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Dark Web/Black-Market

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Just a though I had and decided to kinda spitball it and see what people think of it. The thought would be an additional in character section on the forums that would be designated as the dark web. This would be designated for the unlawful trading of items, in character organization stuff, or classifieds. These are just some basic ideas and I feel others may have a better inclination on what the categories should be. Also I did a little bit of an inspect element so everyone could better visualize it. Suggestions suggestions suggestions. 


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+1 would be really nice to see some native criminal support similar to how the gov pages work. 

Perhaps in the dark web forum each official criminal faction could have a pinned board similar to pd/sd/doc and then an open board for all criminals. 

The restrictions placed on criminals using any means outwith the game should not be as restricted as it currently is and this may be the solution for this. 

There could be publicly available boards visible to all, similar to how we can view certain pd publications and then restricted boards furtherdown, allowing for carelessness to be caught and granting PD a potential way to monitor these boards. However I do believe access to the "restricted" boards should be managed by the illegal factions. 

Obviously once script support is added for message boards etc in game this could be removed. 


When I have time, I'd happily draw up a flushed out proof of concept to support this. 


Great idea. 

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+1 This will add to alot to the RP as well as in investigation.......this is just a spitball but a Cyber Sec division in PD would be its counter part but not as buffed as PD , like serious investigation required and alot of manpower to get to some stuff goin on on the Black market  that would also add to RP

Overall it would add crim rp , investigation RP and stuff like that

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+1 (but)


I think the idea in general is good. However, I agree this shouldn't be managed by illegal factions. This isn't to say that legal factions should manage it. Maybe having the forum be more like a message board where you have anonymous users buying/selling/looking for items and they have to come up with their own codes and way to communicate as to avoid anyone with half a brain figuring out where a meeting is happening or a deal. Essentially, no one owns it (staff of course have access and can purge and delete any messages that break server rules)

I'm thinking something along the lines off a very very simple IRC type chat window where people can sign in with any name they want or just as ''anonymous''. This could be done via any laptop as long as you own one (giving a reason to actually keep them as right now they seem kinda useless unless you're PD and want to check footage at a store)


You could also use this chat to private message people you meet in the public chat or you can create your own ''channels'' which would only be available to those who are invited by the owner of the chat, making gang group chats a possibility.

If a laptop is found on someone and someone checks it (either CIV/CRIM/PD) they could get access to the person's logs and naturally any channel they are in. The only way to prevent this would be to:

a) Use an anonymous account as the laptop owner (More privacy but no logs or ability to be invited to other channels)

b) Have an account which is password protected, adding more security. However, the username is listed with the password input being blank if someone opens the laptop. Although people might not be able to get into the account unless they know the password, they can figure out what name you go by online.

PD would be able to gain search warrants with enough probable cause to gain access to a laptop through hacking if they found someone who is using method b). Alternatively, if a key logger (or whatever you want to call it) is introduced to a laptop before hand a chat printout would be generated using /printkeylog [ID] which would show all messages made from the laptop since the bug was first placed. This would bypass people using method a) and b). However, it would only show messages typed from the laptop and not what was received from other users.

This last part is a bit more out there and would likely be suitable as it's own separate suggestion. However, I thought I would include it anyway, feel free to ignore it.

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