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  1. I think the aliasing should be removed from constant view as many people whether they want to admit it or not have aliased someone and used that as a method to recognize them. I tend to not alias someone unless i can recognize who they are from their voice. If the aliasing is removed i would bet that the amount of people in masks would decrease, but not down to the levels of no use within NCZ, unless they introduce a rule against it.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to make this awesome suggestion. I hope that something comes from this, I see it as a massive improvement on the current system. +1
  3. I would like to suggest the ability - just like purchasing walking styles - the ability to purchase character models as a way to not only support the server, but to set our characters apart from the many different faces in the city.
  4. Carlos who has amounted a small fortune from lucky investments and business sales has decided to give out a few loans down at the bank. Later that day. Has Carlos gotten his car yet? No -_-
  5. +1 I could then fit a body in a car that "apparently cant fit one in its boot" or back seats. I would imagine it might be a bit hard to code, as even the trunk body storage is a little dodgy.
  6. +1 Really good suggestion. Would of helped loads the other day when the prisoner got released mid prison breakout RP.
  7. MSJC

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    Not entirely off topic. Im not sure on PD's procedures, but EVERYTHING on a person is taken and then given back after sentence. If you dont recieve it back, complete an IC IA report on the officer over on their government website.
  8. Getting annoyed with the Zetas along with their ludicrous greedy prices I decided to leave them a nice yellow PRESENT ** Carlos Esteban unzips his fly and starts to piss all over the doors of the Zetas business. ** ** Carlos Esteban would then run away cock in hand, eventually putting it away and zipping up. **
  9. MSJC

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    If or when DOC gets a fully functioning system we can use to log inmates belognings along with a storage system, the PD should leave all valuables on them that are not illegal or gained through illegal activity. That way we can return these items and stop PD from "losing them" or just taking them for the sake of it.
  10. My bad i mean a 25% increase on current sentences. But then again i have never been to prison so i don't know what the RP is like. If i miss understand your question i appologise. The decrease in sentence time could stop at 1 hour and then instead of removing time it will remove money owed for speeding tickets.
  11. I think they should just have the same times with a 25% but you can't AFK. Also add in activities that reduces their time, be that crafting goods for the outside world or janitorial work.
  12. Hello, i would like to suggest the addition of a notes animation which i believe was in the list of available anims but was removed as the script wasn't in the server yet. This anim alone could make scenes more immersive, an example of a scene would be when a cop is taking down notes. Also would like to suggest a non-fixed middle finger animation so that we can give people the finger.
  13. Brock Olly said animals could be killed with knife in first person, tried to do it and couldn't manage to kill them. If possible to do so it is very tedious.
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