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  1. Xray can only do 290 if you abuse the wiggle mechanic same way you can do with some cars. Xray actually struggles to reach to 240 sometimes, if you have some altitude you can use that and drop so you gain some speed, but if xray is going 290 they are abusing the wiggle mechanic ( again, if you are at 1000 feet you can do a wide turn which will cause you to go forward and fall down at the same time gaining speed at the expense of the altitude )
  2. I think that you should be able to stop your bleeding during a shootout, but you should be locked with a timer and animation and it would only stop your bleeding, no health regeneration.
  3. Except civilians or PD don't do actions that would be breaching into that "You are in public so people would see you" territory. Most of the stuff that an officer does and if officers would be limited on that, so would be anyone else. PD can't drive recklessly, you can't drive recklessly. PD can't shot in the city while in pursuit ( especially if you say that by standers would get hit ) , so can't you as that would be really unrealistic and would basically mean that you would be hunted down to be caught Highways are not completely secluded, but there is more space for a stray bull
  4. @Copperhorse Thats how it is 99% of the time. Only supervisors+ are allowed to authorize use of deadly force such as firearms in pursuit and even then we try and do it in the secluded areas such as highways or back roads. If people are firing at the officers, they are allowed to engage back But when we are talking about realism, aren't you also driving the same in the city as the cops? Going incorrect lane of travel, driving on the sidewalk and stuff. You are bringing up cops driving unrealistically and quoting robbery rules where you are supposed to roleplay as this is an active a
  5. I mean you can, but you will get fired from PD if you are busted on it. I could also say that holding 2 officer down the road from a Police Station is also Non-RP, but what do I know
  6. Hello, I am ID 70, asking to step out of vehicle is an IC issue
  7. Hello, I am the officer that aimed at you As you can see in this image, we couldn't see your ID above your head https://i.imgur.com/dirIBJy.png Then when my fellow officer told me which bush you are in, I started aiming in and I seen your white clothing https://i.imgur.com/FqmWsdA.png EDIT: Per the request of the reporter, I will upload a video, give me like 5 minutes
  8. Does it not reset if someone interacts with the vehicle in 2 hours?
  9. My response will be the same as Detective Steels As for myself wearing an Azteca mask, its just a mask that I always have on me in my inventory, had it for few weeks and I only use it when I need too, which is very rare. Considering that I was wearing a black top and red pants, the only piece of clothing from me that was Azteca's was my mask, which is just a coincidence really. I don't really care which mask I have unless I am planning to go undercover for a specific reason, which this wasn't. As for the Turf, I only learned later OOCly and even ICLy that with the ne
  10. Hello, I am the person being reported, Elise_DeLaCroix. 1. I would like to address what lead to me being there as I was doing my faction duties as a Police Detective and any claims for FearRP that could be seen from that. Prior to this situation, I have seen lots of NLA activity in the area, they have been seen leaving and entering the area in the report. I contacted the Detectives who know more about this and they have given me a green light to try and scope out the place, I switched in my clothing seen on the video and grabbed a vehicle. Commander Sanchez and members of his unit,
  11. Date and time (provide timezone): 13/07/2020 Character name: Elise DeLaCroix Issue/bug you are reporting: When you go off shift while in a unit, it says "You need to be on duty to use this command" when it tries to disband your unit. If you do it without a unit, that message doesn't come up Expected behavior: When you go off shift, your unit should be disbanded without that error being shown Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: If you go off shift while in an unit If you go off shift while not in an unit Vehicle licens
  12. Hello, I am fairly sure that originally /funi was implemented for PD to be able to go out of uniform. If a faction member is in correct branch, they will be marked as on duty and receive paycheck. MD is lacking that branch so they do not receive it. This is more of a feature that MD doesn't support while PD/SD do
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