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Photocopier for notes.

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Now that /dnn and /vnn is gone, I would like to explore new ways of advertising. I would like to advertise using the note system that we have In-Game but it's a pain to have to manually make note after note with your mouse. So if it's possible... :DDDDDD

It's 2019, can we please get printing & photocopying technology to Los Santos, please. In either form:

  • A) Add a store, like a print centre where players can go and use the machines.
  • B) Allow players to purchase and place in their home/property.

For an object, you could use either:
prop_printer_01 : 3470148293
prop_printer_02 : 4216036279

This could be good for various things,

  • Russian Propaganda
  • Police Tickets (some of us actually want to make a ticket on a note and give them a copy). 
  • Advertisements
  • Weirdo Stuff like placing symbols on dead bodies.
  • Gang Propaganda
  • etc

here's a Lidl concept image (no h8), but you get the deal. Could even advance into more stuff in the future like printing IDs whatnot, but I wanted to keep it simple and do notes for now. 


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