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  1. Yes, probably it's a issue of the same type but with different responses to different cars. @Yputi
  2. Date and time (provide timezone): 16/02/2020 15:30 (GMT) Character name: Viktor Shaw Issue/bug you are reporting: After I take my novak out of the garage/parking lot or when I take my eyes out of it for a long time, it kinda have its trunk open. Expected behavior: The vehicle should spawn with the trunk closed Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: As asked by Aeios, and tested with Emulsify, tried to park it in different parking lots, garage, unlocked, locked and its still the same Vehicle license plate number*: PTSY730T
  3. Update, now sometimes not even 1 person is allowed to use the farm. (Sorry about the small resolution, was using windowed to watch a tv show at the same time.)
  4. Love to RP with you boys, keep up!
  5. What do you mean? It doesn't allow to get any other fields
  6. Date: 16/01/2020 GMT Name: Viktor Shaw Bug you are reporting: Me and my friend were trying to farm on the Osvaldon's farm but it only allows 1 person at a time, saying there are no more fields available. We relogged several times, tried while one was working and the other don't and nothing works. Expected behavior: There is plenty of space on Osvaldon's farm, but somehow it only allows 1 field to be working on.
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