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  1. BrainDed

    Gang Wars

    So you want a feature which is basically metagaming?
  2. BrainDed

    Gang Wars

    The only thing current rules prevent you from doing is doing a drive by or other situations where you just mow down someone because you are at war with him you can hold up someone, you can jump someone, teach him a lesson with a bat. Not to mention, if you will be killing people by their clothing or vehicles, that will just end up with civilians getting hit. It happened before it will happen now
  3. BrainDed

    Gang Wars

    -1, you can be in war with someone without KOS
  4. Send me a text or give me your number
  5. +1 I agree, the inactive business should be put up for sale or auctioned like they were in the past. On the note of loan companies as it was mention, as a owner of a loan company, I try to limit the amount of loans I give out, if I do at all, because of lack of security in doing business. All other businesses have a secure way of earning money, while with loan companies you are risking your own money, without an IC way to recoup it. The only solution is refund request, but that takes time.
  6. The house is not for sale. @A N G E L I can do that for sure.
  7. Beautiful house with one of the best backyards in the town Perfect for hosting gatherings or parties with your friends -------------------------- Price: 30,000$ per month (( IRL week )) -------------------------- Contact me below or at #3338059
  8. Yes, I agree, people shouldn't get the additional fines, but currently that is the only way if there is no admin present. There is also the issue right now, I might know if someone escaped, but if I don't make a note or place charges on the person, other officers have no way of knowing who is wanted, even though IRL, someone escaping from a prison would get flagged up on background check I could place Prison break on them , but that doesn't tell the admin handling the situation, for how long they were actually in jail when they got released or how long they have left.
  9. I think there was some misunderstanding, right now, if you escape from the prison your prison time is removed, so if cops are aware of your escape, the only way that prison time back is to charge you again for the crimes you were already in prison for, but didn't serve because you escaped. This is sub optimal as you have to pay the fines again What I am suggesting is that instead of removing your prison time, your prison time gets paused as you get released from the prison by using different command instead of the current one
  10. When someone successfully escapes from prison, staff members release them from prison, wiping their charges. My suggestion is that we receive an additional command to be used by staff members which will pause the sentence instead of serving it like the current command does. Current command should stay in case someone needs their sentence reduced. Example: Someone is in jail for 4 hours, they served 2 hours but escaped. The prison time would pause at 2 hours. If they get arrested for something else or brought back in, the timer would continue at 2 hours + any other charges that they received. I am suggesting this because of 2 reasons. 1st: Charges are being removed ICly by OOC command done by server admins due to the teleport script in the server. 2nd: If PD/SD is aware of the prison break and who the person escaping is, if the person successfully escaped, PD/SD could re-apply the charges as the the person hasn't served time ICly, which would rack up additional fees to the criminal, which hurts criminals
  11. -1, the potential for abuse and how easy it is to do it is too high
  12. Criminals dont usually call medics
  13. About the usage of /do checks, I believe that really depends on the people you are RPing with, if its someone that you know, your RP flow might be more fluent with less /do checks which are still needed at some parts of the RP. Even on heavy RP servers, you will see a /do check, but a higher RP level than here. For example, lets say that I would attempt to punch someone, on heavy RP server, the /do check wouldn't just be /do success?, but instead /do Would my fist connect with your face, etc. The issue is the way Powergaming rule is written, enforced and the way in your case criminals and PD interacts with each other in situations. We do /do check for every action that is forceable on the criminal, because we don't want to risk getting reported for it. As for the medic RP, even if someone says to them what happened, they can't just take someones IC word for it, they used /do for their character to actually see what happened to you and when it comes to treating the injuries, you have to know that they are not actual doctors, their job is to get you to the hospital as fast as possible and stop you from dying on the way by bleeding out, and that involves using gauze ( they should use a bandage on top of the gauze to keep the pressure on the wound ), which, looking at the state of the city, they would most likely be impregnated with clotting agents due to amount of gunshot wounds. And the last part, the actual injury. You were shot in the gut by a shotgun, your case is maybe one of those, where you were actually downed by 1 shot, but most of the time, we have to shot someone 5+ times to incapacitate them because of the state of the sync. Because people are shot 5 times on their screen, they roleplay being shot 5 times, when in reality, a well placed shot in the chest, or limbs would most likely get the suspect to give up. So you have situations where people are saying they have been shot 5 times in the chest and if we allowed them to RP dying, everyone would then request for that.
  14. Character to be refunded: Elise de la Croix Date and time of incident: 16/06/2019 Requested refund (what and how much): $80,000 Description of incident resulting in loss: I have given out a $80,000 loan to Henrik Olsen, they have failed to pay back the loan in 2 months. Evidence of loss: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/518926469230231567/589935221349154816/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/518926469230231567/589935357458382859/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/518926469230231567/589935394183839744/unknown.png Current status of the loan: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/518926469230231567/614756083218513921/unknown.png Comments: Let me know if I am missing anything.
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