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Bank Timer Removal & Further Bank Suggestions

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Please close this suggestion if it's already been implemented.

I suggest the timer to be removed for all members in the PD/SD factions (whether on/off duty). I don't believe it's fair that PD/SD can check the timers of the banks, because then it gives them a reason to camp it (whether or not it is directly intentional, there is still knowledge that the bank will be available at any given time). I am not suggesting that this is something PD/SD frequently do, but it just takes one person to call it over the radio and have the bank swarmed. It is hard to collect evidence that any MG is happening and would require investigation via. reports and logs to narrow it down to a singular person.

Removing it entirely would stop having to go through this effort completely.

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Posted (edited)
18 minutes ago, MrSilky said:

Counter suggestion:

Remove the timer entirely to stop gangs/pd timing robberies to the script.

Edit: Oh, you suggested that too, epic!

Yes, or remove them entirely for all. Perhaps if they're removed entirely, make it so that the timers are randomly generated between 4-13 hours at a time so that people don't find ways to set off alarms for the purpose of resetting the timer for when they know it is next hittable. It would be annoying to have to prepare everything just to find out the bank is not robbable, but it would totally eliminate any possible MG and reduce gangs from arguing over who gets to rob the bank as people will be trying it at completely different times. To balance this, perhaps the cool down is less (as mentioned, at least 4 hours).

Just some thoughts. Feel free to share your opinions.

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+1 I agree with removing the visible timer for everyone.  I find that far too often are multiple groups setting up trying to do a bank directly as the timer is finishing up, and have even seen some setup inside by the back vault door for 10-15 minutes before it even opens.

I think a good option would be to just have a yes or no answer regarding if the bank is open for robbery, with the timer being randomized between a certain number of hours and hidden.

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No timer should be seen at all in my opinion. People can easily camp the Bank when the timer is due. +1

2 hours ago, CaesarSeizure said:

I think the bank timers should not be visible for anyone and they be random at 6-10 hours, so no one can expect when the bank will be available to hit.

Fully agree with this, a random interval would be way better. Anywhere between 9 or 15 hours or so would be fairly balanced.

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1 hour ago, Angelo Capone said:

+1 Would be cool if we could interact to an NPC in the bank to perhaps find out if its available to be hit, as it seems pretty unrealistic to be able to check the front desk door and the safe door when there is "people inside".

2 hours ago, ShawnsBeard said:

I think a good option would be to just have a yes or no answer regarding if the bank is open for robbery, with the timer being randomized between a certain number of hours and hidden.

I quite like the combination of these two ideas, too.. Maybe there could be a way for people to interact with clerks which could confirm or deny whether a bank is available without providing a timer via. casual conversation? I still think timers should be completely removed, but per these responses this could also be another option. Obviously the clerk wouldn’t say “yes, this bank has enough money to rob!”, but what they say may be leaning more towards available/unavailable without any indication of a timer whatsoever.

Wish I had enough upvotes to like all the suggestions in this thread. Thanks for the input everyone! ☺️

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In a certain way, a random NPC around the bank could act as an informat/snitch.  Without telling you the exact time, he could give you hints about the recent money truck deliveries that happened in the bank.  Utimetly the "timer" is to avoid spam and for the bank to be refilled with money. So the NPC could let PD/Civ know that "There's plenty of deliveries in this bank" [aka good time to hit] or " I haven't noticed sufficient deliveries yet " which means that the bank is dry. 

Now if there's a time check, should be visible only to admins.

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To be honest, I'd rather we removed the bank robberies in their current format from the server altogether.

In my opinion, they expose the worst behaviours of our criminals and law enforcement.

  • Playing for the meta/timer by robbing the banks at the EXACT same time every day.
  • Driving by all the bank locations and upon spotting someone, immediately call it in as suspicious because there is no other reason to use a Fleeca bank than rob it.
  • Take a hostage at a bank robbery every single day.

The banks are robbed daily and Fleeca is still in business. They have no cameras access, yet the convenience stores have 24/7 access.

I'm all for a hostage situation, when it makes sense and it's every once in a while. I'm all for criminals having more ways to commit crime, when it makes sense. I'll all for PD surveillance when it makes sense. I'm all for criminals making bank when it makes sense.
None of this makes any sense.

If need be, I'll make a full suggestion on improving both the bank robberies and store robberies but in short;

  • Add some of the other stores as robbable (i.e. clothes stores, gun stores, barber shop) - More locations = less likely for them to be patrolled.
  • The payout from robbing a general store to be affected by what area it's in.
  • Add in banking functions for Fleeca so it's not just about robbing the thing.
  • Remove the cameras for the general stores, unless purchased by the store owner. If they are broken, they will need to be fixed by the store owner.
    Perhaps adds the opportunity for an Electric freelance job down the road.
  • General Stores being robbed, takes them out of action for an hour so they cannot sell anything.
  • Add breakable cameras to the exterior, bank teller area and vault. Banks are usually robbed by more than 3 people so it's no big deal.
  • Add in the Union Depository Vault in Pillbox for each official faction to rob once a month, provided enough cops are online.
    Then would need to use tools to access the vault - each with their own drawbacks and positives, load a suitable vehicle full of the money and take it somewhere to unload.
    With the money transport job being altered to involve the job picking up the money to deliver to the ATMs from there so it's not just a location for robbing.
  • Add the Savings Bank in Paleto and Pacific Standard Banks as robbable, with extra amount value and a more twitchy alarm system.
    I do not see the value in those locations being no crime zones any longer. The bank isn't really the popular hang out spot it once was.
    The only people it essentially protects is those people dodging tax by getting money from the ATM and handing it over to someone else.
  • Make the amount of money that a bank has also dependent on when it was last robbed. The longer without being robbed, the more $$$.

Just off the top of my head.


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Edit: Changed the title from “Bank Timer Removal for LEO” since suggestions are expanding a bit.

I like the idea of interacting with a NPC informant rather than the clerk @Papadakis. Makes more sense that they’d give something away. Perhaps the NPC shows up randomly/disappears after a while/isn’t there 100% of the time so you can’t always be expected to rely on the NPC’s word?

I also like your suggestions, @Bala. I think Fleeca banks should have the same function as the main bank where there’s no limit on how much people can withdraw, since currently people still have to go all the way to LSB and Paleto Bank to do so..? I also especially like the idea of being able to rob the clothing/barber stores. Gun stores feel less of a need to be scriptly implemented since it’s so heavily armed and needs further planning to be more realistic.. It feels like an RP robbery at a gun store should take place without the reliance of script, like robbing the Rockford jewellery store if that makes sense? Going slightly off topic now, but can’t help but share!

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