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  1. Font used in IG chat only supports up to certain Unicode version in which the emojis you want to use aren't in. This would have to be updated with a font that supports new Unicode version. If you want to fix this by yourself, you could and try delete the font that the chat uses from your windows and the default Segoe UI font will be used which should support higher Unicode Version
  2. All vehicles should be tested at 60fps vsync on a straight on a highway. Then to the speed reached +20km/h should be added to handle going down the hill on highway
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): 28/01/2020 13:47 UTC+0 Character name: Elise DeLaCroix Issue/bug you are reporting: When you give someone a ticket, it prints out variable name in the chat instead of the variable value. Expected behavior: It should print variable value instead of name Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate:
  4. Thats literally what suggestion is about though? To remove ramming in shootouts entirely. I don't agree to disallow all forms of using vehicles to ram someone on foot like @GOAT suggested though. Giving someone that is running a "love" tap should be allowed.
  5. +1 There should be inventory item for equipped weapons or a command which puts your weapons in your inventory if you have space for it
  6. Big +1, its not fun for anyone to come through the scene in a vehicle and take out people. If there is ever a shootout, they should last so all parties get something out of it. Shootouts that end in just few seconds are not fun ( Unless we talking about planned strike, where one party engages on other at same time, for maximum damage, but that is not your usual shootout )
  7. You were still in the immediate area weren't you? Its not like the officer found you at your turf and started a shootout. You were literally behind the club all heavily armed. I am not approving that officers actions, but it happened and you are more than welcomed to make a report. And didn't you say that if the extortion was investigated and cracked, you would back away and not do it again? Will there be any consequences from this event? As for being on topic, there should be some protections for social events, maybe not in the sense of a full on NCZ, but the servers in past on SAMP, a lot of them had rules against daylight robberies in public places, which worked and made sense.
  8. Except the raid on the nightclub, lead to several high ranking members of criminal factions get arrested for accessories to murder of government employee, along with carrying illegal firearms for some other members. Is that really that great of an RP? Criminal empire risked and went to jail because someone didn't pay fees for "protection"
  9. BrainDed

    Wall of Scammers

    I am giving my vote to Ana West, trusted business owner in the city, has been for years.
  10. (( this is considered IC section,which means anyone in town would see this. Might want to ask an admin to move it to Factions subforum ))
  11. I was one of the parties involved, I will provide my recording once I am free. We are not allowed to void situations Only administrators are allowed force pause RP or investigate rule breaches. Only administrators are allowed to void roleplay scenarios at their discretion.
  12. That is because Tavern doesn't utilize performance options that game provides for interiors. Each room separated ( occluded ) by door in Gta v is not rendered until the door is opened or you are in said room.
  13. Temporary solution is to either ragdoll or watch the player go through the door with you being at the door as well. ( Basically open the door on your screen, hold it open and then other player walks through and it should sync it )
  14. I was planning on working on ahk script, which would detect the clothing names and convert them in text for you. If the community supplied me with numbers of the clothing and their descriptions. So for example Top 111551 - Blue long jacket. I would be more than willing to make a AHK script for it
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