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  1. Make sure to run it as admin, RAGE Multiplayer runs at admin level, so if you want AHK to work while windows is focused to RAGE, you have to run it as admin
  2. IG account is the one that you use to login once you are in the game.
  3. Hello and sorry for the late response, are you using your IG account? The one you use to login to the server?
  4. Sorry, I worded it poorly, was he shooting in the air for you? Or infront of him?
  5. Did you try testing this out with someone? I believe it is not actually synced
  6. Update 18/05/2019 I received information that after using this script, if you try to play any other game, the game might not detect your real controller, but the virtual one. I have removed the download link till I can investigate and verify this.
  7. Nop, you can scam for any value and its allowed inside NCZ
  8. You could make a post on IC section that you are looking for graphical designer.
  9. +1 Rulebook should always be up to date. It's the same situation when it comes to scamming. While scamming is a crime, you are allowed to commit such crime in NCZ, completely opposite to what the rule says and if someone new joins the server, this was only posted in the Update thread, which not all new players might read.
  10. This script allows you to control the vehicle speed and acceleration the same way you would control it using a controller. On controller you can only press the Trigger button slightly and your vehicle will accelerate according on how much you squeezed the Trigger button. Using AHK script and 2 pieces of software, I am emulating a controller which game detects and uses it to accelerate the vehicle. Download link: REMOVED FOR THE TIME BEING HOW TO USE: LeftShift + Scroll Wheel UP increases/enables Vehicle Power/Acceleration LeftShift + Scroll Wheel DOWN decreases/enables Vehicle Power/Acceleration W, S, Power at 0, disables Acceleration The instructions are in Instructions.txt but I will also include them here:
  11. @SA Brian Jennings are you using door frames near those doors? During my placing of doors, I have noticed that door frames count as a door, so when you are unlocking/locking the door, you are actually unlocking/locking the door frame instead of the actual dor.
  12. Your Eclipse RP account is not connected to your Steam or Rockstar account
  13. +1 if the reasonable jumps are clearly defined, no matter what kind of vehicle you are using, if you land on a flat ground from a decent height, no suspension is gonna be able to handle that, but if you landed on a slope with a dirt bike which would be able to negate the gravity, then that should be allowed. + also what support member said below me
  14. I have created this script which allows you to draw on the note automatically, its not the best thing, but it's something.
  15. On a server I used to play, there was a system if the player was offline, you couldn't break into their house. I believe that made the whole breaking into houses more risky and prevented much of the offline raiding.
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