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Make use of the speakers for an in game item for playing music

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So with the speakers that were added for Christmas i think it should become an item that would be for sale at the shops.

Speakers should be placeables and have the ability to enter a link of a music stream like radio links or youtube links. so that we could host proper parties where everyone can hear music instead of using voip. I think this would add a lot of rp opportunities when people just want to chill but sometimes its very boring when there is no music or anything else in the background. This would also make bahama mamas and vanilla unicorn much more usable, house parties and the rest much better

To make sure its not abused, the speakers should be by default at 0% sound and it would be displayed above "Speaker: Volume 0%" and then players could type /speaker 100%  to turn on the sound themselves so they can hear the music so that people do not abuse by placing speakers randomly. Obviously make sure that speakers could not be placed at NCZ zones and that only 1 speaker could be placed in the same area to prevent trolling.

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