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  1. Prezeey

    [SOLD] Sentinal XS

    Sorry I sold it earlier. Thank you for your interest though. I have heard the new owner is planning to sell it as well.
  2. Prezeey

    Burner Phones

    +1 but just a question here. Would people still be able to use their old, trackable phones and have a burner phone at the same time?
  3. Prezeey

    [SOLD] Sentinal XS

    Price reduced to 75000
  4. Oh thanks, never knew because it was never in the f5 command menu
  5. It would be cool to see a command so we know how much time is left on our parking, or for there to me a notification that lets us know when our parking time is used up. Currently you can not go up to a parking meter to check how much time you have left, making it possible for your time to be up without you knowing unless you did /time and waited it out.
  6. Prezeey

    [SOLD] Sentinal XS

    Asking 75000 for a fully maxed Sentinal XS (Turbo 1/2) Feel free to contact me at #4514155 SOLD
  7. Prezeey


  8. -1 Would not improve quality of RP
  9. Prezeey

    Body Behind

    +1 Adds realism to a role play situation that disappears and then you have to explain what the scene looks like. Also if you could drag the body would be awesome!
  10. Prezeey

    Michael Johann ($10000)

    Just void this because I didn't see the 25000 thing
  11. Prezeey

    Michael Johann ($10000)

    Character to be refunded: Michael Johann Date and time of incident: 09/02/2019 (15:50 Eastern time) Requested refund (what and how much): $10000 Description of incident resulting in loss: Was playing poker and I had a 10/7 and the winner had a K/7. The dealer puts out a straight but he wins regardless. Evidence of loss: https://plays.tv/s/M4wyDnXL6n94 Comments: Thanks ^^
  12. Prezeey

    Ability To Buy Tyres