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  1. Hello, I am fairly sure that originally /funi was implemented for PD to be able to go out of uniform. If a faction member is in correct branch, they will be marked as on duty and receive paycheck. MD is lacking that branch so they do not receive it. This is more of a feature that MD doesn't support while PD/SD do
  2. PD very rarely shoots first, if we are firing at someone its either because they ran over someone in the city while evading, they aimed a pistol at someone or they are firing towards us This is not a bug or accident, if you select unarmed before exiting a vehicle, it won't equip the weapon. If you keep it on the pistol, when you step out it will pull out your pistol. Simple as that
  3. Mod Launcher - Update 29/06/2020 Added a button which allows you to save your mods, so when you start the mod launcher, those mods will be automatically selected
  4. I can give you my take on it, I personally don't give death RP even if the person who died can provide the most detailed and engaging medical RP. The only thing that matters to me is what lead to you being shot, if that RP was decent, then I would grant you death RP, if you just evaded and shot at cops, then its denied. ( This doesn't count when we roll up on scene where people are already injured, I will take their medical RP in consideration then as I wasn't the one involved in the situation that injured them )
  5. I mean, we have same amount in mags as crims, and when it comes to heavy weapons, we actually have less, as crims can get drum mags which just mows down cops
  6. We don't have 200+ ammo in our guns, I believe its either 120 or 150. While its still lots, it is way less as your numbers as well
  7. @FrankieP To be completely honest with you, there are a lot of criminals on here that don't operate very smartly. To the point where we have had to introduce robbery rules about where you can and cannot rob someone because people cannot seem to make those decisions for themselves. This is besides the point, if criminals don't act smartly, they get caught, no ones arguing against that. The problem is that we can plan our operations as smoothly as possible, with intricate planning, but more often than not, it will be ruined by cops that will disregard our rp (i.e shooting unarmed hostages, refusing rp'd fake ID's, catching a scammer through ID despite them changing name and having plastic surgery), they will act as if they're above the rules (constant VDM from cops), and will run head first into fights without second guessing (all because their is no setback to their faction if they lose their weapons). As for the new robbery rules, I agree with them completely. I will mainly focus on this "refusing rp'd fake ID's Fake ID's are considered alt RP as there is no script support from it, if you get an alt RP approval by head admin then go ahead and PD will follow that as long as you have proof of it, but you should know that fake ID's are either tied to someone in the system, which when the cop will run it in the MDC will see an issue with it ( image not matching for example ), or they are not tied to anyone, which will also get flagged in MDC And this" catching a scammer through ID despite them changing name and having plastic surgery". IRL if someone changed their name, they would still be able to be tracked to the system and even if not, there are other stuff that ties people to a name and allow them to be tracked
  8. Character to be refunded: Ruki Cake Date and time of incident: 16/06/2020 19:05 Requested refund (what and how much): $228,000$ Description of incident resulting in loss: The victim ( Ruki Cake ) and Suspect ( Dimitrov Bratva ) signed a contact for a trade between Stock Elegy Retro Custom and 40,000$ for Maxed Elegy Retro Custom. The victim handed over stock Elegy Retro Custom and 40,000$ to Dimitrov Bratva, then the suspect drove off without upholding their end of the contract. Charges have been placed on the suspect and he has served his time for it, now we are requesting for debt to be added to Dimitrov Bratva with Ruki Cake receiving their monetary value of their stolen assets. Evidence of loss: Any further details can be provided by myself privately as it is sensitive. Contact me at (BrainDed#1497) Comments:
  9. Character to be refunded: Elise_DeLaCroix Date and time of incident: 12/JUN/2020 06:00 Requested refund (what and how much): 6,750.00 * 7.63 ( pre rollback hours: 36.75, rollback hours: 29.12 ) Description of incident resulting in loss: PD Salary Rollback Evidence of loss: 1591953849 - this is my salary after the rollback 1591917863 - this is my salary pre rollback Comments: I had more hours, but that is the only evidence, in the 2nd picture you can see that I was scrolled up and for the 1st image, I was already on duty for an hour or so already
  10. Not selling, if you find a middle man with license for renting, I can rent it out to you for cheap
  11. Hello, I am the officer behind Blaze Dinkley. I have asked Timmay if I can submit the evidence and he said I can. https://streamable.com/nx52zg
  12. Remove everything but updater.exe and config.xml Open config.xml with text editing software and replace "prerelease" with "oldprerelease" without the " " Start updater.exe again, it should work
  13. BrainDed


    Sorry, a house was already bought, just forgot to remove the advertisement for it
  14. This can already be done using classifieds, encode the content of your message using a secret key, then distribute the secret key ICly and redirect people to the classifieds As for LAPD not having access to Darkweb, everyone has access to it. While LAPD probably doesn't, they might have cyber crime TF as its a big city, there is FBI who usually deals with it, as there is no FBI on Eclipse, such task would have to be taken on my PD or SD. I also don't think that official factions should just get it, setting up a proper TOR server with the mission to not get it taken over/compromised is not an easy task. So some sort of RP should be done for it
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