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  1. What do you mean logos? Factions already have logos in the F4 menu and on the panel: https://i.imgur.com/sUjjn6v.png
  2. +1 to the initial suggestion. The Cactus also brought up a good point though, PD/SD do need to be able to listen to both their regular frequency and TAC frequencies. I can see having TAC channels in TS (though they could be moved to discord), but what's the need for all the other OOC channels on the TeamSpeak? If it's only there for TAC channels, why have all those OOC channels.
  3. -1 for the reasons above. Maybe a camera to take a picture of the license plate, and then the toll operator could give that to the police or something. But we have enough automatic cameras as it is.
  4. +1 I think this makes a lot more sense. Law enforcement and prison uniforms already have firearms display on your hip, I don't see why they can't do the same for civilians with holsters.
  5. Gloves are listed as Torso's under Rage. The reason why I believe Eclipse hasn't implemented them yet is because each shirt would need its only different glove. What I mean by this, is say for example you took this outfit (Shirt is Drawable 13) and you put these gloves (Torso is Drawable 37) on it. Looks fine right? Well let's say that you wanted to change the shirt to this (Shirt is Drawable 202), then the upper arms go missing. This could be fixed, by changing the torso to Drawable 43. But, you can then see how it gets tedious, because nearly every shirt would manually inputting the glove's Drawable, for each glove. Undershirts are similar to this because some undershirts clip through some shirts, but I do believe it would be an easier task than gloves. Not to mention, clothing ID's are different for the Male and Female models. For example, top ID 100 for the male model is different than top ID 100 for the female model. So it would be great if the developers took the time to work all all these kinks, but it would a very tedious and lengthy task. Note that all the screenshots were taken in Rage so it is very possible, but again tedious.
  6. Big +1 We definitely need more undershirt options for shirts and gloves would be a nice additional also.
  7. +1 to all. Only thing I have to say is placing cuffs on people at 1 second, that's a bit quick..
  8. Looking to buy a maxed Kamacho. Hit me up with offers: 393-5235.
  9. I am looking for the owner of the house at Senora Fwy. 5. I'm interested in purchasing it. If you are the owner of it please contact me at #393-5235.
  10. Could make the rear interior doors lock along with the cruiser. So if the cruiser's doors are locked, you can't get out from the back seats. If you accidentally sit in the back as an officer, you can just unlock the cruiser to get out.
  11. -1 for now. As was stated previously, rage has a lot of sync issues between the clients. This will cause a lot of frustrating issues during gun fights. If rage releases their new update, then I'd love to see this implemented.
  12. Don't think cars should ever be immune to being stolen. I can get behind real-time tracking though, as something you buy for the car separately maybe.
  13. +1 to the first idea. There could be plenty of trash cans around the city as well, at the bank, mission row, sheriff's station, lsc, bayview, etc. +1/-1 to the second. I dont think we should add a NCZ for it. Maybe instead just add the owner's phone number above the car so that you can call them to negotiate a new price.
  14. +1 to this if trains are implemented as well. Adds a bit of risk to the reward.
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