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  1. Your player name: Ben Mace Player you are reporting: 8835_5857 and 1891_9812 Rule broken: 6.7.1 Explanation of events/why you are reporting: 8835_5857 did this twice today in first and second video. at first video both man didint fear their life at all even from SMG close range can be seen what happend when they try to flee. and both did not roleplay back to my /me's and did some OOC sounds on end of video what does not even make sence when you about to die. Time and date: 19:30 +1GMT 30.09.17 Evidence:
  2. Rule Broke 3.1.1

    Your player name: Ben Mace Player you are reporting: Mask 8399_6920/ normal ID 8835_5857 Rule broken: 3.1 1. English is the main language of the server, therefore every player must be able to communicate in English. All communication between players and administrators must be done in English. Refusing to communicate with other players in English will have you banned. Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Mask ID 8399_6920 also normal id for me known is 8835_5857 keep breaking language rule, its forbiten to talk non english languages ICLY this person keep breaking this rule. Time and date: 30.09.2017 12:30 Evidence: + there was many other times he done same thing. its was only time i had chance to record it.
  3. Your player name: Ben Mace Player you are reporting: ID 1507_7389 and 2879_8342 Rule broken: failRP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: so i was working as mechanic then biker came and start doing wheelies and so on i start calling police (did not make to end) and guy goes out of vehicle and pulls gun on me, i fallow every single order what they told me to do, after that guy start hiting me with gold Club and downd me, then another one killd me? whats the reason for that when i complyd whole RP situacion??? Time and date: 29.09.2017 01:15AM +1GMT Evidence:
  4. Credit

    you cannot buy any vehicles anymore qith credits.
  5. Metabolism system

    i would definnaly agree to this idea! if its RP server so yeah food and water does a big thing to real life without it we die. +++++++++ for this idea!