in and you effect again. But, if you take same drug after the 3 minutes, the addiction is delayed for 15 minutes. I am asking if you could make it so that the addiction isn't moved especially for LSD. I want to have the fancy effect all the time. By taking 5 LSD each with 3 minutes inbetween them, then enjoying it for an hour or so from addiction. If you did that I would become regular drug user. Or make 5 drugs with same effect as LSD so I can use those :D Because diff addictions do stack.
  2. Change rob limit rules

    I dont think this should be in server suggestions as this is critical. I have seen few experoenced players breaking that rule because they only think its for money. And you are allowed to steal someones weapoms/drugs from houses/cars
  3. Change rob limit rules

    Account name: OsamaBigLag Character name: n/a Issue/bug you are reporting: Acording to the rules, you cant rob someones AR/SMG/Shutgon as the value of those items exceeds 2,5k and if everyone in town will inflate pistol prices, you wont be able to steal those too. And not being able to take those weapons brings you in danger, because when you put ur guns down, they can kill you. Because you cant take their weapons Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Acording to rules 1. Players are allowed to rob other players by either roleplaying it or by forcing them to raise their hands and using the /mug command. A criminal cannot force his victim to give up more than $2.500 in cash or the same value in items. A criminal is allowed to demand their victim to hand over vehicle keys.
  4. Bandar been kidnapped by Chan Gang! ( Part 1 )

    does it matter though? Either u are called Triads, Chang gang, ur real name. People will recognize you.
  5. The Best TV Show(s)

    Psych, Scrubs, House, SIlicon Valley, RIck and Morty
  6. [SUGGESTION] Cell Phone Companies

    Sorry, I meant different companies. Like AT&T and Verizon then have roaming charges :D
  7. [SUGGESTION] Paycheck Garnishment Frozen Assets

    I like this one, also being able to lock the super car from being taken out if they have to many tickets would be good too.
  8. [SUGGESTION] Cell Phone Companies

    Nah, we don't need this system in the game yet, also make the player be able to select that Celltower they want to be on, like IRL so you might get bad reach in certain parts of the world.
  9. Quiting RP - Stranger 3708_9379

    Your player name: Sarah_Haytam Player you are reporting: Stranger 3708_9379 Rule broken: Quit in the middle of RP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: 2 guys came to LSC and pulled their guns out, we defended ourself and killed them. After the medics came the reported party kept using OOC in VOIP and was warned for that. Then just said "I am out" in IC chat and disconnected. They didn't come back in the next 5 minutes. Time and date: 1:29:16 20/08/2017 UTC+1 Evidence:
  10. [APPEAL] OsamaBigLag

    Account name: OsamaBigLag Character name: n/a Reason of warning point: I posted in a report that I was not a part of. Administrator: DutchProjectz Why should this appeal be accepted? According to rules, any warning with less than 5 points expire in 1 month. It has been 1 month and 1 day and the warning point still hasn't been removed.
  11. Motorcycle eats 1litre in 15secs

    Fuel consumption is done over the distance you drive. I think 1km is 1% of fuel.
  12. /radiolow /phonelow

    If it does work it doesn't say (quietly) (phone) so I don't know. ANd sometimes I want to tlak in /low while not on the phone. SO its better if its separated
  13. /radiolow /phonelow

    I believe that we should have /radiolow and /phonelow like we have /dolow /low /melow That's pretty much it.
  14. Metabolism system

    +1 but only if we get alcohol added :D
  15. Illegal Tuning

    isnt the, Skyline and its mods illegal in us?