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  1. Golf cant just be implemented from the singleplayer, the whole thing has to be scripted from scratch apart from using gta v models for golf ball and clubs
  2. /checkparkingpay is the command
  3. BrainDed


    Not really, price point of 300k is slightly higher than the standard price for 3 car house
  4. BrainDed

    Loan company improvements / fixes

    I have asked Osvaldon about this, since he does most of the refunds, he said that they are getting refunded for the whole value of loan - the scam limit
  5. Hello, as someone who has owned a loan company, currently a co-owner of one and has given out several loans in the past, I would like to talk about the dire situation of loan companies at the moment. There are this issues with the loans currently. 1. Anyone can give out loans RPly without paying any taxes on the profit and if the person receiving loan doesn't pay back, the loan giver can request a refund. 2. The refunds for the loans are handled OOCly and not ICly which takes a long time, instead of loan companies seizing assets. 3. Because the refunds are being handled OOCly, we are being hit with 15k scam limit, which means that no matter what, if the person doesn't pay the loan, 15k are being taken away from you, because refunds only refund loaned money and not loaned money + profit. 4. When the loan is paid off, a certain % ( not known to me at the moment ) of the loan goes into your salary where you are taxed at 35% for it, because who doesn't go over 1 mil in assets with loan company, the rest goes straight into your bank. If we moved asset collection to be handled ICly or a better OOC system, where only people with loan companies can request , problem 1, 2, 3 would be solved by that. As for the problem 4, I don't know the exact %, but I believe that only profit should be taxed at maximum, so if I give out 100k at 15%, I earn 15k profit and those 15k should be taxed or less and nothing more. ( This might already happen, we don't have exact numbers ) And I would like to point out that, I am not making this post just because I want to make profit, if I wanted I could just give money in hand and RP giving out the loans, but because of me being a co-owner of a business, I want to actually use that business and not just have it as a fancy office as I joke around with it.
  6. BrainDed

    Anthony Quinn says hello to everyone

    Welcome Shark
  7. BrainDed

    Saddest story in ECRP

  8. BrainDed

    Bring super cars back - With a twist.

    I only support this idea if the super cars would be auctioned once a month by the server owners with the exception that only people who don't have a super car already on any of their characters can bid. That way people that have advantage in money and could afford 2 or more super cars, wouldn't create monopoly by buying all the new auctioned super cars. Also prohibit giving someone 10 millions when you already have a super so they can bid for you and then give the vehicle to you once they win. +1
  9. BrainDed

    ID61 use metagaming

    I would recommend that you report the player using the correct format, otherwise it will just be denied.
  10. BrainDed

    24 hour KOS time should be increased

    -1 24 hours is already too long and sometimes you get killed for something that you already forgot about.
  11. BrainDed

    Verify your Location (Should get an Email)

    Yes, as long as you dont swap over
  12. BrainDed

    Verify your Location (Should get an Email)

    Head admins can help with the verification too, but they will have to do it everytime, sadly.
  13. BrainDed

    Verify your Location (Should get an Email)

    It seems that 2FA has been removed, as there is no way to enable it
  14. My point was that with the SMS's you can expect some privacy from the snooping admins/staff team, the way it should be, so if it ever comes to the implementation of the Lifeinvader, I would like that privacy to stay with the users, only allowing head/senior admins or higher to see IC communications between the players. I also didn't like the tone the message was written in, it seems somewhat hostile and I don't think that a member of a staff team should display that.
  15. For the IC messaging, just so you know, Admins cant see IG phone messages so you could MG or mix IC/OOC all you want in them, but admins cant do anything about it, only developers can see the messages