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Government of San Andreas state [Faction]

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The government of San Andreas is the governmental structure of the state of San Andreas as established by the San Andreas Constitution.

Main task of government faction is interaction with governmental factions like LSPD, Blaine County Sheriff's Office, EMS etc.



8 Governor  (leader of faction. Head of Executive branch)

7 Judge  (Part of Judicial branch. Judges are independent of executive and legislative branches)

6 Senator (Senators are part of Legislative branch. They will make laws and control the executive branch. )

5 Secretary (Heads of Departments)

4 District Attorney

3 Lawyer (They can protect people wile RP process and can get inmates out from jail cell)

2 USSS Special Agent (Agents protect governor and organize governor's motorcades)

1 USSS Officer (protects the San Andreas Capitol building)



I don't think that it is necessery to have some uniform for this faction. May be only USSS Agents should have uniform. 

USSS Uniformed Division Officer


USSS Special Agent



Capitol of San Andreas


Interior could be a Pacific Standard Bank's interior



Also I don't think that there should be some vehicles for members of government. 

There can be only motorcade cars :)


4x Black FIB Granger (with sirens)


2x Black Armored Cognoscenti 



My fanart of possible governor's motorcade ;)



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16 hours ago, Shamz said:

+1 will the different ranks have different jobs to do, e.g Judge - would there be a court system introduced for this to actually have a use?

tbh I don't know because you should ask devs about this.

I think there must be court system, so there will be work for lawyers also.

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