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Official Gangs System

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Official Gangs 

I would like to offer you new gangs system that improve the atmosphere of RP process.


Los Santos

Street Gangs:

- The Families

- Ballas

- Los Santos Vagos

- Marabunta Grande

Antagonist: Los Santos Police Department

Producing: Marijuana, Crack


Blaine County


- Lost MC

- Rednecks

- O'Neil Brothers


Antagonist: Blaine County Sheriff's Office  (see topic about this faction)

Producing: Methamphetamine, Heroin.


Drug effects

Drugs will increase your HP.

1 use of marijuana - 25% of HP.

1 use of Crack - 50 % of HP

1 use of Meth - 75% of HP

1 use of Heroin - 100% of HP

But if you abuse drugs, then you will have an addiction. If you got drug addiction your HP will decrease until you use any drug again. It is called "Drug withdrawal".

If you wanna cure of drug addiction, you must go to hospital and asks for addiction medicine. Doctor will help you, but he called police and you will be in police database.

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