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Liberty City [New Location]

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There is the mod that adds Liberty City in GTA 5.



Just imagine how can it improve roleplay process. Firstly players, which were born in Liberty City according Character Story, can move to their birthplace. Secondly, there will be new factions, property, businesses etc. And last but not least Airlines will work and transport people from San Andreas to State of Liberty.

Also It does make sense to add FIB faction. FIB can work between two states (San Andreas, State of Liberty) and helps to local law enforcement services (LSPD and Sheriff's in San Andreas, LCPD in State of Liberty).

I made the map with legend that describes faction and gangs within territories.




Some faction features:

Government of the State of Liberty


Government of state is not something new. I've already written topic about Government of San Andreas. So structure and ranks of State of Liberty government faction will be same

State of Liberty Capitol


This building is situated in South Algonquin. 





Liberty City Police Department is law enforcement service that operates in Liberty City. 

There is mod of NYPD uniform for GTA5, we can use it for LCPD faction.




There is NYPD livery for default Police Interceptor



Also you can add new cars from this NYPD vehicle mod 



You can use Photoshop to change letters N Y P D to L C P D 




 (National Office of Security Enforcement)



NOOSE faction is military force of State of Liberty. NOOSE is like National Guard of San Andreas.

NOOSE obey to governor of Liberty State. NOOSE faction will plays role of State of Liberty National Guard.



Rockstars release update for GTA Online that contains a lot of clothes for military purposes.  So we can use default clothes to dress up NOOSE officers.


Also there is textures pack that called EUP for LSPD:FR mod. I've made a topic about this pack. This pack contains textures for NOOSE uniform.




NOOSE Vehicles.



- Buzzard Attack Chopper


- Hydra (can be spawned at Liberty City Airport near Hangars)



Also there is Liberty City NOOSE livery for default Riot Van.





Liberty State Police


LSP is the official state police force of the U.S. state of Liberty


There is texture pack for New York State Police




I didn't find liveries for default vehicle, but there are plenty of new car mod.

New Jersey State Police vehicle mod



You can remove letter "N.J." on doors via Photoshop.



 CNT Channel


CNT is a news channel of Liberty City, like Weazel News is a news channel of San Andreas.





Federal Investigation Bureau is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States, and its principal federal law enforcement agency.

FIB's HQ is situated in Los Santos, SA. But FIB doesn't obey to San Andreas governor. FIB operates in San Andreas and in State of Liberty as well.


There is textures pack that called EUP for LSPD:FR mod. I've made a topic about this pack. This pack contains textures for FIB uniform.





FIB Buffalo (with sirens)


FIB Granger (with sirens)


FIB Frogger




 Blaine County Sheriff's Office


Check my suggestion about BCFO faction here



 San Andreas National Guard


National Guard is a federally funded San Andreas military force. National Guard obey to governor of San Andreas, because governor is Commander in Chief.

Faction Respawn at Fort Zancudo.



Rockstars release update for GTA Online that contains a lot of clothes for military purposes.  So we can use default clothes to dress up soldiers of National Guard.






- Insurgent


- Barracks


- Rhino Tank


- Valkyrie


- Hydra




I know that this suggestion can be real when server will reach at least 300-400 online players. But it is f***king good mod.


If somebody's never played GTA IV, I will post some pictures of Liberty City. So atmospheric and authentic New York style






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4 hours ago, Kay133 said:

+1 but ONLY if we get more than 500-600 players daily. Although I don’t know how and if the server could manage this. 

As I know RageMP allows mapping.

FiveM servers have already used this mod.

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1 hour ago, FatherOsbornHD said:

Uhm, if we get thousands of players on at the same time, yeah. Right now, we don't have enough players to fill up the current map, I don't see what good it'd create to add another city.

Of course Liberty City must appear when server get ~500 online players. It is kinda future concept, not right now.

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4 minutes ago, Serthon said:

I would say if and when this feature gets added, we must get a working airport for both states, this would also require another faction which I guess should be "FlyUS" as that is a GTA lore flight company.

Airlines could be as a job.

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With the Population of the server growing, I could see this happening however I imagine it'd translate into how SAMP was with Las Venturas, Los Santos and San Fierro. One would be mainly populated and the others a ghost town. I would love to see how this would play out though in terms of RP Gangs etc.

+1 If we hit a much larger number of players.

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We need to get this current map filled (factions + players across the city and paleto bay).

This, along with multiple police, medical, and transportation factions.

Untill we get at least 500 players, this would be a negative implementation to the server.

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3GB+ zipped download for every player that joins the server.

Along with the other problems of lag, getting it on the map, and ensuring areas don't become sparse.

Not to mention the map you linked is for FiveM.

Nice idea, but I don't think it's gonna happen.

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-1 only because I know how badly this import works. You'll be swimming in water in the centre of the city. It's a great concept and you've clearly put a lot of effort into this suggestion; however we don't have the player count yet. 

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-1  the devs have their hands full on this map already working out things and fixing stuff and so on, another reason is our community isn't large anough...

sure it looks amazing yeah.. but ussually something like that also brings with it a ton of glitches and bugs, including the fact that this will give you a arma 2 and 3 dayz or altis life mod feeling where u for each extra map have to download 3 - 10gb of zip files to even be finnaly able to play on the server

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+1, You can already imagine the amount of factions that will be born, RP on the sea, RP in the air, RP smuggling or traveling, visiting people - flies would be expensive and so would be  personal boats/planes.

-The Navi, the National Guard/FIB, Coast guard, Border Patrol, a better city for the russian RP Kappa.



This is a suggestion for the future, very hard to implement. Yes, the client does support it but the game will be unplayable for people with 8GB of ram -ragemp is great compared to the previous client, but its using more resources(for me at least). Lastly on the technical side, the server would need a much better, much more expensive host to maintain the game enjoyable.


Aside from all the dreams, to script this something like this takes an enormous amount of efort, dedication and time, with a fair amount of reward.


<<Lastly, there are much smaller things that'd make a big enough improvement, like *cough* creating a better standard of RP *cough*. We like the new numbers of active players but for the love of the game, filter them, not with a script. And fix my Chino2. 


ETA ~2022 or more, if anyone will still play this

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