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  1. Suggestions Hello my friends from Eclipse Roleplay, today I would like to suggest some things. I am aware that the majorirty of these suggestions have been already requested in the past but this topic is my personal view. If you like it throw up a +1. Helicopter Camera. To immerse the Air Support Division and all Government Air Divisions, a Camera-System should be used which allows the Operator of the Camera to fully turn and zoom the camera into desired spots. Furthermore, it allows the operator to lock the camera onto vehi
  2. Papadakis


    I loved roleplaying with you guys, take it far.
  3. I approve of this faction idea and can't wait to get victimised by this criminal organisation.
  4. Suggestion Description : A seperate menu that shows up when someone does /examine on a person, people should be able to change their unique description with how they want to present their character, even for tattoos or scars, height or weight, age, physique. Command Description /attributes <text> <character limit to like 150>. /examine ID -text will be a /ldo type of presentation, copying ID attributes if those are set, if not, nothing will show up. /examine 5 **30 year old male, 6ft with Russian Characteristics, has a scar over his forehead**
  5. I have decided to keep Alpha Enterprises unofficial.
  6. Still happens, happened today.
  7. -Alpha Enterprising is planning something huge so posts will be low for a bit.-
  8. +1, I will explain to you why. We have to /RAM wide open your door just to place a snakecam. Then we have NO TOOLS to lock your door. Meaning that your doors will remain unlocked when we /ram your property even if our intention is to deploy a snake cam under it. This is a great suggestion and it's beneficial for both sides.
  9. How cool would it be for admins to add PROP animations? Buy an umbrella for $100 from any 24/7, right click and use it!
  10. The time has come. Our business is about creating economic value that also makes a positive contribution to society. The combined forces of government and civil agents are necessary to achieve the required scale and impact. Alpha Enterprises is committed to good corporate governance and ethical business practices, promoting the long-term interests of partners and clients. We strive to be a good corporate citizen. We emphasize corporate social responsibility not least because we are convinced it is good business. A good reputation, taking care of those who require professionals
  11. I will take you in any bar you want! @TeodoraBre
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