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  1. Couldn't Agree more, They're getting away with senseless RP and can simply lie when asked completely voiding the whole RP repercussions. Didn't see this i apologise, Glad to see I'm not the only one that would like to see this improvement though, If only we could get more forum recognition for it!
  2. Not too sure if we are allowed to bump posts, If not i apologise, But still feel like this is one of the most popular forms of unrealistic RP that takes place in the server on a very regular basis and needs peoples attention!
  3. I feel like the ability to check cars (Clicking E on Doors) needs addressing, As noticed in previous threads and from speaking to people IC, you will know that making a profit from a stolen vehicle has never been so easy, This i have no issue with, my issue is this: How is it possible for a person to walk down the pier, a car park, or any other street with vehicles and try the door handle of every single car and that not be evidently visible to people nearby? I think for the sake of the RP if this action cannot be animated it should at least be displayed they attempted that action through a /a
  4. I had the same issue and was not able to buy Ammo or Melee weapons, But if you move the mouse beneath the box its there somewhere just have to be Very very very slow with it!
  5. I'm not sure what more i can say, This wasn't me that OP is talking about as he confirmed, I was obviously teleported in after i picked the ID up.
  6. Hi, Im Axell Hughes, Not sure if this report was meant for me as i have not been in prison or in the circumstances suggested but, I was teleported into the prison by Timay yesterday randomly from pier. https://streamable.com/vq4ygy
  7. The fuck you are @Thirteen_Mutilator on insta
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