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  1. Understood, my intention was not to broke the rule, as I understood it in other way, thanks for helping me understand it and taking your time helping this community @Bakmeel
  2. Understood, thanks for the clarification. Will be waiting.
  3. Would like to know if I'll have to wait more weeks to be able to play again. Not to bump this appeal, but I would appreciate some answer instead of not being able to play this much time just because I read a rule in the wrong way..
  4. Here is Ian Shaw, I would like to you lock and close this thread, because I've lost this account email, and moved on (waiting for an appeal to start playing on this new account). I appreciate your answer and the time you took to handle my report. I was a "newbie" to Roleplay and I've made many mistakes. @RedHot
  5. Account name: Pahx Character name(s): Viktor Shaw Admin who issued punishment: Bakmeel Date of punishment: 1/10/2019 (I played yesterday, until almost 00:00, so I guess it was today.) Punishment received: Permanent Ban Reason given for punishment: Real World Trading Your explanation of what happened: I was sad for not being accepted in DCC because of the #1 Kick I had in my other account (Phax), and I wanted to start over, another reason for that was that I've lost the email on that account. Then I head to the document where all the server rules where stated to start over, and I've seen, on the third point (3. Character Creation and Property) that it was possible to transfer my assets (I transfered around 60k or a bit more, not sure) if I had a proper IC reason to do so. The rule says: "Players may not transfer assets to other players or to other characters they own without proper IC reason. Doing so will be treated as Real World Trading (RWT) unless approved by an admin." I might got confused reading the rule, but my understanding of it was that any person may not transfer assets to other players or to other characters they own without a proper IC reason, and even if the player doesn't have that proper reason, he could request the transfer by getting an approval from an admin ("May not transfer..without proper IC reason. Doing so will be treated as Real World Trading (RWT)") . My reason was that Ian Shaw (the character I was playing earlier) was leaving town and so, he wanted to leave all his assets to his brother, who was coming into San Andreas (Viktor Shaw, the character I was playing until yesterday). Why should your appeal be accepted?: It was a misunderstanding by my part, I've read that rules many times, before and after the ban, and I get my point of view and the one the admin had when issuing the ban. I just want to go back to play again, have my admin log clean and the amount of cash I transfered earlier get send back to the original character. Post any evidence or further details: The only situation IC I said that I (Ian Shaw) was going out of town and that my brother was coming was in the radio to the gang I belonged to, I don't have the footage anymore because of HD space management.
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