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  1. +1 Radio being 5 is a bit heavy
  2. Sorry I sold it earlier. Thank you for your interest though. I have heard the new owner is planning to sell it as well.
  3. +1 but just a question here. Would people still be able to use their old, trackable phones and have a burner phone at the same time?
  4. Price reduced to 75000
  5. Oh thanks, never knew because it was never in the f5 command menu
  6. It would be cool to see a command so we know how much time is left on our parking, or for there to me a notification that lets us know when our parking time is used up. Currently you can not go up to a parking meter to check how much time you have left, making it possible for your time to be up without you knowing unless you did /time and waited it out.
  7. Asking 75000 for a fully maxed Sentinal XS (Turbo 1/2) Feel free to contact me at #4514155 SOLD
  8. Prezeey

    Body Behind

    +1 Adds realism to a role play situation that disappears and then you have to explain what the scene looks like. Also if you could drag the body would be awesome!
  9. Just void this because I didn't see the 25000 thing
  10. Character to be refunded: Michael Johann Date and time of incident: 09/02/2019 (15:50 Eastern time) Requested refund (what and how much): $10000 Description of incident resulting in loss: Was playing poker and I had a 10/7 and the winner had a K/7. The dealer puts out a straight but he wins regardless. Evidence of loss: https://plays.tv/s/M4wyDnXL6n94 Comments: Thanks ^^
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