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  1. Maybe it's fixed then? Thank you for reviewing this!
  2. We gave him the first demands when he was driving by our location because it was way too close. "As you can see me running towards him, aiming a gun" In our eyes it was clear that he was ignoring our presense as we were approaching him with our tasers and guns out, I was more than sure that he knew he was going to be arrested as he's positioned behind our SD sniper. Action had to be used against him as demands were given and he came back twice. The main arrest reason was Failure to Comply, aka failure to follow our demands. Upon search he got more charges. Firstly, I'd like to point out the sheer amount of people involved from both sides. I can't keep track of who heard my demands over the megaphone and who didn't. There's no way I can give demands to atleast 20 people individually in that rapid of a scene, that's why the megaphone exists, which I used multiple times. Secondly, the bike was spotted around the scene multiple times before he entered it. And thirdly, he entered a scene where there was active SWAT, SED and previously shots were fired that can be heard in a video. No matter who you are or what's happening, entering that kind of scene gets you detained
  3. It's an active weapon drop. They got multiple megaphone warnings to leave the area, they didn't he got arrested. If you check my personal logs you will see me shouting for them to leave the area. There's serious interaction with them throughout the drop with SWAT/SED/PD/SD trying to secure the drop and get them to leave. Personaly I used the megaphone over 4 times (check logs) for them to leave. They were trying to grab the crate and we were defending it. That's more than enough RP interraction. Put the video in slow motion and look at us running towards him while aiming guns. I've pinpointed the time. In my opinion he's the one Baiting Government Services
  4. Only if PF holders can buy it, Only if you can buy 2 of them and only if it gives LESS armor than police/official gangs.
  5. San Andreas has multiple places that can be used as car wash businesses. My suggestion is a script creation that will spawn a car wash icon so we can was our car for $500. This can have 3 forms. 1 a job. (like tolls) someone has to wash your car and he gets paid. 2 automatic. Goverment will get the $500 every time you wash your car. 3 a property. Players can buy the car was business (like gas stations) Clean cars today!
  6. People can raid your house and when they go past your door you get a personal alarm. My suggestion is this: With $20.000 $50.000 or maybe $100.000 you can purchase a new furniture. When you enter your house you can right click the item and USE, same as the phone charger. When someone breaks into your house, LSPD/SASD will be notified in a form of a 911 call. Police officers will have a direct GPS call ID leading us to your house.
  7. Date and time (provide timezone): 06/23/2020 6:00 PM Character name: Sebastian Papadakis Issue/bug you are reporting: With Marco Davis Robert Vandjik and a few more people we noticed a new bug in the apartment buildings. If you drop a gun and everyone leaves the apartment, the instance "resets" the weapons disappear and can not be retrieved again. Expected behavior: Everything should stay on the ground until server restart. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: We can record it but you can test it. drop a gun in any apartment in any floor, leave the apartment via the elevator and go back in, it's gone. If someone is waiting in the apartment for you to come in it does not disappear. Only if everyone leaves it.
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