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Blaine County Sheriff's Office

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Blaine County Sheriff's Office is the local county law enforcement operating in Blaine County, San Andreas.

Main Antagonist for crime gangs of Blaine County




Head office (respawn) should be in Paleto Bay Sheriff's Station because Paleto Bay is the largest city in Blaine County.



Interior of HQ.






Park Ranger Granger for division patrolling forests, mountains and parks.


Unmarked Cruiser for Detectives


Police Maverick for Air Support Division



Also there is Sheriff Blaine County livery for default Police Interceptor


Sheriff's Blaine County livery for default Police Cruiser



Link for Livery Pack:



County Jail

Sheriff of Blaine County is in charge of county jail "Bolingbroke Penitentiary".  Officers of Sheriff's Department will arrest criminals and put them in this jail (because of there are no cells in Sheriff's Station interior unlike LSPD interior)





14. Sheriff   -  faction leader

13. Undersheriff

12. Assistant Sheriff

11. Area Commander

10. Captain

9.   Lieutenant

8.   Detective 

7.   Sergeant II 

6.   Sergeant I

5.   Master Field Training Officer 

4.   Deputy Sheriff III

3.   Deputy Sheriff II

2.   Deputy Sheriff I

1.   Cadet



1 rank Cadet



2-4 ranks Deputies



5 rank Master Field Training Officer



6-7 Sergeants



8-10 ranks Detective, Lieutenant, Captain


11-13 ranks Area Commander, Assistant Sheriff, Undersheriff



14 rank Sheriff - leader



SWAT Uniform


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I really admire you putting in so much effort to create this thread, and I do really hope that this will get implemented. Currently we’ve got a rise in player numbers, and if we get about 200-300players, I’d think this could be a possibility. 

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18 hours ago, TheFluciFial said:

+1--Also, agreeing with what Kay said, we should wait until we at least have a stable and dedicated 150 players, but at the rate we are growing currently, I see it very possible. 

OFC this faction should appear when server got 200-300 online players

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Love this the amount of effort you put into this suggestion with all the pictures etc. +1 from me just hope the devs read it. Suggested the same thing not long ago but not in as much detail. Maybe on huge thread with everyones input would make the chances higher of acknowledgment to the suggestions. 

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13 hours ago, Triple Seven said:

With around 200 players I would definitely like to see this happen. Maybe even sooner to open up RP in Paleto and Sandy, but that would require more stuff to take place there, a small hospital to be implemented etc. +1

Yeah, I think Paleto will be second largest city in future. There will be Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Paleto Bay Emergency Service

Logically Los Santos is county seat of Los Santos County and all emergency services in LS will work within Los Santos County (LS, Chumash)

Paleto Bay is county seat of Blaine County so all emergency services in PB will work within Blaine County (Paleto Bay, Sandy Shores, Grapeseed, Harmony etc)

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This looks like an awesome idea! +1.

I took a look at the building and I think it would be an awesome place to place a sheriffs office.

For this to be implemented, in my opinion, only a few things need to be added:

- A spawn location at the donkey punch farm and the sheriff's office (this would give the players an option to keep paleto bay as their main location of RP)

- A small medical building, to be used by the LSEMS faction to which they can bring patients and respawn at.

- A spawn marker for faction duty and vehicle spawn.

- Sheriffs office to be defined as a salary HQ.

If these items were to be included, I'm sure there would be no problem with starting the sheriff's faction.

This faction would be an awesome counter to the large number of gunfights and thefts seen at both farms.

Awesome suggestion!

- NoewUH

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I really like this idea as it would be a good change. LSPD would stay city side, and BSCO would move out towards the county and support the number of people that RP up there. To encourage this why don't we start trying to open businesses and stuff up there? With the farm I think that BCSO should be around. If LSPD needed extra help, BCSO could always respond and vice versa. It would bring another layer of realism to the server IMO.


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