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  1. Hello, yes, when you are in character creation, you put in your characters name.
  2. Hello and welcome to the community, I hope you will enjoy your stay here and don't hesitate to ask for help on the forums or in discord 🙂
  3. Criminals are always bringing up this suggestions saying that its non rp that people have to wait 2 IRL hours waiting to do stuff ( and other suggestions ), while they themselves, getting arrested every day should be classed as non rp.
  4. Yes, but by the time you all people served, your IC age would probably be 200 years old by now. There is no consequences for going to prison every day apart from spending 2 hours in it max, and if you are abusing the system and you have 0 money in your bank account, you are also avoiding the fines.
  5. Its also not rp that you go to prison every day, but that is never discussed by the criminals
  6. I don't believe the prison sentence is enough of the punishment, which is why I think with the addition of the impound, it makes it somewhat better.
  7. -1 If you have to wait little bit to get your vehicle let out of impound, especially after if you were in a chase and your vehicle was impounded, is currently the only decent punishment people receive and what Alex said above.
  8. Hello and welcome to the community. As for your questions, yes you can own a businesses/nightclubs but the cost of them are quite high.
  9. For the cars you can give them keys temporary or permanently, as for the house keys, they have it permanently until you remove them from it, using the House menu. It will tell you which people have the keys and you can remove one by one
  10. I am +1 for this, if there is a implementation of this where if someone has 0$ in their bank account at the time of being arrested, they are either being put in negative balance or every time they take salary, they are losing some of the salary to pay for the charges. At the moment, you can just have 0$ money in your bank account and nothing will happen if you get arrested,
  11. There were no rules with the bleets, in the past it was advertisement only, but now it was free for all without criminal bleets, which, combined with no way to mute bleets resulted in spam for the players. I dont need to hear every 10 minutes that there is poker at Tequila or that cops need to release vehicle from impound
  12. -1 players cant be trusted with bleets, as it was seen before they were removed
  13. Update 27/02/2019: Updated the script to work with all screen resolutions and added Image.exe to the zip file, which allows you to run the script without installing Autohotkey ( USE EXE AT YOUR OWN RISK ), the .exe is not malicious but if you do not trust me, you can always use the code included in the original post or the Image.ahk.
  14. If it was scenario like LSC and Bayview, I would take it as IC issue, where the Weazel would have a competition, but seeing how Weazel is a monopoly at this stage, I doubt this can be sorted ICly. The only option would be Government but Government is pretty much non functional at the moment, they just exist on paper but don't have any valuable presence/impact IG
  15. 1. I have recently bought a blip from Weazel News, I was informed that the service fee which is set by the server is 4,000$. Upon setting up the agreement with the Weazel News employee, the final offer cost me 12,000$ for a blip that was on the map for 4 days. While I don't mind paying for a blip and I think its a good addition to the server ( especially if more blips are allowed ) there was something that kinda struck me as wrong. The 12,000$ that I paid to the Weazel News can be split in 2 parts, service fee and employee fee, I paid 4,000$ Service fee which goes to the server and 8,000$ which go to the employee. I believe this is wrong to the other government factions, because a Weazel News employee earned a full salary just in 20 minutes of placing blip with me, ( 15 of which were spent because we couldn't find a proper blip ). The cost of the blip should be set by the server and less of it should go into the employee salary as its unrealistic for the little amount of work they do and they have no competition that they have to adjust their price too. ------------------------------------------------------------ 2. I have noticed that the Weazel News has gone lazy recently in their newspaper production section, we haven't had a newspaper in a month now and the last few newspapers were written by same 2 or so people. Considering that News is literally in the name and that the faction hasn't been pushing out them recently ( apart from Dalton doing the coverage of the latest event ), maybe there should be an announcement from the leadership as to why they are not giving out the newspapers or in the worst case, the replacement of the leadership if they don't have time for it anymore, which, looking at the activity of PBAJ, both in her IG and forum/admin presence, that might be the case.
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