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  1. So imagine someone steals my car, reckless operates, My character goes to work in LSPD and has to prove that his car was stolen while he was sleeping and the driver was recklessly operating with his car. They ask for proof, what do I do? *I am talking about speed cameras, if the speed camera charges the registered owner and not the actual driver
  2. @Puzzling Hello, I'd like to express my apologises for the late responce but I just got notified regarding this incident. Nobody asked me to save my POV, nobody complained regarding the incident. My character is part of the Metropolitan D platoon SWAT. The individuals were hostage takers, dangerous and armed. During the pursuit, the units were unable to stop them with our less lethal tactics like PIT, spikes, but they managed to slow them down significally until we arrive. I personally warned them via megaphone to make them surrender, we requested permission, the area had no civilians on the upcoming traffic, it was at a forest, no houses whatsoever, used minimum ammount of bullets, aimed only at their tires and stopped them. Keep in mind that it's a routine tactic for my character as he's in SWAT for over than 500 days, followed the protocol and used this force as a last resort. In the situation that the drivers were not armed, did not threaten someone's life (hostage), we would not be such agressive. Regarding the statement about that we were propably mad, that's not true, my character even knows one of them and in general we treat every scene like it's a new one, no matter what happened before.
  3. @Osvaldon Thank you, we can close this!
  4. Suggestion Hello my friends from Eclipse Roleplay, today I would like to suggest something given the new update of Civilians being able to start the engine of LEO vehicles. This topic is my personal view. If you like it throw up a +1. HOTWIRE FEATURE Starting a car with arrow up and no RP without having keys seem like “Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay”. Locked vehicles do not have the keys at the ignition. So, I suggest a hotwiring script with the following parameters. /hotwire. *forced animation* *X ammount of time for the loadbar to get filled* *X type of dificullty minigame for the loadbar to get filled */ame is hotwiring the cables of the vehicle. *X% of succeed and failure. *If failure, car alarm.
  5. Modifications? Hello my friends from Eclipse Roleplay, today I would like to talk about mods, Rockstar Launcer, Steam, Epic Launcher. And how ECRP management can make our life easy. It is known that ECRP community is in favor of MODS, NVE, weapon textures, roads, sounds… and the list goes on. copy your mod folder, then drag and drop the "user_resources" folder where ragemp_v.exe is and confirm replacement if asked. Log in and play with your mod/mods. That's ALL you have to do to add mods into your game, without replacing files, without risk getting banned from GTA Online, without Rockstar Launcher preventing you from modding your game unless you "install your mods every time you relog" like I do. I find it really unjust for users with Steam and Epic Launcher to be able to modify their game and enjoy it while those who have the launcher can't. Unfortunatelly Eclipse Roleplay does not have this amazing feature, I don't know why and I hope that this will change. I would like to know your opinion and also vote if you would like ECRP to have this feature. Please share your opinion about modding!
  6. Update, added blockade placement extention
  7. Welcome, if you want someone to guide you, I will be here.
  8. Sorry for my input but I would like to notify the admins that both Kaito and Kopi have been arrested after an investigation from LSPD regarding it. One of them was also removed from his faction and they lost multiple items of price over $100.000 (from AK's to narcotics) after a SWAT breach into their house because of that situation.. Their in character punishment of the reported situation was severe and it may be dificcult to reverse due to the multiple characters and work they put involved in the scenario (Detectives/SWAT/Medic High command/ Duty reports / weapon/narcotics logs / dishonorable discharges etc)
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