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  1. It doesn't matter if people support this topic or are in favor of it. Honestly, in a server that certain people play to murder others like it's nothing, we're discussing about their vocabulary. Imagine if for a single day, with no announcement, every player death was a character kill, and you had to create everything again, there would only be around 6 people playing. It is a game, and for everyone to enjoy this game, we need to have a mature community that understands what's right or wrong. The majority is educated enough to know how certain words and ways those words are being said have only ill intentions. The only intention is to make the user playing feel bad, out of competition. Roleplaying is a competitive game, everyone wants millions, fast cars, approval, recognition. No matter how many topics we create, it comes down to those who use these words to cause harm instead of making the roleplay scene more immersive. There is a time and place to do everything, but it all comes down to concent. Be polite and request concent before you use these words, None is saying that we should ban those words, but there's a certain time, place, and scenario that those words can be used. Eclipse is a multi-culture community. We all have our differences, we grew up different, we talk different, we understand some things differently. What unites us is common understanding, the rules and concent.
  2. When we arrived, all of them were warm so we had to use water, here's his tables.
  3. @Dimja Let's go rob a bank so you can buy new clothes bratan!
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