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  1. Kes

    steam acc changed

    you can use any steam/Rockstar game copy to play your ECRP account on. plus they cant transfer such stuff to other accounts.
  2. Hallo, When you finnaly will hit the town take as much time as you can to see whole town, becouse maybe you will find one thing cool but didint try something else so taking time before acctually getting into action/fun just watch around first.
  3. Kes

    Current tax system?

    in my case even by selling fish i get taxed to put money into salary and when i take salary i get taxed again...
  4. Yes that my offer i stay with this offer untill you decide or someone else bid more.
  5. well dont speed at NCZ and you will be good.
  6. serving jail doesn't release you from paying tickets. would make no sence and all criminals would never pay em if they can just stay afk in jail to get rid of them. would be nice if you could work public comunity works to get them removed but just staying afk in jail to remove em is really not a way to do.
  7. telling you infront. i bet you dont owe that house anymore. in game type /showhouses if it doesnt show its urs then your vehicle should be at mors insurance to confirm that use command /vehiclestats and all info you will have. houses set on sale automaticly if owner is inactive for a long time. right now its one month inactivity and its auto sell. i hope i helpd you with this.
  8. Kes

    Girlfriend PC

    yes you can, but in this case, if you will get admin ban she wont be able to play as well until ban is lifted or expired, so play on your own risk
  9. we did play on same time, he lives in norway im in germany but when he was visiting me he used my rockstar social club to create his acc for ec rp maybe that is related
  10. Account name:kesml Character name(s):Ben Mace Admin who issued punishment: Date of punishment:BrainDed Reason given for punishment:DM at Bank|1st Offense Your explanation of what happened: actually i dont even know i was near that place when my mate got banned due DM at NCZ and i could play more and so on i did play like hour longer. now i try to loggin and i see that i got banned. Why should your appeal be accepted?: becouse it isnt MY acc and i dont own any character with name Juozas_Jones Post any evidence or further details: Banned screen after getting into server. screen before trying to login.. my game panel :
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