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Salary & Labor

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I believe we should look into a better system, the new system prevents anyone from making money. It requires owners to pay employees but keep in mind this is a game. They can't spend hours upon hours in game paying people. I like the idea of reducing salary due to camping but we need to figure out a different system. 

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If the reason for moving towards the new payment system is for realism of paying employees then jobs that take commission IRL such as mechanics and cab drivers should still be able to receive their personal labour straight into their salary.

The hourly salary could be tracked and paid manually, as this counter has just been implemented. But taking away peoples personal labour is really demotivating from an employees POV. 

In my opinion using a mix of both the old system with new salary payment would be the best option. As people still get to manage an employees salary whilst the employee themselves get personal payments into their salary.

At the end of the day this is still a game and not a real life ecosystem as much as certain people would like it to be. Making a system that prevents Gov employees from getting their paychecks on demand is only going to harm the community. The current method entices you to make use of a pay monthly system (1 week irl) which people aren't going to want to put a weeks worth of work into the get and have to wait for a reward. This only results in a poor effort for reward system and I personally see no benefits of this new system over the old one.

One final point I'd like to add to my opinion. It's strange that gov employees have to wait for their paycheck to be handed to them, however you can go be a postman and get your salary straight away. Just shows that the system hinders gov employees. All this will result in more people playing criminal for on demand cash, turning the server into cops and robbers. 

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I don't think half baked systems should be implemented like this. At the end you can't have everything you have IRL.

IRL you have work schedules, you get planned in. Here, you can't do that.

I see why this server want things compared to IRL thins, but IRL we do things that is the best for people and what works. Due that this is still a game and where people still play in their own time, I don't see this working.

I didn't see the salary just as pure money. I also saw it as something you get for your RP.

It is not the first time things about salary/base income gets implemented without anyone else having an idea. All of a sudden there is a whole new salary system. While of other changes, poles get created.

This also doesn't help bringing the criminal rate down. Last night I just went on my crime alt after a good while because there was no point working anymore. 

I have heared "Iron it out" so much, but when it is about money, what affects the server a lot, I believe it should be more thought out or discussed with the people that will be affected before implemented.

But that is just how I see it.

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I think you at least have to give it a couple weeks to see how it goes first before deciding whether to stick or twist with it. 
I joined the server a week ago and don't have as much money as a lot of you.

So, not having immediate access to my pay as a member of the LSPD is a slight inconvenience but then considering that I'll be spending nearly all my time online, on-duty as a cop and that my weapons, health and vehicle are all covered by the department, the need for instant payout isn't that bad.

Plus, from my understanding this is rewarding people for being active which is good both for the faction and the server population.

I'd suggest just wait patiently and see how it goes, i'm sure if it turns out to be shit and everyone hates it, they will find another way.

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If the real issue is that players are camping salary and not doing the work, then this does hold the owner/management accountable to keep an eye open for that.

I do disagree though with the whole salary reduction. A money truck driver from day one can still make more than me, and I've been in the PD for 5 months.

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